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Chapter 102 - To Crumble and to Weep

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 102: To Crumble and to Weep

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    The sunlight seeped through the curtains, indirectly shining into the VIP wardroom. In a piece of clarity, the dust particles floated in the fragments of sunlight, dancing to the special symbol belonging to life.

    A pure, elegant fragrance of the viburnum tree wafted in the air as Wen Xinya remained unconscious, her face as white as a sheet. The rays of the sun gently caressed her face, making her look so transparent that it was as though she would break in a second.

    “Mm!” She let out a sound. Her long lashes were like the shivering wings of a butterfly, slowly opening gracefully and beautifully. Her gaze was slightly vacant as if she was not fully awakened yet.

    “Xinya, you’re awake?” Guarding her bed was Old Master Mo, who grabbed her hand in excitement.

    He had already been briefed about what had happened by Ninth Si’s assistant yesterday. Xinya was kidnapped by the boss of Sunshine Newspaper, Fu Tianyang, and was nearly overdosed with highly concentrated drugs. Xinya had undergone severe trauma, and her emotions were constantly unstable, even exhibiting symptoms like she was high on drugs and withdrawal symptoms.

    After being notified, he hurriedly rushed to the hospital. The Xu Family’s second young master Xu Zhenyu had been by her side all the while as she lied on the bed, her pale face as white as the bedsheets she was resting upon and beyond weak.

    “Xinya, do you feel unwell?” Old Master Mo saw her spacing out on the bed, her face stoic. The scene made him worry.

    Everything that happened in the stone cottage flooded into her mind like tidal waves, splitting her head apart. In her head, sounds reverberated unceasingly.

    She instinctively held her hands up to cover her head. Fu Tianyang’s face was twisted with a strange kind of madness, the kind of insanity that gnawed at your bones with hostility. There was also the pallet, filled with those types of equipment she was once familiar with. Fu Tianyang grabbed her by the arm and injected the needle into her arm, allowing the drug to seep into her consciousness slowly. She shook her head like she was insane. “Don’t, don’t…”

    Old Master Mo swiftly held her hand. His heart ached as he held her in his embrace, and his wrinkled hands gently patted her back. “Xinya, it’s alright now. You’re now in a hospital. It’s all in the past now.”

    “Don’t…” Wen Xinya yelled wildly, struggling non-stop in Old Master Mo’s arms.

    “Xinya, it’s me, Grampy. It’s alright now. It’s really alright now.” Old Master Mo hugged her tightly, afraid that she would hurt herself.

    “Gram… Grampy!” Wen Xinya’s agitated emotions slightly calmed, abruptly pushing Old Master Mo away and frantically pulling up her sleeves in fear. She checked her snow-white arm, checking one then the other.

    “Xinya, Ninth Si saved you in the nick of time. You were not injected with the drug.” Old Master Mo saw her actions and explained.

    However, Wen Xinya was too agitated to listen. Her gaze was concentrated on checking every spot on both of her arms. Only when she realized there were no intrusions of any needle upon her skin, she abruptly shouted. “I want a mirror, mirror… Give me a mirror!”

    Old Master Mo did not know why she wanted a mirror, but seeing her emotions this stirred, he hurriedly ran outside of the ward. He pulled a passing nurse and requested a mirror.

    The nurse took a mirror from her own pocket and handed it to him.

    Old Master Mo briskly returned to the ward and saw Wen Xinya scuttling around the room bare-footed, swiping anything she could get a hold of to the ground. The neat ward was in a complete mess. “Mirror, where is the mirror? I want a mirror…”

    Old Master Mo went to support her without delay, placing the mirror in her hand. “The mirror is here.”

    Wen Xinya hastily opened the small portable mirror. The person in the mirror had no sunken eyes, no wax-yellow skin, no bony structure, no dyed yellow bob hair, and no heavy makeup!

    “Wah!” She promptly lunged into Grampy’s embrace, bawling like a child. Not a dream, it was not a dream. She really was reborn. Everything that happened last night was just needless panic. She was not injected with the drug.

    Old Master Mo patted her on the back lightly, silently comforting her.

    Ever since her rebirth from two months back, she felt like every day was a dream. Every minute and every second was unfathomable. She was so afraid that all these would simply be a dream that she would even pinch herself in secret, using the pain to remind herself that everything was real. She was reborn!

    Nonetheless, just yesterday, when Fu Tianyang held her by the hand and raised the needle to penetrate the skin on her arm, a memory buried deep within her heart drowned her like a tidal wave. She felt like she had returned to the same scene from her previous life!

    With the same scenario to coincide, her body automatically reacted as though she was high on drugs, even exhibiting withdrawal symptoms. She could not differentiate what was real and what was simply a memory. She simply felt like this was predestined, that this was her fate, that no matter how she struggled, she would not be able to rid herself of these demons. That, despite her efforts, there was no way to prevent her world from shattering piece by piece, like glass. Then, it would all collapse in her face.

    Hence, she collapsed!

    She cried so pathetically, it was as though she wanted to express all the fears she hid deep in her heart!

    Once she started crying, it lasted half an hour. Old Master Mo patiently took out a handkerchief to dry her tears. Wen Xinya cried until her eyes were red and puffy. The pupils of her eyes had red threads running across, like spider webs, yet they gleamed with liquid brilliance, attracting others’ desires to love and pamper her.

    “Finished crying?” Old Master Mo sighed.

    Wen Xinya hung her head in embarrassment, then shook her head. “Grampy, I’m scared. I know that if I were to be polluted by the drugs, I would be abandoned by everyone. I know that everything I have now is because of my title as Young Mistress Wen. I would be even more miserable than when I was wandering outside.”

    Her ending from her past life was still vivid in her mind.

    Old Master Mo stared at her in shock. The girl who was always confident and calm actually had such a subconscious pessimistic outlook. “As long as you don’t give up on yourself, so what if everyone else has given up on you?”

    Wen Xinya was stunned, staring blankly at Grampy.

    Old Master Mo sighed softly. “The difference between hell and heaven may terrify you, making you uneasy. That’s why you care about whether others approve of you and how they respond to your ideas. But Xinya, even if no one acknowledges you, what would you do?”

    She would become utterly degenerated, give up on herself, lost in hatred. That was how she turned out in her past life, right?

    At this moment, Wen Xinya was terrified. As it turns out, she did not know when, but the memory of her death in her previous life had turned into her heart’s demon.

    She broke out in cold sweat. “The things in the past should remain in the past. What matters now is the future. Flesh and blood have a count, but principals do not.”

    The heavens pitied her, so they gave her a chance to relive her life again. For it to be a blessing or a curse lies within herself. Everything in the past had become history, she did not need to obsess over it anymore. The obsession of the past dissipated like smoke. Deep in her heart rose a sense of clarity, and all the negative feelings were swept away.

    However… this kidnapping, she would definitely not let it go!