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Chapter 93 - Premonition of a kidnapping

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 93: Premonition of a kidnapping

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    Old Mr. Mo hung up the phone and ended the call with Qiu Yifan. He worriedly called Wen Xinya's phone, but the cold automatic reply greeted him and made his heart cold all of a sudden.

    He hurriedly called Uncle Zhang, Mother He, and Mother Jiang over. "Xinya's friend just called. He said that Xinya is missing."

    Uncle Zhang was shocked. "What? Young Mistress is missing?"

    Mother He and Mother Jiang were also extremely worried. Trembling, they asked, "How could Young Mistress be missing for no reason? Did you make a mistake, Old Mr. Mo?"

    Old Mr. Mo quickly asked, "Did anyone of you hear her say she was going to do something important?"

    Uncle Zhang, Mother He, and Mother Jiang all shook their heads. "No, Young Mistress had even specially prepared a nutritious porridge for me before she left. Mother Jiang was beside me too, and Young Mistress didn't say she had anything else."

    Old Mr. Mo's heart started to tense up. "Then, where did she go? Her phone is unreachable, and we can't contact her. What should we do?"

    Mother He and Mother Jiang were extremely perplexed. "Old Mr. Mo, maybe you could call Young Mistress' phone again. Her line could be engaged just now."

    Old Mr. Mo suddenly had a ray of hope shining into his heart. He immediately picked his phone up and called Wen Xinya's phone again, but the automatic reply played persisted.

    Old Mr. Mo thought of something and hurriedly called the security post telephone. "I'm Mo Xianqi, I would like to ask if you saw my granddaughter, Wen Xinya, go out just now? Which direction was she headed?"

    Once the policeman in the watchhouse heard that it was Mo Xianqi from Villa Five, he said respectfully and politely, "Hello Mr. Mo, I saw Ms. Wen leave the villa at about five-thirty. She hailed a taxi in the direction of the south."

    Old Mr. Mo had an inkling of the matter at once. "This is a private residential area, almost every household has at least one private car. Usually, there will not be any taxis here. How did she manage to find a taxi once she walked out?"

    Hearing him say that, the policeman also found it strange. Usually, even in ten days or half a month, it was unlikely that they would see a taxi in that residential area. "I had previously thought that Miss Wen had called the taxi into the area. Now that you brought it up, I recall something. I heard from the other policemen that recently, there's been taxis coming and going in the area, but because it is always at different times of the day, I didn't pay too much attention to it."

    The policeman's words were like a bolt out of the blue for Old Mr. Mo. "Did you see the license plate of the taxi that Xinya took?"

    He had a feeling that the recent appearance of taxis in the private residential area was not a coincidence but premeditated.

    For something like this to happen was partly the responsibility of the policeman as well. Thus, he did not dare to be sure of the issue. "I didn't notice it, but there's a security camera at the entrance. I will send you the videotapes immediately."

    Old Mr. Mo urgently said, "Send me all the footage of the past few days."

    The policeman said, "Yes, Old Mr. Mo, please don't worry. I will ask the other policemen who were on duty if they are aware of any incidents."

    After hanging the phone up, Old Mr. Mo paced in the kitchen with an anxious expression.

    Uncle Zhang quickly asked, "What did the policeman say?"

    Old Mr. Mo told Uncle Zhang about the situation at hand, and Uncle Zhang's face paled. "How could a taxi come into a private residential area to find passengers, don't tell me this was all planned?"

    Mother He immediately said, "Don't spout nonsense, we still don't know much about what happened. Maybe her phone is spoiled, or there's been an incident on the road, or a jam."

    However, Mother Jiang was not so optimistic, and she repeated, "What should we do now? Amitabha, please protect Young Mistress and let her be safe."

    Uncle Zhang was distraught and reprimanded himself. "It's all your fault that you were useless, if not Young Mistress wouldn't have taken a taxi. Young Mistress is still so young, it's not safe for her to go out at night. I should have driven her there instead."

    At that moment, Qiu Yifan and the others hurriedly arrived. When they were on the road, Cheng Ziyi had already called to tell them that from five-thirty to six-thirty, there had not been any incidents on the road at the southern district.

    "Old Mr. Mo, how are things?" asked Qiu Yifan worriedly.

    "I have a feeling that Xinya was kidnapped. It could have been planned." Old Mr. Mo was laden with anxiety.

    "What?" Ou Yangfeng and Yan Shaoqing paled.

    Qiu Yifan did not have a good expression either.

    After a while, the policeman arrived with the videotapes with a heavy expression. "Old Mr. Mo, I have already contacted the other policemen to understand the situation. Recently, there has been a particular taxi that has been entering and leaving the residential area. We understand that the residents in Villa Eight have been calling for taxis because their car is spoiled. Therefore, we did not think that it was out of the blue. I compiled the information from several people and can confirm that it was the same taxi."

    No matter how they saw it, the fact that it was the same taxi made it all the more suspicious. Because the watchhouse had three different shifts and the taxi always entered at different timings, no one would have suspected anything.

    Old Mr. Mo's expression became darker and darker. He took the videotapes from the policeman and put it into the computer to watch. When the time was almost at five-thirty-two, Xinya had left the residential area, and just at that moment, a new taxi from the capital city drove towards her. She waved the taxi down and it stopped right beside her.

    "Zoom in to the taxi's license plate." Old Mr. Mo instructed Ou Yangfeng.

    Ou Yangfeng tapped twice on the keyboard, and Old Mr. Mo quickly wrote the license plate number down. "Zoom in on the driver's face!"

    Ou Yangfeng closed up on the driver's face.

    "Download the picture!"

    They watched the videotapes from the past few days and realized that it was the same taxi that entered and left the villa at different shifts of the watchhouse. It was justified that Old Mr. Mo had suspected that this was a planned kidnapping.

    Old Mr. Mo hurriedly called the south district police station's superintendent and told him about his suspicions. Then, he sent him the picture of the driver's face as well as the license plate number. The police station soon received more news that that taxi was parked at the end of Willow Road. The drivers that passed it by found large amounts of blood on the car and had reported it to the police. The police officers nearby rushed to the area and found a large number of sedatives in the taxi as well as marks of a brutal fight. Currently, they were sending more police officers to the scene and could not confirm if Wen Xinya was dead or alive yet.

    Based on the police station's analysis, they could confirm that this indeed was a premeditated kidnapping and immediately opened the case. Then they sent a group of specialists of kidnapping incidents to handle the investigation.

    After getting the news from the police station, Old Mr. Mo lost all blood flow in his body, and his body went cold. He felt a sharp pain in his chest and could not stand up properly. "Uncle Zhang, call the Wen Family immediately!"

    The Wen Family were well-known in the business industry and had many connections so they could have a solution.