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Chapter 95 - Miss Wen kidnapped, unconfirmed if dead or alive

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 95: Miss Wen kidnapped, unconfirmed if dead or alive

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    At that time, somewhere in a manor in H city, Si Yiyan laid on his bed, face as white as a sheet.

    Footsteps hastily approached him, and the door to his room flew open. A young man in black entered.

    “What happened?” Si Yiyan asked solemnly.

    With some hesitation, the young man replied, “In the capital city, Gu Junling has just provoked the people at Black Friday. It seems that Miss Wen has been kidnapped. She is nowhere to be found, unconfirmed if dead or alive.”

    “Say that again.” Si Yiyan had a cold gleam in his eyes. Under his icy stare, the young man felt his glare piercing into his soul, and he froze in place as if time had stopped.

    The young man looked at him in terror and repeated, “Miss Wen has been kidnapped, and it is unconfirmed if she’s dead or alive.”

    The black and white room exuded a quiet and still atmosphere. The tension was heightened in the gloomy room that was dull and eerie, just like a nightmare. In that room, it felt as if the lights were coming from the afterlife, threatening to pull them into the demon realm if they let down their guard.

    “Gu Yuehan, you have five minutes. I want to know everything that has happened.” Si Yiyan slowly pushed the white sterile blanket off of him. Shirtless and with his torso wrapped in a thick layer of bandages, fresh blood seeped into the bandages on his chest due to his vigorous movement.

    “Ninth Master, the doctor said you are not to get out of bed for now because you are still badly injured,” said Gu Yuehan as he watched the fresh blood on his chest staining the thick layer of bandages. With the blood on his shoulder exposed, the smell of iron filled the air in the room, making his skin crawl.

    He knew better than anyone the severity of the wound on the Ninth Master’s chest. That bullet had gone straight into his chest, causing him to bleed profusely. Yet, his enemies continued to chase them close by their tails. Blood had stained his entire white shirt, and he was dripping a trail of fresh blood as he moved.

    When help finally arrived, Ninth Master had already passed out due to blood loss. For half a month, he stayed by his side as Ninth Master remained out cold, watching his vital signals fluctuate on the monitors. It was truly nerve-racking as Ninth Master fought between life and death. The day before, he finally woke up.

    Si Yiyan looked even more depressed with his hair in a mess as his fringe covered his subtle but dazzling eyes. Underneath that brilliance was a frighteningly cold, unfeeling gaze. “Four minutes left.”

    Gu Yuehan turned pale and immediately said, “I will go now.”

    After Gu Yuehan rushed out of the room, Si Yiyan put on the black shirt beside his bed with haste, covering the bloody wounds on his chest completely. He was now back to being that sophisticated, dignified, cold, and unfeeling Si Yiyan.

    Four minutes later, Gu Yuehan entered the room once again. Si Yiyan was sitting on the sofa fully dressed now, his fingers furiously typing the keyboards on his laptop. His hands were graceful, with long and proportionate fingers; they were firm and strong, giving out commands one after another.

    “Ninth Master, all the information you want is here.” Gu Yuehan passed him the report and looked at the commands he had given out on the laptop. He had actually enlisted the help of the entire force in the capital city. That little girl may be only 15 years old, but she held an important place in his heart.

    Si Yiyan took the report. Skimming through it quickly, he understood everything in just half a minute. “Prepare a car. I’m going back to the capital city right now.”

    His clear, commanding voice allowed no room for disagreement. Gu Yuehan started to panic and said, “Ninth Master, your injury is too serious. If you don’t rest properly, you may not recover. Furthermore, we have to travel to Italy tonight at 1 AM. If you rush to the capital city now, you won’t be able to make it for the flight.”

    They did not know who leaked the news of Ninth Master coming back to the country. With the people in the mafia putting 100 million dollars on his head, Ninth Master was in a precarious situation. If he did not leave Z Country soon, the consequence might be dire.

    “You don’t have to question my decision. I’m very clear on the situation in Italy.” Si Yiyan’s icy glare landed on Gu Yuehan. With all that, his eyes still glowed, and his lips were still beautiful.

    Gu Yuehan said in terror, “Ninth Master, your information leak this time around was obviously done by a traitor in the force in Italy. Furthermore, that person is in a high position. We have to return immediately to settle it. Otherwise, it will ruin everything you’ve worked hard to build over the past years.”

    As Si Yiyan closed his laptop and stood up from the sofa, a surge of pain shot through him as he aggravated the wound on his chest. His brows furrowed in pain, and he staggered as his legs gave out.

    Gu Yuehan cried out. “Ninth Master!”

    Si Yiyan glanced at him and said, “You’re right, the situation in Italy is equally important. That’s why you should go to Italy first. Once I’m done here, I will meet you there.”

    Gu Yuehan eyes widened in shock. He was only an assistant to the Ninth Master. There was nothing he could do even if he were to go to Italy first. Ninth Master was intentionally sending him away so that he would not interfere with him rescuing Miss Wen. “Ninth Master, I will go prepare the car.”

    Afraid that he would be rejected, Gu Yuehan rushed out of the room like the wind.

    Si Yiyan lit up a cigarette. The way he held a cigarette was different from others. People normally held one in between their index fingers and middle fingers, yet he held it with his thumb and index finger. With the white cigarette in between his fingers, they looked elegant as the fumes slowly dispersed in the air. Meanwhile, his worry was slowly swallowing him.

    He took a deep breath of the smoke in a dignified manner. He had never felt such anxiety in his life before, feeling as if every single minute was torture.

    “Ninth Master, the car is ready!” Gu Yuehan entered hurriedly. When he saw the Ninth Master holding a cigarette, he was shocked. He rarely smoked.

    Si Yiyan spat out circles of smoke in the air, dispersing the fog of smoke in front of him. He watched as the ashes from the cigarette fell onto the floor. Just like the cigarette, his rationality was burning out too.

    He extinguished the cigarette on the ashtray on the tea table. It was done so gracefully yet maliciously, crushing the cigarette into tiny pieces within moments. Gu Yuehan trembled at the sight.

    “Let’s go!” Si Yiyan strode forward before the words even left his mouth.