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Chapter 100 - Wen Xinya Met Her Demise

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 100: Wen Xinya Met Her Demise

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    The dim light shone on the pale person lying on the bed, drenched in sweat, making her look especially frail. Her eyebrows were furrowed together, clear signs of her having a nightmare.

    Wen Yuya was caught underneath a man, his full weight crushing her to the point where she could not breathe, and the blood on her body had dried up. She relentlessly struggled, cried, screamed for help and begged, but the only thing she got was being plundered cruelly.

    “No, help… Save me Ruya… Mom it hurts…” Wen Yuya’s high pitched voice pierced the room as her hands tightened around the blanket.

    “Let me off… Don’t do this to me, I beg you… Please… Ugh… Ugh…” Wen Yuya’s hands flew in the air as if she were trying to wave the nightmare away.

    Suddenly, the face of the man began to contort bit by bit, and eventually became Wen Xinya’s face. Wen Xinya looked at her, her eyes glinting with mockery. “You’re pretty like jade, but no matter how pretty a jade is, it’s nothing but a toy… a toy…”

    “No… I’m not a toy, I’m not…” Wen Yuya’s shrill cry could pierce one’s eardrums!

    “You are, you are…” The evil voice taunted her continuously by her ears. Wen Xinya’s face began to twist and change. She grew two horns, her black eyes became blood red, and her arms turned into tentacles. They circled around Wen Yuya’s neck and strangled her, suffocating her.

    “Demon… You’re a demon…” She screamed, struggled, and cried incessantly. Her entire body trembled in pain and despair as if she were one second away from hell.

    “Yuya, wake up! You’re having a nightmare! Wake up!” Ning Shuqian shook her shoulders and slapped her cheeks, trying to wake her up.

    Ever since the incident at Zhou Tianyu’s birthday dinner, Yuya was often caught up in nightmares. When Ning Shuqian got up to get some water, she walked past Yuya’s room and heard her cries. Immediately, she knew that she was having a nightmare.

    “Mom, save me!” Wen Yuya hoarsely said while crying and suddenly sat up from her bed. Her pupils contracted rapidly, her heart was beating violently, her breathing was ragged and heavy, and her forehead was drenched with cold sweat.

    “Don’t be scared, Yuya. Your mom is right here by your side, it’s alright. That was just a bad dream.” Ning Shuqian embraced her cold, wet body.

    Her warm embrace washed away Wen Yuya’s nightmare. “Mom, I dreamed that Wen Xinya became a demon. She wanted to kill me. She even said that I was pretty like jade, but no matter how pretty I was, I’m just a toy.”

    Ning Shuqian stroked her hair gently and said, “That was just a dream. You’re a mistress of the Wen Family, how can you be a toy? I brought you up painstakingly for you to bathe in prosperity.”

    “Mom, until when must we tolerate this? If we don’t repay her evil deed, I’ll forever be haunted by these nightmares.” Wen Yuya’s eyes glowed with malice, and her face twisted with anger.

    Ning Shuqian wiped the sweat on her face and replied, “I promised to take revenge for you. Don’t worry. After tonight, Wen Xinya will meet her demise.”

    Old Wen rushing out just now must mean that they had received the news of Wen Xinya’s disappearance. However, it was too late… everything was over. Wen Xinya was destined to be abandoned.

    Wen Yuya’s eye widened. “Mom, could it be that you’ve done something already?”

    Ning Shuqian whispered softly into her ears.

    Wen Yuya’s eyes lit up with joy. “Mom, is that true?”

    Ning Shuqian watched as the color returned to her petite face. She looked bright and youthful now, without a single trace of solemnity. “There’s no way your mom would lie to you. Do you remember seeing your grandpa rush out of the house after receiving a phone call? Even now, he’s not back home yet.”

    Wen Yuya’s eyes were filled with hatred. “Wen Xinya setting me up like that… we are already being merciful. She deserved to be kidnapped by a bunch of gangsters and have her explicit sex tapes taken. This will utterly destroy her.”

    “Mom will definitely fulfill your wish. However, Wen Xinya is the only blood heir to the Wen Family. Your grandpa views her highly, even going through so much effort to find her. If we raise any suspicions, your grandpa will not let us off easy. For us to succeed, we have to make the Wen Family abandon her first. That way, Wen Xinya will have to submit to us, and your grandpa will not even care about her.” Thinking of Wen Xinya’s face which closely resembled Mo Yunyao’s, Ning Shuqian’s eyes burned with hatred.

    Wen Yuya frowned and asked, “What if Wen Xinya managed to quit the drug addiction?”

    Ning Shuqian laughed. “So what if she manages to quit? The words “doing drugs” are enough to stain her life. Do you think your grandpa would pass the Wen Corporation to a successor who has done drugs before?”

    Wen Yuya shook her head. “Of course not. Doing drugs is the worst scandal in the social circle. There are so many people within the circle, exposing her would either mean that she gets sent overseas or gets abandoned by the family.”

    “That’s right. Furthermore, the drug administered to Wen Xinya was the newest pure cocaine and liquid drug. Just a tiny dose would hook anyone for life.” Drugs were the scariest thing in this world, ruining the lives of many.

    Wen Yuya’s eyes darkened as if they were brewing the most deadly drug in the entire world. “I can’t wait to see Wen Xinya’s pathetic state after getting tortured by the drugs and turning into a walking corpse.”

    Ning Shuqian laughed hysterically. “Yuya, the drugs will slowly absorb her life, then take away her youth and beauty. She will be a 15-year-old girl clinging on to life with a 60-year-old body, slowly losing her dignity, betraying her body, her character crumbling away… She would be better off dead.”

    Hearing her words, Wen Yuya’s eyes glowed with even more malicious intent.

    Just then, Ning Shuqian’s phone rang. After seeing the blank number, she hesitated before answering. “I thought we agreed not to contact each other?”

    A cold voice replied through the phone, “Wen Xinya was saved by someone.”

    “What, she was saved? By who?” Ning Shuqian’s head began to spin, not believing what she heard. It was as if the sky had collapsed on her.

    “The other party has very strong backing. I have to go into hiding for now. You be careful too, don’t agitate Wen Xinya anytime soon. However…”

    “You can’t even do such a small thing right. How dare you make me work with you…” Without waiting for him to finish, Ning Shuqian roared into the phone with rage. She was so angry she had lost all her senses.

    “Rest assured, Wen Xinya met her demise.” With that, the line cut off!