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Chapter 110 - Grampy, Do You Know Who Si Yiyan Is?

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 110: Grampy, Do You Know Who Si Yiyan Is?

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    After Ou Yangfeng, Qiu Yifan, Yan Shaoqing, and Cheng Ziyi visited her, Wen Xinya could not stop thinking about Si Yiyan's identity. Why did Ning Shuqian try to conceal his identity? Furthermore, he did not appear before her even when he was the one who saved her. She wanted to thank him but did not have the chance to do so, leaving her rather distressed.

    Subconsciously, Wen Xinya started to fondle the earring dangling on her right ear. Without her noticing, she now touched the long earring on her right ear instead of the red diamond on her left whenever she was stressed.

    "Xinya, it's your turn!" Old Mr. Mo had been staring at her for a while now. Initially, he thought that she was just pondering her next move. However, seeing as how she kept fondling the earring on her right ear with dull eyes, he knew there were other thoughts in her head.

    "What?" Wen Xinya raised her head and looked at him hazily. She then came to her senses and took a quick glance at the chessboard. "Oh! It's my turn," she said as she hurriedly placed the black chess piece in her hand on the board.

    "Are you sure you want to make this move?" Old Mr. Mo saw that her move was as good as her raising the white flag. Although there was no chance of Xinya winning the game, to begin with, her defeat should not be this quick.

    Wen Xinya was shocked. After analyzing the board, her face flushed red as she realized that she had made a bad move. Awkwardly, she said, "No changes are allowed!"

    Old Mr. Mo placed the white chess piece back into the case and looked at her straight into the eyes. "No changes allowed is not your style."

    On a normal basis, she would be dishonest, pout, take back her moves, and try every scheme up her sleeves before admitting defeat. Her sudden change in behavior today was indeed strange.

    Thinking of her behaviors while playing chess usually, Wen Xinya's face flushed in embarrassment. "Grampy, you're too skilled. It makes no difference if I lose early since my defeat has already been set."

    "Normally, you would say ‘it's not over till it's over.' What happened to that rigor of yours?" Old Mr. Mo said mockingly.

    Wen Xinya felt a sense of humiliation. "Grampy, don't make fun of me."

    Seeing her unhappiness, Old Mr. Mo stopped making fun of her and said warmly, "Okay, I will stop. You've been a little out of it and absent-minded today. What's going on?"

    Upon the thought of Si Yiyan, Wen Xinya's heart skipped a beat. She immediately tried to cover it up and said, "Nothing's wrong. I must be too tired and stressed from the approaching homecoming party."

    She must plan everything perfectly since the banquet this time allowed no room for any mistakes. In the past two days, she had been learning the know-how of banquets and read many books on etiquettes. She even asked Xu Zhenyu and his gang for many recordings and learned about the state of the public relations of the company. Zhou Tianyu and her friends also helped to impart various knowledge and experience to her.

    Old Mr. Mo frowned. He knew she had total control of her situation and did not dwell into the subject. Words were useless in such situations, she could only rely on herself. "It is the 60th birthday of my friend today, but I'm not able to attend. I was thinking of asking you to go over and bring my gift to him."

    "Grampy, I'll be fine after a short rest. I can attend the banquet tonight!" Wen Xinya replied. Recently, Grampy would bring her along to visit his friends and attend various events, introducing her into his social circle. She knew Grampy did all of this for her.

    Grampy had many friendly relations with these people, and formally introducing her to them would allow her to benefit from these connections in the future. Furthermore, people of high status would greet her out of respect for her Grampy during these banquets, which helped her with her reputation as well.

    "Are you really fine?" Old Mr. Mo asked with concern.

    "I'm really fine. Actually, I was just thinking about how Si Yiyan saved me back when I was kidnapped." Wen Xinya told the truth after seeing how worried Grampy was.

    "It has been quite some time since that incident, don't think about it." Old Mr. Mo said sternly.

    Wen Xinya shook her head and explained, "No, no, I'm not always thinking about it. It's just that Si Yiyan saved me, but I have not expressed my gratitude towards him in person. I just feel like I'm indebted to him."

    After realizing that Wen Xinya was not acting herself because of Si Yiyan, he furrowed his brows and said, "He has always been mysterious. You don't have to worry about it."

    He had always thought highly of Si Yiyan, especially his skilled calligraphy since few young people could produce such work of arts like him. Back when he was living in the Mo Family, Old Mr. Mo knew how much attention he paid to Xinya. However, he let it go since Si Yiyan behaved appropriately.

    "Grampy, do you know who Si Yiyan is?" Wen Xinya asked, full of curiosity.

    Old Mr. Mo sipped his tea and replied, "I'm not too sure about this either."

    "Grampy, you taught him without even knowing his identity, isn't that too rash! Aren't you afraid that he would use your teachings for evil?" Wen Xinya could not help but ask.

    "I don't ever judge a person by his background when teaching. As long as their character is good, I would even accept a beggar as my disciple."

    "Wow! Grampy is such a broad-minded person. No wonder people call you a great scholar." Wen Xinya said while looking at him with eyes shining with admiration.

    Old Mr. Mo sighed. "Everything I've learned is no longer practiced in this age and day where everything is constantly changing. As the pace of the lives of people quickens, the societal pressure we face intensifies. These teachings are now considered an old artifact in the eyes of the Z country people. Other than a few books preserved by ancient families and passed down as cultural treasures, few people learn them. I just wish that such great teachings can be passed down from generation to generation so that people can apply them in their daily lives, studies, and jobs, and not just kept as a heritage."

    Wen Xinya quickly changed the subject since the atmosphere had become a little too serious. "Oh right, how did Grampy meet Si Yiyan?"

    "His father used to be my student. He was talented in all forms of art, skilled in the art of war, and quick-witted when it came to political tactics. We were lucky to have him sent to my side by his father while he was still young. After teaching him for 3 years, I can only say… successors excel the predecessors. Young master Si is definitely a great man."

    "How strange that people are willing to learn these!" Even though she had learned various arts, history, the art of war, and political tactics, such things did not stick with her. The historical power of Z country had changed, fights had been exchanged, and there were struggles over the power. Such horrifying things were too gloomy. Learning these would only be a burden.

    Old Mr. Mo said, "Most people who are willing to learn these are only those of high status for manipulation. The art of war and political tactics from the past are becoming the essence of family unity now. The knowledge gained is extensive and profound, it's not strange that people are willing to learn them."