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Chapter 82 - Beat the teeth and blood out of them!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 82: Beat the teeth and blood out of them!

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    Ning Shuqian sent the Zhou Family’s housekeeper away. She looked at the two waiters in the living room, and the words from the Zhou Family’s housekeeper kept ringing in her head. “Pooh, pooh, pooh,” like a bomb that could explode in her head anytime.

    “We, the Zhou Family, are an affluent and reputable family. We won’t have dealings with just anybody. Missus Wen is considered an adopted daughter of the Wen Family, which is also another reputable family. Yet, she has not shown appropriate behavior at the Zhou Family premises. She has disregarded the Zhous, and this is unacceptable.”

    He was merely a housekeeper, and yet he tried to show authority in front of Ning Shuqian. He had totally disregarded her as the Madam of the Wen Family. Plus, that arrogant expression of his made Ning Shuqian even angrier, and she could not swallow her pride.

    “Missus Wen has brought such intolerable behavior to the Zhou Family’s premises. She dirtied our place and also disrupted my Young Mistress’ birthday party. It is even more ridiculous that everyone at the party saw what happened, and it feels like our Zhou Family’s house has instantly turned into a place for prostitution. If the news gets out to the public, what damage would it cause to our Young Mistress’ reputation?”

    These words sounded like thunderous roars to Ning Shuqian’s ears. There was giddiness in her head, and her lips were trembling. Her body became stiff. What did he mean by intolerable behavior and place for prostitution? Did something happen at the banquet venue she was not aware of?

    “For this incident, my Young Mistress will let it go for the sake of Young Missus Wen Xinya. For all future events organized by the Zhou Family, you and Missus Wen Yuya are not welcomed.”

    The Zhou Family’s housekeeper spoke with despise, looking sarcastic and arrogant. His words were like a sharp-edged arrow that pierced right through her heart.

    She controlled her emotions and anger until the Zhou Family’s housekeeper left. She then confronted Xia Ruya and found out what had happened. She could not breathe. She could only hear Xia Ruya’s complaints and sobbing buzzing in her ears, giving her goosebumps. She could only feel the pain of an invisible knife slowly slicing off her flesh layer by layer.

    “Shut your mouth! Why are you crying your heart out when you were not the one raped? Can you spare a thought for Yuya?” Ning Shuqian mind was clouded with rage and could not stay rationale. Blood filled her eyes as she just lashed out her anger.

    The Zhou Family was not being reasonable. Yuya had met with such a mishap at their premises, and they pushed the blame back to her. Then she thought of the two waiters in the living room and wanted to beat the teeth and blood out of them!

    “Aunt Ning… Sorry. I failed to protect Yuya and allowed her to go through this suffering. Please beat or scold me so that I will feel better.” Xia Ruya cried bitterly, as if she had put herself in Wen Yuya’s shoes and understood exactly what she went through.

    “So what if I beat or scold you? Can you give Yuya back her chastity? If you really cared about her, why didn’t you stand up for her and go through it on her behalf?” Ning Shuqian stared at Xia Ruya with coldness in her eyes.

    Right at that moment, Xia Ruya felt as if the icy ground she was standing on suddenly broke and she fell right through the ice. She was covered in Ning Shuqian’s hatred, and her tears fell uncontrollably on to the pure white marble flooring, forming the shape of a flower when it touched the ground. She looked at Ning Shuqian with sorrow and bitterness in her eyes, and slowly unbuttoned her top one button at a time, revealing the big patches of bruises and marks caused by forceful kisses by that man on her chest that extended all the way to her waist…

    Ning Shuqian awkwardly turned away, not bearing to look further. She took a long deep breath and gave a loud sigh, feeling embarrassed for her reaction towards Xia Ruya earlier. The pain she suffered was no lesser than Yuya’s. She walked towards Xia Ruya and helped her button her top.

    “Aunt Ning didn’t mean to say that. I was just angry that you and Yuya acted on your own accord at another’s turf without letting me know. What were the two of you thinking? Have you ever thought that if things got out of control at the Zhou Family’s premises, we might get into the bad books of the Zhou Family? Would you be able to bear such a consequence?”

    Xia Ruya fell into Ning Shuqian’s arm and bawled. “Aunt Ning, it is all my fault. I did not stop Yuya. It was because she saw on a blog post how Wen Xinya badmouthed you and therefore lost her rationale. I could not stop her from acting recklessly. In fact, I was also angry with Xinya. That was why…”

    Ning Shuqian knew that she was speaking the truth. She understood her own daughter’s temperament well. Though Ruya was rational and knew when to retreat, she was soft. “Whatever happened, happened. You have suffered too. And this was all because of Yuya’s impulsiveness.”

    “Aunt Ning, please don’t say that. I grew up with Yuya. Though we’re not biological sisters, we are close and have a good relationship. We share all weals and woes together.” Xia Ruya continued weeping bitterly, and anyone who heard her cry would be deeply influenced by her sorrow and pain.

    “Aunt Ning knows that the relationship between you and Yuya is genuine, but you cannot always allow her to have her way. You should have discussed such an important matter with me before acting.” Ning Shuqian knew her daughter well and understood that she had acted out of jealousy. The Zhou Family was affluential, and the Young Missus Zhou had always maintained a good reputation in the circle. To receive a direct invitation from Young Missus Zhou to her birthday party meant that Wen Xinya had been accepted into the circle and Young Missus Zhou acknowledged her as a friend. That was why Yuya had decided to carry out her plan of revenge at the Zhou Family’s premises, with the intention to make Wen Xinya lose her chastity and ruin her reputation. When that happened, the relationship between Wen Xinya and the Zhou Family would turn sour. It sounded like a good plan, but she used the wrong strategy.

    Xia Ruya lowered her head. “Aunt Ning, I understand. This time I did not devise a good strategy. Initially, Yuya and I had wanted to teach Xinya a good lesson to avenge you, but we did not expect things to turn out this way. Rest assured, in the future I will discuss with you before making any decisions and will not act on impulse.”

    Ning Shuqian patted on Xia Ruya’s hand gently. “That should be the way. Wen Xinya used to be a gangster who grew up in the streets. She is very capable of using underhanded methods. You and Yuya are young mistresses who grew up in a protected environment. How can you possibly be her match?”

    Xia Ruya agreed to her words totally. She looked at Ning Shuqian with tears in her eyes. “Aunt Ning, thank you for being understanding and not blaming me for what happened. I’m fine. Go and take a look at Yuya! After this incident, she seems to be emotionally unstable. Please accompany her and help her get out of her depression.”

    Ning Shuqian was definitely aware that Yuya must be feeling down after such an unpleasant experience. However, it was difficult for her to say much from her identity as an adult. Moreover, Ning Shuqian was always open-minded about such matters. She was not too bothered by it but was just concerned about her daughter. Xia Ruya had hit the nail on the head. “You have suffered a bad fright as well. Stay here tonight and have a good night’s rest,” said Ning Shuqian.

    “Thank you, Aunt Ning. But Grandpa said… So, I think I’d better go home!” Xia Ruya bit on her lips and looked sorry.

    Ning Shuqian had also heard from Wen Yuya about Grandpa’s instructions for Ruya not visit the Wen Family too frequently. She did not insist. “I’ll get Old Wang to send you home.”

    “Okay!” Xia Ruya replied.