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Chapter 83 - Mother will avenge you

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 83: Mother will avenge you

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    After finally sending Xia Ruya off, Ning Shuqian dragged herself sluggishly to the backyard. As she stood in front of Wen Yuya's room, she turned the doorknob with strength as if she finally found a way to vent her frustration. But when she saw the person in the room, her anger instantly melted away and choked on her words, unable to say a thing.

    Wen Yuya was sitting in her room alone. There was a willow tree outside. Snowflakes were falling, cold winds howling, and the leaves of the willow tree moved gently in the wind and swayed, looking less elegant. She stared blankly at the snow outside of the window. She was reminded of how delicate and helpless the snowflakes appeared and could not help but feel like a prisoner being confined in a cold prison cell. Her world had collapsed, and she was all alone.

    Humiliation, despair, hatred, and pain slowly gnawed into her heart!

    Other than that, she could not feel even a hint of warmth.

    She hugged her knees tightly and sat with her body curled up in one of the corners in her room, barefooted. She looked pitiful, just like an injured butterfly who had lost one of its wings.

    Wen Yuya could no longer contain her sorrow as Ning Shuqian gently embraced her into her arms. She burst into tears and hugged Ning Shuqian tightly as if she had finally broken free from hell. Ning Shuqian was heartbroken to see her in this state.

    Ning Shuqian's lips shivered. Her heart was burning with pain like she had just gulped a big mouthful of strong alcohol.

    She had never seen her daughter in such a state of despair and hopelessness, almost at the brink of death. "Yuya, it's alright! Mother is here, everything will be fine…"

    Suddenly, Wen Yuya bawled in her hoarse voice. "Mother, why is my name called Wen Yuya? You've said before that my name signifies beautiful jade. But no matter how beautiful the jade may be, it is just an accessory. So… I became someone's toy."

    Ning Shuqian was terrified to see Wen Yuya giving up all hope. She held her tightly and assured her. "Yuya, listen to me. You're Mother's only treasure, not a toy. I will make those who have hurt you pay for what they have done."

    Wen Yuya's voice turned hoarse, and her body trembled like the leaves of the willow tree in the cold wind. She wrapped her hands around herself and rubbed her arms. "But Mother, I'm… I'm… I feel filthy, my body is filthy. Mother, don't come near me… I'm really dirty… filthy…"

    Ning Shuqian hugged her, feeling sorry for her. How could a 15-year-old young lady who had limited life experience handle such a setback? "Yuya, it's no big deal. Every woman will experience it, it's just a matter of time. Mother lost her virginity at around your age as well. But look at me, I'm living a good life. And I even married into a rich family just like Cinderella."

    Upon hearing what Ning Shuqian said, Wen Yuya gradually calmed down. "But Mother, many people witnessed what happened. How am I going to face them in the future?"

    Ning Shuqian caressed her head and advised her in an affectionate tone. "Time will heal it. People will soon forget what happened after some time. Everyone sympathizes with the victim. Portray yourself as the victim, and others will not rub salt on your wound. Instead, they will sympathize with you even more."

    "Mother, how am I going to forget what Wen Xinya has done to me?" She thought of how Wen Xinya signified fragrance, good virtues, and characteristics that build a good reputation for generations to come, while she was just a beautiful jade that could only be an accessory. Her heart sank, and as if infiltrated by poison, hatred spread within.

    "Of course, we will not forget. Mother will not let anyone who has hurt you off, but for now, we need to be patient." At the mention of Wen Xinya's name, Ning Shuqian was consumed with vengeance. She turned into a clawed devil and vowed to get back at Wen Xinya to avenge for her daughter.

    While watching television the other day, she chanced upon a report about cosmetic vaginal surgery and was shocked to find out that it would lead to infertility. Knowing that Wen Yuya might be her only child, she definitely would not allow anyone to hurt her.

    "Patience, patience. How long more do I have to endure? Wen Xinya is just a 15-year-old street gangster, in what way am I inferior to her? Why do I have to put up with her?" Wen Yuya bellowed. She recalled the scene at Zhou Tianyu's birthday banquet where Wen Xinya wore a pastel green satin dress. She was as elegant as a viburnum tree and was the center of attraction. Even Ruya could not be compared to her.

    As for her… Everyone at the banquet looked surprised to see her. As if their expressions were telling her that they were shocked to see the adopted daughter of the Wen family at the party. Was she qualified enough to receive an invitation to the event?

    She had never felt inferior to anyone. She always held herself high in position and took her riches for granted!

    From a young age, the title of "Young Missus Wen from the Wen Family" was like a toxin, spreading to every part of her body.

    Young Missus Wen from the Wen Family. That's her.

    This kind of obsession accumulated day by day, deeply ingrained into her thoughts and had since been deeply rooted in her.

    The return of Wen Xinya unleashed that obsession and toxic beliefs. She knew that the only way to be the real Missus Wen was to get rid of Wen Xinya.

    Nonetheless, her inferiority emerged as the glamourous Wen Xinya walked towards her. Wen Xinya was her nemesis. Until she managed to defeat her, she would never be able to regain her self-confidence.

    Ning Shuqian caressed her back and comforted her. "Yuya, Mother understands your pain and grievance. I'm as hurt as you are, but you need to be strong. You're going to watch how I deal with that bitch, Wen Xinya. I'm going to make her pay a thousand times for the pain that she has inflicted on you."

    "Mother, how are we going to compete with her? She's so resourceful. She's always able to predict our every move and turn the situation around to her advantage. In the end, we're the ones who get hurt." Wen Yuya could hear the demonic voice ringing in her ears. She was suffocated, but could not break out of it.

    Ning Shuqian was heartbroken as she looked at her daughter who had lost all her confidence and fighting spirit. "Don't worry, leave everything to me. Mother will avenge you."

    "Mother, I want that bitch to die a horrible death and suffer a thousand times more." At this moment, Wen Yuya's heart had been taken over by the demon, dragging her into an abyss in the bottomless hell.

    After a hard time putting Wen Yuya to bed, Ning Shuqian could no longer withstand the pain of seeing her daughter in despair, struggling and crying in her nightmare. Ning Shuqian was determined and made a call!

    Though she knew that the more requests she was to make from him she would face even more trouble in the future, she did not care anymore. She had to make Wen Xinya pay for this.