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Chapter 91 - Kidnapping

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 91: Kidnapping

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    At 6 pm in the evening, Wen Xinya reserved a table at the Ninth-Heaven and invited Cheng Ziyi, Qiu Yifan, and Yan Shaoqing to eat and celebrate Ou Yangfeng’s release. Grandpa had arranged for Zhang Bo to drive her there, but his back had acted up recently; thus, Wen Xinya chose to walk there herself.

    However, Wen Xinya was quite lucky today. As soon as she walked out of the Mo Family household, she saw a taxi on the road right outside the household and frantically waved it down. The taxi stopped beside her.

    Wen Xinya opened the door and entered the car, whose driver was an approximately 40-year-old man. He exuded a refined and clean disposition and was nothing like a taxi driver. Instead, he looked more like a scholar.

    After country Z had successfully won the bid for the Olympic Games, the capital city started large changes in the service industry, and the quality of taxi services increased significantly. Therefore, she did not feel that it was strange at all.

    “Hello lady, where are you headed?” The driver did not expect to get passengers in this area, so he was very surprised.

    “To Ninth-Heaven!” Wen Xinya replied.

    As the driver started the car and drove steadily, Wen Xinya noticed that his driving was as good as that of a private chauffeur, making her happily surprised.

    “Uncle, why did you come here to find passengers?” asked Wen Xinya casually.

    “That area is a private residential area, almost all households have cars, and usually no one would go there to get passengers. Today, I drove someone to that area, and when I was driving back, I coincidentally caught up to you,” the driver politely answered.

    Wen Xinya nodded in acknowledgment.

    The driver did not seem like a talkative person and focused on driving the car.

    It was June, and though it was already in the evening, the weather was still hot and stuffy. Though the air-conditioning was turned on and it was quite comfortable, Wen Xinya still felt that it was quite stuffy and wanted to open the windows. However, she thought of how the driver had already turned on the air-conditioning and let it go.

    Wen Xinya smelled a faint fragrance which made her feel sleepy and suddenly became more vigilant. She wanted to open the windows, but she soon realized that the windows were sealed shut.

    She pretended to sneeze and put her hand in her bag. “Mister, the fragrance in the car is so nice, it seems as though it can calm down the senses. Could you tell me, where did you buy such a fragrant air freshener? These few days, I have been suffering from insomnia, and I hope that the fragrance can give me better sleep.”

    The driver saw that Wen Xinya was becoming tired and his gaze became darker. “I don’t know as well, my daughter bought it for me and said that it smelled good, so the passengers in the car would like it too.”

    Wen Xinya casually put her hand into the pocket and said in a pitiful tone, “That’s too bad, I really like this fragrance.”

    The driver smiled but did not answer.

    Wen Xinya knitted her brows and said, “Mister, could you turn off the air-conditioning? I feel a bit stuffy and want to open the windows.”

    As she said that, her gaze turned to the driver.

    The driver’s expression changed, and he looked out of the window. After a long time, he answered, “Just tolerate it for a while, Miss! The weather outside is really hot; the air-conditioning is much more comfortable.”

    Wen Xinya felt it harder to breathe, and the fragrance made her steadily lose her consciousness. She felt her eyelids start to droop and lose the energy in her body. Was the fragrance in the car actually the smell of chloroform?

    “Mister, I think you’re taking the wrong road, this doesn’t seem like the road to Ninth-Heaven?” As she looked out and saw that the car was driving on a side road, she knew that she was in trouble. She composed herself and opened her handbag casually without gaining the notice of the driver.

    “This is the road to Ninth-Heaven, but not many people know about it. Miss, you seem tired, why don’t you take a short nap and I’ll wake you up when we get there.” The driver saw that there were fewer cars on the road and knew that she was becoming impatient; thus, his tone became harsher.

    Wen Xinya put her hand in her bag and grabbed ahold of a mini-electrocutor that was to be used against perverts. At that moment, the car turned at a bend, and Wen Xinya used all her energy to take the electrocutor out of her bag and quickly lashed it on the driver’s head.

    The driver had to concentrate when making the turn and was focused on the road, so he did not expect that she would come up with this. He tried to duck away but the electrocutor still landed on his face, and the numbing pain made him unable to breathe. He turned the steering wheel with the hand on the wheel, and the car made a screeching stop.

    The car suddenly took a halt and Wen Xinya was thrown forward, the pain hit her like a blunt chisel, hitting her head severely. The sharp pain started to spread through her head. “Ouch…”

    “Bitch! How dare you try to hurt me, you think I won’t dare to harm you?” The driver swiftly pounced on the front passenger seat, pulling her hair and hitting her head on the car window harshly.

    Blood dripped down the window and created a strange bloodstain as fresh, scarlet-red blood ran down her neck.

    The extreme pain cleared Wen Xinya’s mind, so she reached out and grabbed the man’s groin. She had grown up on the streets and learned many ruthless self-protection skills, which were nothing to feel ashamed about.

    “Ah!” The driver’s yelps of pain rang through the car as he let go of Wen Xinya, putting his hands between his legs. He said in extreme pain, “Bitch, you want to die?”

    Wen Xinya took the chance to grab the air freshener on the car dashboard and turned to stuff it into his mouth. The freshener contained chloroform which could make people drowsy and faint.

    Sadly, she underestimated the man’s strength. He held onto her wrist and harshly smashed it against the car window a few times. Wen Xinya felt her hand turn numb with pain and the chloroform fell on the car floor.

    “Who are you, and what do you want with me?” Because Wen Xinya had inhaled a lot of chloroform before, she felt herself losing consciousness and forced herself to ask him.

    “You aren’t supposed to know who I am. It seems like I underestimated you. You inhaled so much chloroform but can still keep a clear mind and attack me.” The driver’s face became distorted; nothing like a gentleman anymore. He picked up the air freshener and opened the cover, putting it right under her nose.

    Wen Xinya naturally held her breath and shook her head, trying to prevent herself from inhaling the chloroform.

    The driver held her hair and pulled it down sharply, and her head followed. She took a short breath, and the acrid, sharp smell of chloroform filled her nostrils. Her mind suddenly became muddled, and she felt herself descend into darkness.

    In her state of confusion, one hope flashed through her mind: She hoped that Xu Zhenyu would receive her message and quickly save her!