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Chapter 87 - Who asked her to be a 34D beauty?

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 87: Who asked her to be a 34D beauty?

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    “Although jade accessories suit you, these jewelry are too old-fashioned and don’t suit you well. However, this diamond and black onyx are not bad.” Si Yiyan’s gaze fell on the hand accessories in front of them, and they discussed them as he asked for her opinion.

    She knew full well that he told Yi Wa something different, that he did not know much about jade and hand accessories! He was obviously lying! However, though she was secretly criticizing him inside, she did not know that her beautiful and tender mouth had formed a gentle smile.

    “Although this diamond ring has a nice design, and the cutting and quality of the diamonds are of the highest quality, it is still not as good as the world-class jewelry.” Si Yiyan examined the ring closely as he remarked.

    Wen Xinya nodded and agreed. “The jades produced by the Wen Corporation’s accessories branch has a more perfect design.”

    Wen Corporation’s jade accessories were widely popular all over the world.

    “Then how about this black onyx! Such pure and sturdy black onyx is hard to find.” Si Yiyan looked at her, asking for her opinion.

    Wen Xinya’s gaze landed on the set of black onyx accessories, including a necklace, ring, a pair of earrings, and a bracelet. The design was detailed and modern, and they were all gorgeous.

    Si Yiyan laughed. “Black onyx is strong and sturdy; since ancient times it has always been a charm to ward away evil and protect oneself. It can bring one happiness and confidence, and in the long term, it can make one’s skin smoother and have a joyful attitude. The attitude and life of people who wear black onyx can resist fatal temptations. The Bible had once mentioned: love as strong as death, a silence that can overcome anything. This is the best description of the black onyx. I think it suits you.”

    It was because of Wen Xinya’s personality that he was attracted to her.

    The way he talked with fervor and ease, yet he mentioned that he did not know much about jewelry. She knitted her brows and said, “Though the bracelet is beautiful, black gives some sort of gloomy feeling, and it seems very old-fashioned too.”

    “Black is serious, modern, classic, noble and secretive, embodying a low-key profile. Black represents the insolence that is held back; the rebellion of the desire to control; the obsession to exaggerate; many contradicting viewpoints can be expressed through the different reflections of the color black, creating an inexpressible perfection.” The best description of her was a color, and he felt that the bracelet suited her even more now.

    Her heart filled with pride as she saw Si Yiyan deep in thought about helping her choose a bracelet, though she did not know why. She purposely hesitated and said, “Oh really? I heard that only very specific people can wear black accessories, an average person cannot own them.”

    “Your skin is fair and tender, and only you can express the secretive yet noble nature of the black onyx.” Si Yiyan picked up the black onyx ring and slid it gently onto her left ring finger. The ring was a little too big, however, and would only fit on her middle finger. Yet the elegant black color of the ring, complemented with the soft whiteness of her jade-like skin, brought out the best of the two colors, creating perfection.

    Wen Xinya looked at the ring on her left ring finger, and a flash of amazement appeared in her eyes. The citizens of Country Z believed in men taking the position of the left and women in the right, extending to wearing wedding bands. Yet many did not know that the right ring finger was the furthest away from the heart, while the left was the nearest, and there was a vein that directly connected the finger to the heart. The vein was called “The Vein of Love.”

    Si Yiyan putting the ring on her left ring finger, was it a coincidence or was it purposefully?

    “It does fit you well!” Si Yiyan had glitter in his eyes and stared intensely at the ring on her finger, while a multitude of emotions bubbled under his gaze.

    “It is quite beautiful!” She composed herself and looked down at the ring, the silver band holding on to six pieces of black onyx crystals, creating a cherry blossom flower. On every crystal there was a finely cut diamond, making the ring extremely elegant.

    “If you like it, then we’ll buy it.” Si Yiyan looked at the ring on her finger, the Vein of Love connecting directly to her heart… His eyes had a glimmer of awe and admiration.

    Wen Xinya took off the ring, saying, “It’s not like I really like it!”

    She did not want to get a free lunch and had no reason to accept Si Yiyan’s gift.

    Si Yiyan looked at her flawless left hand, feeling a sense of regret. When she said that she did not like it, she actually meant that she did not want to accept his gift. Yet he did not take it to heart and said to the employee, “Wrap the bracelet and send it to the Wen Family mansion!”

    The employee was taken aback. This black onyx accessory set was the season’s most expensive one, and the onyx crystals had been flown over straight from Egypt. Both the quality and the color of the crystals were extremely brilliant, and the designer of the accessories was also the world’s best jewelry designer. The design was modern and beautiful, attracting the attention and admiration of many, yet they were disappointed by the hefty price tag of the jewelry.

    Never had she imagined that this man was so rich, easily buying this expensive, luxurious bracelet for Ms. Wen. What kind of relationship did they have?

    After paying for the bracelet, Si Yiyan said, “Let’s go eat something!”

    Wen Xinya raised her eyebrows and looked at Si Yiyan. “Don’t you have to accompany the 34D beauty?”

    Si Wa’s angelic face and killer figure made even women’s hearts race and face to turn red. She did not believe that Si Yiyan had no interest in Si Wa.

    Si Yiyan’s eyes sparkled, and his smile was conniving. He said in a deep voice, “I’m only her host, and she has the same feeling towards me. But you’re wrong. Her chest size is 36.”

    Wen Xinya’s eyes widened. “Master Si knows so much about his friend’s wife’s measurements! What a pervert! Have you not heard about leaving one’s friend’s wife alone?”

    Casting covetous eyes on even his good friend’s wife, he was purely a beast with human skin.

    The more such matters were cleared up, the more details were exposed. Only because she mentioned the 34D measurements did he notice Si Wa’s measurements, or maybe men were just naturally more sensitive to the figure of women. He immediately noticed her cup size, not hesitating a single bit.

    Looking at how Si Yiyan was looking at her with interest, Wen Xinya then realized that she was reacting to his words and her face heated up. “She… she is your friend’s wife, after all, leaving her by herself would not be nice!”

    Even she felt that her reaction was too extreme, and her face reddened as she thought about how embarrassing she must seem in front of Si Yiyan.

    Si Yiyan looked at her with an inexplicable expression and said, “Who asked her to be a 34D beauty?”

    Wen Xinya looked down at her own chest and was suddenly speechless. Thinking about how Si Yiyan had said that she would become a 34D cup size, she lost all strength in her body.

    Si Yiyan’s shamelessness was concealed under an icy demeanor, and she was utterly helpless around him.

    A fight with another brings about great joy. Yet with Si Yiyan, it is nothing but a hard time!