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Chapter 89 - Inheritance

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 89: Inheritance

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    Wen Xinya went upstairs to her grandpa’s study room, but the door was closed tightly. She reached out and knocked on the door.

    “It must be Xinya! Come in!” Grandpa’s voice rang from inside.

    Wen Xinya turned the doorknob gently and pushed the door open. As she entered the study room, she noticed that other than her grandpa, there was also another middle-aged man who seemed about 40 years of age. He was wearing a black suit and a white shirt with a dark blue tie. Not a single strand of hair was out of place, and he exuded a sense of sternness. One look and she knew that he was a lawyer.

    Old Mr. Wen waved his hand and introduced him. “This is my private lawyer, Luo Wenzhe.”

    After greeting him, Wen Xinya sat beside Old Mr. Wen.

    Old Mr. Wen said, “It’s been a while since you returned to the Wen Family. Thus, I plan to give you 40% of the funds and real estate under my name.”

    Xinya had returned to the Wen Family for almost three months, and her homecoming ceremony was to be held at the end of the month. Yet at present, she had no available funds. This was hardly justifiable.

    Wen Xinya was greatly surprised and said, “Grandpa, what is the meaning…”

    Old Mr. Wen patted her hand and soothed her. “You wandered about for the past 15 years and suffered greatly. This is my compensation to you and an expression of my goodwill. Please don’t reject it.”

    Wen Xinya’s eyes suddenly teared up. She knew that Grandpa’s actions meant he recognized her as the successor of the Wen Family. “Grandpa, I understand your good intentions, but I am not worthy of receiving such things.”

    Old Mr. Wen sighed. “It’s going to be your homecoming party soon, and there are many things to prepare. You cannot let your stepmother worry about you. You need to handle some things on your own, so you need some funds under your name for convenience.”

    Grandpa’s words made Wen Xinya unable to reject his offer, as what he said was all true. “Thank you, Grandpa!”

    She really needed the money! Yan Shaoqing had already found information about the territory at the West Coast and passed it to her. He was more outstanding than she had expected and had even delineated some spaces that had the potential to appreciate in value, as well as suitable projects that could be developed. He also calculated the value of the land. She really needed a huge sum of money.

    The reclamation of the land for the train at the West Coast would start in May of the following year, and according to the government’s plans for the land, the information would be released in September or October of the current year. Once the information was released, the value of the land would increase as well. She would not stand to benefit then.

    Luo Wenzhe handed a few documents to Wen Xinya. “Old Mr. Wen has already signed the necessary documents, and the following procedures will be carried out in three working days. By then, Ms. Wen can use this sum of money.”

    Wen Xinya looked closely at the documents, namely the investments, properties, and jewelry transfer contracts. She approximately calculated the value, and the total value exceeded two billion dollars! She could not help but take a deep breath. Grandpa was too generous!

    She breathed in deeply and put down the documents, raising her head to look at Grandpa attentively. “Grandpa, with such a huge sum of money, are you not worried that I might spend it unwisely?”

    She needed to make sure that she had full control and autonomy over the money, and would not be supervised or controlled.

    Regarding that, Old Mr. Wen had not thought through it carefully. However, the time Xinya dealt with the scandal incident made him feel a sense of trust towards his granddaughter. She was calm and confident and did not react easily, but when she did, she was remarkable and defeated the opponent with ease, giving them a direct confrontation. Such swift and fierce methods reminded him of himself in his youth.

    “I heard that in our social circle, some fellows like to invest in businesses that interest them. The money is for you to use, Grandpa will not interfere.” The money was also a test to see how she would use it and to determine if she were a suitable successor to the Wen Family.

    “I know, Grandpa. I will use the money wisely.” Wen Xinya assured him.

    Old Mr. Wen noticed the firmness in Wen Xinya eyes, and his many worries disappeared.

    After everything had been settled, Luo Wenzhe took his leave.

    Old Mr. Wen placed some red sandalwood boxes in front of Wen Xinya. “Here are some accessories and jewelry. If you like them, keep them. You can wear them in the homecoming ceremony.”

    Wen Xinya looked at the five red sandalwood boxes. For jewelry to be kept in such precious boxes, they must be extremely valuable. As she opened them one by one, she looked at the jewelry and took a breath of cold air.

    Each box contained a highest grade white jade accessory, and its quality was crystal clear like a glaze, making people awed at their beauty.

    One had three butterflies carved into it, and its emerald green leaves created a sense of perfection. The jewelry was pure white, and between the flowers, there was a white and yellow jade. The craftsmanship was vivid and realistic.

    One had a diamond and pearls, and the soft color of the pearls made the accessory seem extremely valuable and high class.

    One had beads on it, which were precious natural minerals from the environment. It took hundreds of thousands of years for the beads to form and had weathered many natural occurrences, yet they had a multitude of colors. The mysterious formation of the beads made them one of a kind, and there was no two alike in the world. Their beauty and mysteriousness gave everyone a sense of surprise. Furthermore, the beads were fine, smooth, and soft to the touch, not like any crystal; thus, their worth was above that of even jade and diamonds.

    There was even a set of such accessories, including headwear, earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets!

    The last was a rosewood accessory, and looking at the wood, it was at least 500 years old. Such pure wood exuberated a sense of tradition and value, and it was worth no less than those before it.

    Old Mr. Wen saw the fluster on her face and gently said, “The rosewood was given by your grandma, the diamond and pearl by your father, the glass jade by myself, and the beads and engraved accessories by your mother. I kept it all this time, hoping to give it to Ruya when she turned 18. Who knew… Anyway, it is lucky that I did not give them to her.”

    Wen Xinya looked at Old Mr. Wen with hesitation. “The things my mother left for me, were them…”

    Old Mr. Wen understood what she meant. “The things your mother left for you, some were previously given to Xia Ruya. However, once she knew that she was not the rightful heir, she gave back everything. And since you left, I asked for all the items to be put in your room, since it was cold and empty. After all, many of the things were your mother’s dowry — the Wen Family has no right to touch or use them.”

    Many in Country Z had a tradition to never use the daughter-in-law’s dowry for themselves, and the Wen Family was one of many generations and was well known. Thus, they naturally followed this tradition as well.

    “Thank you, Grandpa!” What Wen Xinya was most afraid of was that the things her mother had left for her were used by that bitch Xia Ruya for her own advantage.