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Chapter 96 - Bitch, you have ruined my family and destroyed my life

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 96: Bitch, you have ruined my family and destroyed my life

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    Finally, she was awake. Wen Xinya found herself lying on a cold, icy floor. Her body was numb and weak, and her hands and legs were tied by a thick rope that was as thick as her fingers. The rope was tightly and painfully bound against her wrists and ankles.

    From the window, she could see that the sky was getting dark. Inside the house, she could tell from the dimness that the house was made of stone. There was nothing in the house, except a hole made of stone.

    It was a familiar scene in the stone house. She observed the room carefully, and her pupils slowly dilated. Her initial calmness slowly faded away while being consumed by fear!

    The coldness of the evening entering into late night sent a chill down her spine. It was cold, and she had shivers and goosebumps all over her body.

    A tsunami of fear and despair overwhelmed her as tears rolled down her cheeks silently and down to her neck. The coldness entered her bloodstream and almost froze the blood in her body. The memories of the past swamped into her mind like a burning flame, the unbearable heat of the flame burning her till death.

    No, this was not a coincidence!

    It was not like what she thought!

    The timing was not correct! The person involved was not correct either!

    No! Incorrect! Impossible!

    She kept repeating these words in her mind.

    She wriggled her restless body in a panic, and her fingers suddenly felt a cold, icy object with a sharp tip. She was exhilarated and continued touching and feeling that object, realizing that it was a piece of small rock. She used all of her remaining strength and held the piece of rock in her hands tightly.

    She curled up her body so that she could reach her legs that were tied together. Then, she clumsily used the rock to rub against the rope that was binding her legs. As if being rubbed by the edge of a blunt knife, every movement was painful, almost rubbing her skin off.

    Wen Xinya’s face was pale and white, and she sweated profusely, causing sweat the size of peas mixed with tears to roll down her face. Her legs were already bruised and bloody from the friction, and the pain kept attacking her body until she was numb…

    Wen Xinya clenched her teeth and tried to gain a sitting position when an acute pain pierced her waist. But that could not stop her determination to save herself.

    After trying a few times, Wen Xinya finally sat upright. She was totally wet from perspiration with no more energy in her body. She used her hands that were tied by a rope to support her legs, then she untied the loosen rope on her legs. By now, she was already numb and lack of energy. It was probably considering that her escape was not a possibility, the kidnapper did not tie the rope extremely tight. And neither did he tie her hands to the back of her body. This gave her a chance to break free.

    Suddenly, there was a sound at the door. Then, the wooden door “screeched” open. Wen Xinya sighed and started to drown in despair. Just a little bit more and she would have been able to escape…

    The stone house was immediately lit up by a bright orange light. The rays from the orange light instantly pierced into her eyes, causing her discomfort and her tears of fear to continue to flow. She tried to look at the direction of the person who just came into the room under the blinding orange light.

    That person came close and stood in front of her. It was then that she had finally regained her vision and was able to see clearly. It was that driver.

    “You’re awake, and still have the energy to escape. It seems like the dosage of the chloroform was insufficient!”

    “Who are you? Why did you kidnap me, and what is your motive?”

    Wen Xinya tried to be alert. Her eyes filled with coldness.

    Since after her rebirth, she was able to interpret and understand many things.

    Previously, when Wen Yuya and Xia Ruya tried to set her up at Zhou Tianyu’s birthday party, they had wanted to find an opportunity to tarnish her reputation by making her lose her chastity. However, their mission had failed, and they suffered great humiliation themselves. How would the two of them, together with Ning Shuqian, let her off? Therefore, what happened today must be another evil plot by the three of them.

    “Who am I? Don’t you even know who I am?”

    That driver was provoked, and his originally gentle face turned evil-looking as stared at her with extreme hatred.

    Hatred! Since her rebirth, it was only three short months. She had not offended anyone since then. How could this man hate her?

    That driver grabbed her hair and pulled it downwards so that her face was facing up. She could now look at him clearly. “You don’t know me. But, you must have heard of Yang Guang Press Media! I’m the Boss of Yang Guang Press Media, Fu Tianyang.”

    Wen Xinya thought for a while, then she remembered Yang Guang Press Media. It was a medium-sized company that was also involved in her previous scandalous reports incident. This company was one of those that were heavily fined by the court. He must have lost a lot of money in the compensation.

    Fu Tianyang fell into a state of insanity, and his eyes were filled with hatred. “It’s all because of you, bitch. My media company had filed for bankruptcy due to huge debts that I was unable to pay. My wife eloped with another guy because of this. And my son met with a car accident. He fell into a coma because I did not have enough money for his operation. It’s all because of you, bitch! You have ruined my family and destroyed my life…”

    The last sentence kept repeating in his head. His tone was cold and heartless as if a huge bucket of ice was poured into his brain.

    Her scalp was hurting by his pulling her hair, her eyes contained coldness as she unemotionally replied, “You’ve only yourself to blame.”

    “Bitch!” Wen Xinya’s words further provoked Fu Tianyang. He threw her on the ground and kicked her continuously as if he had gone crazy.

    Wen Xinya rolled on the floor in extreme pain, but she bit her lips and endured without making a sound. “You tried to use unscrupulous methods to ruin a young teenage girl’s reputation for your own beneficial gains. You’re unethical and acted against your own conscience. Therefore, you should have imagined what kind of path it should have led you to. What I did was only to defend my own rights. Moreover, the sum of compensation was a verdict passed by the court. It has nothing to do with me.”

    “Bitch, how can you say all these had nothing to do with you?” Fu Tianyang pulled Wen Xinya up by her shirt and stared at her viciously, his eyes full of hatred and anger.

    Wen Xinya looked back at him straight in the eyes. Suddenly, she spoke in a soft tone and became gentler as if trying to redeem his soul. “I have never thought of harming anyone. I understand and have empathy towards your situation. But, have you given it any serious thought about what you’re doing right now? Kidnapping is a serious offense. Think about your bedridden son. He will have no hope left if he loses you.”

    A sense of clarity and hesitation hit Fu Tianyang, but his brief rationale was soon consumed by vengeance once again. There were extreme coldness and darkness in his eyes, just like the sky outside of the window or the deep abyss of hell.

    “I don’t need your empathy, nor your pity. You’re the one who ruined my life and caused me to land in such a mess… It’s all because of you…”

    Wen Xinya noticed the vengeance in his eyes and was lost in fear. However, she stayed strong and controlled her anxiety. “If you let me go, I will give you 10 million dollars. You can then use the money to pay for your son’s surgery. I’ve heard that patients who just fell into a coma for a short period can still be treated. You can also use the remaining amount of money to open another publishing company. When you’re rich and wealthy, you can marry any woman you like. Young, pretty, homely or virtuous, it’s your choice.”