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Chapter 104 - Who Was the Man Who Saved You?

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 104: Who Was the Man Who Saved You?

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    It was not long before Xu Zhenyu came over, chasing Wen Xinya’s grandfather home.

    As Wen Xinya saw Xu Zhenyu, she remembered that she had sent a text calling for help as soon as she got in the cab. However, she vaguely remembered that her grandfather had said that it was Si Yiyan who saved her. What actually happened? It looked like she had to ask him directly.

    As Xu Zhenyu noticed that Wen Xinya was staring at him, he felt uneasy and frantic. If only his phone were not turned off… if only he saved her in the nick of time, she would not have endured such trauma. He hurried to apologize. “Wen Xinya, I’m sorry. My phone battery was flat yesterday, so it had automatically turned off. That’s the reason why I did not receive your message for help in time, causing you to almost…”

    He had already understood what had happened from Old Master Mo last night. The pain in his heart grew intense with the thought that he was not there during her time of need, and instead, had put her in danger because of being absent.

    “Am I not fine? You don’t have to apologize.” Wen Xinya waved her hand thoughtlessly.

    “But…” Xu Zhenyu thought of the nasty rumors from before. It was also because of him that she was dragged into it and attacked by the media. He felt more and more uncomfortable inside.

    “Alright, Xu-er. You’re 17 years old this year, not 27 years old. It’s me who did not think thoroughly. In that dangerous situation, I should have looked for an adult for help to be more cautious. Instead, I dragged you into this. It is me who should apologize.” In her past life, Xu Zhenyu was the only one who stood by her. Thus, when something happened to her, the only person she felt like she could turn to was Xu Zhenyu. So when she was in trouble yesterday, she subconsciously sent a distress message to him.

    The light in Xu Zhenyu’s eyes dimmed. Wen Xinya thought of him in at the most dangerous point of her life; that was the highest level of trust she could show to him. Yet, he betrayed her trust in him. “Who was the man who saved you yesterday?”

    “His name is Si Yiyan. He studied under Grampy in the past.” Speaking about Si Yiyan, her mind flashed with broken memories, and her chest felt tight as if something was filling her empty heart bit by bit. But if Si Yiyan was the one who saved her, why did he not show himself? How is he doing right now?

    Xu Zhenyu heard that her tone and expression were normal, so he heaved a sigh of relief. “Why have you never talked about him before?”

    Wen Xinya subconsciously replied, “Because there was nothing to say!”

    A smile broke out on Xu Zhenyu’s face. “He looked complex. I did not get a good feeling from him, so you should be careful and not get too close to him.”

    Xu Zhenyu had been interacting with Gu Junlin since young. He had some knowledge about those with influence. That Si Yiyan and the Gu Family were not the same. The Gu Family only had good relationships with both the government as well as the mafia. If necessary, both sides would give them respect. However, Si Yiyan seemed different and gave off a more dangerous vibe, so he reminded Wen Xinya.

    It seemed like Si Yiyan used underhanded methods to save her. Wen Xinya smiled faintly without saying a word.

    Xu Zhenyu saw that she was quiet and asked, “What? Are you unwell?”

    “Oh, I’m fine. I’m just thinking.” Wen Xinya gave him a reassuring smile.

    Xu Zhenyu felt relieved.

    “Oh, right. What about the man who kidnapped me, Fu Tianyang?” Speaking about Fu Tianyang, Wen Xinya’s mind started to fill unwillingly with Fu Tianyang’s maniacal face and bone-deep hatred. He did not look too well.

    “That man was taken away by Si Yiyan’s men. As to where I do not know.” Xu Zhenyu thought that she did not look well and knew it must be because she was thinking about what happened yesterday. His heart surged with pain.

    Wen Xinya heaved a sigh of relief. Since he was taken away by Si Yiyan, it should be the end of the entire incident!

    As they were chatting, Zhou Tianyu, Gu Junlin, Han Mofeng, and Ling Qingxuan walked into the ward. In their hands were flowers, fruit baskets, and tonics. Seeing that Wen Xinya was alright, everyone consecutively let out sighs of relief.

    “It’s great that you’re alright.” Zhou Tianyu sat by her bedside and held Wen Xinya’s hand, her eyes slightly red.

    Gu Junlin also breathed a sigh of relief. “When Xu-er called me, I was so shocked. But it is fortunate that you are safe and sound.”

    Han Mofeng saw that her face, though pale, still had a tint of blush. Her forehead was wrapped with bandages, but her vigor was still intact. Thus, the weight on his shoulders finally lifted. “Xu-er was sick with worry. He called me to beg my old man to activate the military facilities to look for you. My old man hit me until I nearly broke a bone.”

    Ling Qingxuan smiled. “This is called a blessing in disguise.”

    Everyone laughed at that, and Wen Xinya was touched. “It was only a little scare. Now that I’m alright, I feel bad for worrying everyone. When I’m better, I will treat all of you to Ninth-Heaven for a feast to make it up.”

    Han Mofeng’s face suddenly lit up. “Xinya, if you’re alright, hurry up and get discharged. I see that the atmosphere in the hospital isn’t too good. When I was coming over in the morning, the hospital was filled with many doctors wearing lab coats and roaming around. There was one set of piercing eyes which swept over everyone in the hospital. That manner of behavior was obviously from a person with influence, not a doctor.”

    Xu Zhenyu suddenly thought of something. “Last night, I thought I heard the sounds of many chaotic footsteps, and maybe even some wails.”

    Last night, Wen Xinya had been unconscious. He was worried, so he kept watch outside the ward the whole night until the next morning when the doctor dropped by to check on Wen Xinya, saying that she would regain consciousness soon. That was when he finally heaved a sigh of relief and went home to wash up, then came back to the hospital.

    Zhou Tianyu had been constantly worried about Wen Xinya, so when she came in the morning, she did not notice the situation in the hospital. After hearing them speak of it, her face paled. “Xinya, you look better, so why don’t you get discharged? If you’re still not feeling well, you can just transfer to another hospital.”

    Gu Junlin reassured her. “Don’t worry. This hospital should be controlled by some influential people. Since they act so tyrannical, their backing should be rather strong. With someone from such background, usually, they will not harm innocent bystanders. The hospital should be considered safe.”

    Wen Xinya’s brows were knitted together. “I think I should just get discharged. Originally, I had only suffered some shock. My body is unharmed, so there is no need to stay in the hospital.”

    Xu Zhenyu hurried to disagree. “If you don’t feel assured, just transfer to another hospital! Even though you only suffered from some shock, but the doctor had instructed you to stay in the hospital for observation, that you could only be discharged in three days. You’re a patient, so you should listen to the doctor.”

    Wen Xinya angrily said, “As if I’m a patient! Have you ever seen a patient this healthy?”

    Zhou Tianyu could not help but smile. “You’re full of energy! I think discharging you shouldn’t be a problem. Furthermore, the hospital has a strong smell of disinfectants and everywhere is full of patients. Staying at home would be more comfortable.”

    Gu Junlin naturally sided with Zhou Tianyu. “Xu-er, your concern has been dismissed.”

    Xu Zhenyu mumbled incoherently. Thinking about yesterday when he rushed to the hospital, seeing her lying on the sickbed, he was enraged. Her face was so pale that he was worried.