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Chapter 94 - Call for help

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 94: Call for help

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    Currently, at Ninth-Heaven, Han Mofeng, Gu Junling, Ling Qingxuan, Xu Zhenyu and some others that grew up together were drinking in a reserved room, but they did not call any escorts over.

    Xu Zhenyu was a little bored, so he went out of the room to smoke a cigarette.

    "The customers who booked the Winery Yard and Lotus Pool rooms were supposed to be here at six, but it's going to be seven soon. Why aren't they here yet?"

    "I'm not sure. Actually, the customers that booked the room are already here, but for some unknown reason, they hurriedly left. I've informed the head waiter."

    "Who booked the private room?"

    "It was the Young Mistress of the Wen Family."

    "Did anyone call to confirm if she had something urgent to attend to? Is the reservation for the room canceled?"

    "I've called, but her line can't be reached."

    Hearing the title of the Young Mistress of the Wen Family, Xu Zhenyu actively listened in the conversation. He did not expect her also to book a private room at Ninth-Heaven and wondered who she had invited.

    As he thought about that, Xu Zhenyu deliberately took his phone out and was ready to call her, but no one expected his phone to run out of battery and shut down. He quickly changed the battery of his phone and turned it on.

    A string of messages popped up on the screen, and one thread was from Wen Xinya. He frantically opened the message. "Help me, willow road car plate license capital BXXXX."

    The message was sent at five forty-two, but it was already six-fifty. The message was sent an hour ago.

    Xu Zhenyu's pupils constricted, and he saw red. His entire body ran cold, and it felt like his heart had a large net around it that suddenly tightened, causing him to be unable to breathe.

    She did not even have the time to type in punctuation marks in that short line of words, yet it revealed the terrifying danger she was in. He anxiously called the Mo Household.

    The call was answered by Old Mr. Mo, and he asked directly and bluntly, "I'm Xu Zhenyu. Can I ask, did anything happen to Xinya? I received a call of help from her."

    Old Mr. Mo's trembling voice rang through the phone.

    Xinya had gone missing, and the police suspected that it was a planned kidnapping! They could not confirm whether she was alive or dead.

    The taxi that Xinya was in was found on Willow Road, and it seemed like there had been a major fight in the taxi with large amounts of blood and sedatives.

    Old Mr. Mo said many things to him, but other than those two lines, he did not hear a single word he said. Xu Zhenyu's body violently staggered, and then he ran out of Ninth-Heaven as though he was crazy, driving straight to the Mo Household.

    He first called Gu Junling's phone. "Junling, Xinya has gone missing, and the police suspect it's a malicious kidnapping. The taxi that Xinya was in was found at Willow Road, and the license number is BXXXX. Use your family's blacklist and help me check it. I'll owe you a favor."

    Gu Junling was extremely shocked by Xu Zhenyu's news. "Are you sure?"

    "Yes, Xinya had sent me a message calling for help before, but my phone had no battery and shut down; only just now did I receive it. I also called the Mo Family to confirm, and it was Old Mr. Mo that personally answered the phone. The police are at the Mo Family's now."

    "Ok, I'll send someone to check immediately. Don't talk about owing favors, Xinya is my friend too." Gu Junling hung up the phone and arranged for someone to check the license plate.

    After that Zhou Tianyu called, his voice was anxious and worried. "Xu-er, what's this about Xinya being kidnapped?"

    "I don't have the time to talk to you now, call the Mo Household and ask Old Mr. Mo yourself! I'm hanging up first." Xu Zhenyu said as he ended the call.

    He then called Old Master Xu. "Grandpa, Xinya has been kidnapped. You have a large influence in the military, could you use the military's resources and power to help find where Xinya is?"

    Old Master Xu was also very worried when he heard that Xinya was kidnapped, but Xu Zhenyu's words made him extremely angry. "What rubbish are you saying? The police are in charge of looking for missing persons, what are you doing asking me for help instead of the police? The military's power is for serving the country and the people; it is a serious and solemn sector. How could you use it for yourself just when you want to, I think you've lost your mind since you are too anxious." He scolded.

    Xu Zhenyu was extremely anxious, and his words were also quite unreasonable. "Grandpa, is Wen Xinya not a Z Country resident? Does she not deserve the protection of the state? After all, it is just borrowing the military's resources and power, you make me seem like I don't respect the country and the military sector."

    Old Master Xu's tone softened a bit. "You rascal, this country has its own laws, and the military also has its own rules. As the leader of the military, I can't just break the rules for myself as and when I like it."

    Xu Zhenyu rudely said, "Grandpa, if you don't help me this time, you can forget about me going to the army."

    Grandpa had wanted him to serve in the army the most, and he knew that if he used that to threaten Grandpa, he would definitely compromise.

    Old Master Xu was very agitated. "You rascal, you've decided to serve in the army?"

    "If you're willing to help me this time, I'll join the military in July this year." This had already been previously decided, but he did not tell his family.

    Old Master Xu quickly said, "I'll drive to the military base immediately. I'll take about two hours of traveling and will call you once I've reached there."

    He was afraid that Xu Zhenyu would take back his words, so he quickly ended the call.

    Although he had Grandpa's help, he still had to wait for two hours to obtain any information. Whether Xinya was currently alive or dead was unclear, and no one knew if anything could happen in two hours.

    Xu Zhenyu punched the steering wheel, his face filled with regret and self-loathing. If only his phone had not been turned off, he could have received Xinya's call for help in time and save her more quickly… It was him that caused her to be in danger yet again! Until now, no one knew if she was alive or dead.

    His car sped on the road, and he rushed past four traffic lights. The traffic siren followed his car as he drove.

    When his car reached the exit leading to the Mo Household and Willow Road, he quickly turned and drove towards Willow Road.

    Xu Zhenyu was like a demon, and both his eyes stared at the road in front of him as his head filled with dark thoughts about a past dream. He remembered that in the dream, he also found out that Wen Xinya got kidnapped, and at that time, someone injected massive amounts of liquid drugs into her, causing her to become addicted to drugs.

    He somewhat remembered the place where Wen Xinya was being held in the dream, and it seemed like it was in a stone house at the Southern Ridges not far away from Willow Road. The stone house was especially for hunters in the mountains to rest in, and usually, no one would go there.

    In reality, Wen Xinya had also been kidnapped, and the location was also Willow road. Could it be that she was really there?

    Once he had that thought, his frenzy became uncontrolled, and he drove like he had no care in the world towards the Southern Ridges.

    At that moment, Xu Zhenyu could not differentiate reality from his dreams. He only had one goal in his heart — find Wen Xinya.