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Chapter 90 - Property Planning

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 90: Property Planning

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    After three days, Lawyer Luo had finished the relevant procedures, and in an instant, she had $2.7 billion more under her name.

    Ou Yangfeng’s case in the court also raised much discussion, and many news broadcasting stations and newspaper companies had covered it as well.

    In 2008, some business partners of an investment company were found to be laundering money from their company, and the suspect Ou Yangfeng was sentenced to three years of imprisonment. After many rounds of reduction of punishment, he was finally released in February of 2010.

    On the 8th of May, 2010, Ou Yangfeng submitted an appeal to the people’s court of the Capital City, and on the 25th of May, 2010, the court conducted a public hearing on the case. At 3 pm in the afternoon, the court released the final verdict. “With the new evidence, we rule that the original court had the wrong jurisdiction, and the defendant is ruled not guilty.”

    On the 5th of June, 2010, the second trial was conducted in the second highest courts of the Capital City. At 3 pm in the afternoon, another business partner of the investment company, Zhang Zhonghai, was prosecuted for making Ou Yangfeng the scapegoat for his money laundering activities. He was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment. As the original court had the wrong jurisdiction previously, they now ruled the defendant not guilty, and an appeal was made to the Supreme Court. Thereafter, the higher order court revoked the original court’s verdict and the case was retried. On the 6th of June, 2010, the Supreme Court in the Capital City ruled Ou Yangfeng as not guilty, and his criminal record was then cleared.

    At 2 pm in the afternoon on the 6th of June, 2010, Ou Yangfeng filed for an appeal to the Supreme People’s Court in the Capital City. He requested for the investigation unit and the public safety department of the southern district to make a formal apology to him, as well as compensate 5 million dollars for his loss.

    The next day, the Supreme People’s Court accepted the case and hearing. That day, the investigation unit and the public safety department of the southern district issued a statement to the media, making a public apology to him. They agreed to compensate 5 million dollars for his loss, and make it public that he was cleared of any criminal records.

    The public was in an uproar for some time.

    The commotion over the genius finance professor of Imperial College London being wrongfully accused of money laundering lasted for close to a month before it finally came to a rest.

    During that time, Lanxin Investment Corporation established by Ou Yangfeng attracted even more of the public’s attention. Wen Xinya was successful in making use of the retrials and Cheng Ziyi to bring the Lanxin Investment Corporation into the spotlight.

    Cheng Ziyi looked at Wen Xinya and said, “It’s only one case of retrial, yet it became the talk of the town. You sure made full of my resources to the very last bit.”

    Wen Xinya completely understood the rules of business exposure, the limits and extent of making use of the opportunities. Making use of his fame in the law business first to gain exposure, then using the court case to put Ou Yangfeng’s life in the spotlight, and finally directing the attention to Lanxin Investment Corporation through Ou Yangfeng’s court appeal. Such feats could not be pulled off by just anybody.

    Qiu Yifan patted his shoulder with sympathy and said, “Making use of good opportunities and being useful determine your life’s worth. Congratulations, brother. You’ve once again shown the worth of your life. You should be thankful to Xinya for giving you a boost.”

    Cheng Ziyi gave his leg a kick and pretended to be serious, but it was just all bite and no bark.

    Wen Xinya said with a smile, “My Lanxin Investment Corporation has only just been established. Without such methods, it would take a very long time for it to develop, and I need to rake in a large sum of profits within a short time. Although my method was a little too impatient and greedy, I believed that Ou Yangfeng could act appropriately. I still have to thank you guys for this time.”

    Cheng Ziyi teased. “Actions speak louder than words, why don’t you treat us to a meal to show your gratitude.”

    Wen Xinya replied, “That’s of course! I’ve booked a room at Ninth-Heaven to celebrate. Feel free to order anything you want, it’s all on me.”

    Satisfied, Cheng Ziyi said, “That’s more like it.”

    “Hailun Investment Corporation, established in the past by Zhang Zhonghai, is now under my name. However, I’ve decided to stop managing it.”

    Back then, Hailun Investment Corporation had a bright future ahead of it. Out of greed, Zhang Zhonghai made use of the company to launder money and kicked him out of the company to make him the scapegoat. While the development of the company in the past two years had been pretty good, his decision to stop managing it was a statement to Wen Xinya that he would put everything into developing Lanxin Investment Corporation.

    Ou Yangfeng was indeed a smart man. Wen Xinya was contented and decided to return the favor. “I’ve decided to transfer 50% of the shares of Lanxin Investment Corporation to you.”

    Not only Ou Yangfeng but Qiu Yifan and Cheng Ziyi were shocked as well after hearing her words. Although 50% of the shares may not be that significant to a major shareholder such as Wen Xinya, being willing to split and share her benefits was not something people did. Binding two people’s interests together could avoid many unnecessary troubles in the future.

    Ou Yangfeng suppressed his excitement and replied, “Rest assured, I will manage Lanxin Investment Corporation well.”

    Wen Xinya nodded and continued, “My Grandpa has given me 40% of the funds and properties he had in his hands. As of now, I have $2.7 billion of money with me, and I intend to invest 700 million in Lanxin. I believe that having an anonymous investor investing such a large sum in Lanxin would be sure to attract many corporations and wealthy men to invest as well.”

    Ou Yangfeng immediately replied, “I’ve put together a report analyzing the stock market of the country recently. I’ll be posting it onto the company’s website later on under the company’s name. I believe that many people will have more faith in Lanxin Investment Corporation after seeing it.”

    Ou Yangfeng had displayed his professionalism, being prepared for anything. “I have no worries with the company under you,” she said with ease.

    She then turned to Yan Shaoqing. “I’ve prepared one billion dollars to purchase the plot of land at the West coast. Furthermore, I’m planning on buying some land at Jin City and C City. I’ve already narrowed down most of the areas. Shaoqing, I’ll put this matter in your care.”

    Yan Shaoqing had never handled such a large sum of money before. However, seeing as how Wen Xinya passed the rights to him without a trace of doubt, he was touched. “Don’t worry, I will handle it for you.”

    Chen Ziyi frowned and said, “Although in the past two years the country’s economy has been pushing the development of cities, using such a large amount of funds to acquire land is a very risky action. Are you not going to reconsider?”

    While he was impressed by Wen Xinya’s performance, these funds were to be handled under him. In order to be more cautious, he gave his own input.

    Wen Xinya replied, “I’ve made Yan Shaoqing analyze the real estate of the two cities previously, and I believe they have huge potential. Hence, I’ve decided to acquire them.”

    In her past life, she had visited Jin City and C City before. She knew that those places would be developed into large and prosperous cities. As such, she made Yan Shaoqing do a real estate analysis report just for show. The report was well done, and her train of thought was clear with a plan. Naturally, she was able to convince Qiu Yifan.

    Being a lawyer, Qiu Yifan had an eye for choosing people. Despite having only one short interaction with Yan Shaoqing, he could tell that Wen Xinya had found another powerful partner. As such, Qiu Yifan was very interested in his real estate assessment report.

    “I’ll send it to you later when I get home,” said Yan Shaoqing.

    Qiu Yifan nodded and replied, “Okay!”