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Chapter 108 - The Mysterious Si Yiyan

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 108: The Mysterious Si Yiyan

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    Earlier on, the person on the phone had said that the person who saved Wen Xinya was very influential, that even he had to be wary of his actions. Knowing that person for so many years, she had always known that that person had strong backing. The fact that he had to put his everything into caution made Ning Shuqian very uneasy.

    Wen Xinya’s gaze shone. “Not even I know who that person is. Because I had to suffer through kidnapping, Grampy was very worried. So he resorted to any means he could, requesting help from a lot of acquaintances. Little did he know, for once, acting before thinking actually yielded some results.”

    Ning Shuqian had specifically came over to test her. When she asked who saved her, Wen Xinya’s eyes were filled with caution and care. Who on Earth was Si Yiyan, and why was he so mysterious?

    “In that case, can you contact him? Your Grandpa wants to treat him to a meal and thank him for saving you.” Ning Shuqian sighed in relief, but at the same time, she felt uneasy. Fortunately, this person was not related to Wen Xinya. Yet, this proved that Old Mr. Mo had connections all over the place. Just with a simple request for help, he had mysteriously rendered “that person” helpless, scared to make a move, and even warned her to be afraid and careful.

    Wen Xinya knew that Ning Shuqian wanted to find out Si Yiyan’s identity. With eyes hiding deep secrets, she shook her head. “Grampy wanted to invite him to dinner to express his gratitude earlier too, but this person is extremely mysterious that even Grampy could not contact him.”

    “If that’s the case, looks like we can only forget about it.” Ning Shuqian was deep in thought. As a great Confucian scholar, Old Mr. Mo was the giant among men of the literary world. His image was one that was clear and pure. Naturally, it was impossible for him to be connected to shady people in the underground world. Wen Xinya had only been back to the Wen Family for less than two months, it was even more unlikely for her to know any person of that sort. Her story had no loopholes and made perfect sense. Old Mr. Mo knew people from all fields and sectors, and just like how Wen Xinya explained, he asked for help from a great number of people. Perhaps one of them was related to the mysterious man and entrusted him with helping Wen Xinya.

    Since the mysterious man was not directly linked to Wen Xinya or Old Mr. Mo, there was nothing more for her to worry about.

    Wen Xinya looked over at Ning Shuqian while hesitating. “Aunt Ning…”

    Ning Shuqian had gotten what she wanted to hear, resulting in her good mood. She kindly asked, “What’s wrong? If there’s anything, feel free just to ask Aunt Ning, you don’t have to hesitate like that.”

    Wen Xinya bit her lip. “It’s regarding my Homecoming party. There’s so much that I don’t know. Aunt Ning, could you…”

    “What do you need Aunt Ning to help you with? If anything requires Aunt Ning’s assistance, please feel free to ask. Aunt Ning will definitely do her best to help you.” Ning Shuqian’s heart suddenly felt warm, and her heartbeat increased. Watching as Wen Xinya’s expression become more and more cheerful, her tone gradually turned gentler.

    Looks like it was actually regarding Wen Xinya’s homecoming party. This homecoming party would be the most luxurious and important banquet of the Wen Family in the past two decades. Not only did it concern the entire Wen Corporation, but it also involved the whole media industry as well as the upper social class.

    Such a big scale party and Wen Xinya had no experienced senior by her side to aid her in her preparations. How could she request help from the elder Grandpa and Grandma! Naturally, she would turn to her for help.

    “Aunt Ning, I’ve never joined such a large and luxurious party, so I’m really scared.” Wen Xinya’s words took a sudden turn, and a nervous expression revealed itself on her face.

    Ning Shuqian could not help but feel disappointed. She thought that Wen Xinya would approach her for help preparing the party. “Don’t be afraid, if you need anything, come find Aunt Ning. I will do my best to help you.”

    She deliberately emphasized the last part of her sentence. Ever since she married into the Wen Family, Old Mr. Wen had never openly acknowledged her as his daughter-in-law. He was in charge of the Wen Family, and his attitude towards her determined the way others in the circle treated her. Although she held onto the title of Mrs. Wen, she could not help but feel embarrassed and awkward about her identity.

    The ordinary households were not good enough, and she refused to interact with them, but the truly rich households looked down on her identity and refused to interact with her. Furthermore, Mo Yunyao had an excellent reputation within the circle. Even until now, many people continued to compare her to Mo Yunyao. Be it background or knowledge, looks or reputation, she was not even half as good as Mo Yunyao.

    It would definitely be a rare opportunity for her if she could trick Wen Xinya into letting her plan and arrange this party!

    If such an important party was arranged by her, it would indirectly represent her identity as Mrs. Wen. If she displayed her virtuous actions and title, the people in the circle would naturally think that Wen Xinya had accepted her as her stepmother. Wen Xinya was Wen Family’s only true heir, and her attitude represented Old Mr. Wen’s stance. If even Wen Xinya acknowledged her, the circle would naturally stop comparing her to Mo Yunyao and she would be able to join the high-status circle. Wen Yuya’s reputation would also rise along with hers.

    Sure enough, Wen Xinya could not be happier. “Earlier when Grandpa called me, he asked me to start the preparations for my Homecoming party. Since I don’t know anything, how would I know what to prepare? I have been vexing over this issue recently. Since Aunt Ning has offered her help, I finally feel at ease.”

    Xia Ruya quickly joined in. “It’s the right choice to approach Aunt Ning. Aunt Ning has a good relationship with actress Lu Xueyi from the entertainment industry. Aunt Lu has attended countless red carpet events in Cannes, during Golden Eagle, and Baihua Film Festivals. These type of parties are common events for her, and thus, Aunt Ning knows quite a bit about them too.”

    Wen Xinya’s eyes shone. “Really?”

    Wen Ruya quickly figured out her mother’s intentions and nodded furiously. “Of course, it’s true. Aunt Lu’s relationship with my mother has always been good.”

    “I’ve always liked Aunt Lu. Aunt Ning, could you introduce her to me?” Wen Xinya’s eyes glowed with adoration and respect.

    Lu Xueyi may be very famous, but her reputation in the circle was not good. Her private life was not in check, she was frequently involved in scandals, and she had been exposed many times. She had been reported to be the mistress of a certain rich family by magazines and had even been exposed to being the third party and joining a certain rich family. Sure enough, birds of a feather flocked together!

    “Of course, I can. When the chance arises, I will introduce Xueyi to you.” Ning Shuqian seemed to think that Wen Xinya had promised to let her help out with the Homecoming party. If she agreed, no matter how much Old Mr. Wen refused to allow that, it would only be a foregone conclusion.

    “Thank you, Aunt Ning!” Wen Xinya was touched beyond words.

    “Your Homecoming dinner is going to be the grandest banquet held by the Wen Family in the past 20 years. Not only will it include the entire Wen Family, but the whole upper class and media will also have their eyes focused on it. Therefore, there is no room for mistakes. If you need any help, you must tell me. If something goes wrong, it will implicate the entire Wen Corporation.” Ning Shuqian refused to give up and purposely made the problem sound even more serious. Wen Xinya had been wandering out on the streets for the past 15 years and did not understand anything anyway.

    As expected, Wen Xinya could not hide her fear. “I understand, Aunt Ning.”