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Chapter 112 - Birthday Banque

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 112: Birthday Banquet

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    The Capital city was a place filled with unexpectedness at every corner. An old man casually strolling on the street could suddenly change into the glorious chief of the military, while a random old lady crossing the road could have an identity that would leave you shocked and speechless.

    In such a place filled with unlimited possibilities, not only was there well-known families, but there were also hidden families of high power. Other than the fact that their names were not as famous in the Capital city, these family had heritage and inheritance that were equal to, if not greater than, the reputed families.

    The Zhong family was one of these invisible, rich and powerful families. Although the host of the banquet, Zhong Yitian, was not as well-reputed as Grampy, his position and power could not be underestimated. With research on history as his main focus, he had achieved great results over the years. His name was comparable to that of Grampy, with students all over the country. He was pragmatic, and the fruits of his research would always reveal various splendid cultures from ancient times.

    Grampy only had words of praise for this man named Zhong Yitian.

    The birthday banquet of the Zhong Family was held in a manor. Wen Xinya handed the doorman her invitation, and he immediately allowed her to enter.

    The entrance of the manor hung a lacquered plate with “WITHHOLD A GOOD REPUTATION THROUGH STRONG VIRTUES” inscribed on it. The words were written with broad, sturdy strokes, with quaintness that came from vast experience, and were elegant in every way. It was even better than Si Yiyan’s calligraphy.

    In front of the door was a long, narrow table where the guests would leave their names and gifts on. Beside the table sat a young man looking around 18-years-old, in a black suit and white shirt with a bowtie. One look and anyone could tell that he was the successor of the Zhong Family.

    Wen Xinya walked towards him.

    A smiled formed on his face as he saw her. “Please place the gift on the table and write your name down.”

    Wen Xinya nodded and passed the birthday gift to the young man. Afterward, she picked up the calligraphy pen on the table and wrote her name on the white rice paper.

    She felt the young man taking another look at her after she successfully wrote her name on the paper beautifully.

    Wen Xinya gave him a small smile before heading into the banquet hall.

    Little did she know, the young man was mesmerized by her smile. He could not turn away from her elegant, pure smile that resembled a flower blossom as he watched her disappear behind a corner.

    The banquet hall was decorated elegantly and gracefully.

    Wen Xinya immediately saw Old Mr. Zhong in red festive clothing, happily greeting the guests. He had short hair and was exuding an aura of dignity.

    Wen Xinya walked towards him and calmly greeted. “Hello, Grandpa Zhong. I’m Wen Xinya. My grandfather was not able to attend your banquet today, so he sent me here especially to send his blessings. May your fortune be as boundless as the East Sea, and your life last long like the South Mountain!”

    After hearing Wen Xinya’s self-introduction, everybody looked at her as if they were studying her. Recently, Old Mr. Mo had been bringing his granddaughter around his circle, and it was clear to everyone that he had formally acknowledged her.

    However, it was still unexpected that Old Mr. Mo would send his granddaughter to Old Mr. Zhong’s banquet on his behalf. This showed how highly he thought of her.

    “It has been years since he attended my banquet. He managed to find a descendant to come on behalf of him this year hahaha! Not bad, not bad.” Zhong Yitian’s gaze landed on Wen Xinya’s face. Unlike the others who were sizing her up, his gaze was soft.

    The news of the Wen Family reuniting with their true young mistress had circulated the social circle since a long time ago, and he was well aware of it. After hearing that she was a hooligan who spent 15 years wandering the streets, he thought it was such a shame for Old Mr. Mo. However, what he witnessed today was an elegant girl with an air of dignity, speaking to him with perfect composure. Along with the serenity in her bright eyes, she was clearly a girl of great character. The only thing left of her days as a hooligan were those eyes of indifference, revealing the fight and cautiousness she had inside. She was no longer just a rascal of the Mo Family.

    Wen Xinya simply replied with a smile.

    Zhong Yitian joyfully called his grandson over. “Pass me the special jade brush pen from my study room.”

    He was startled. The special jade brush pen made with goat hair was an antique from the Qing Dynasty. Not only was it priceless, but it was also rare. It was something his grandfather cherished deeply.

    Zhong Yitian looked at Wen Xinya warmly and said, “I heard from your grandfather that you are learning calligraphy. With that special jade brush pen, it will help bring out your work.”

    After seeing the shock on his grandson’s face, Wen Xinya understood that this was a gift of high value. With a bright smile, she replied, “Thank you, Grandfather Zhong. However, today you are the star of the banquet, it is only right for us younger ones to present you with our gifts and respect. I could not possibly accept a gift from an elder, my grandpa would definitely chide me for being discourteous.”

    This made Zhong Yitian even happier. “For so many years your grandfather was the only one gifting my grandchildren during every gathering. Finally, I have a chance to greet his grandchild as well. This present… is a must!”

    Listening to his words, Wen Xinya knew that Grandfather Zhong and her Grampy had a good relationship. Since she had no choice but to accept the gift, she might as well accept it graciously. “Thank you, Grandfather Zhong. If my grandpa were to say that I lack etiquette, you have to speak up for me, okay!”

    She neither argued nor flattered him, but accepted with friendliness. Zhong Yitian was even more contented with her. “I have been keeping this brush pen for years, and I did not bear to give it to any of my grandchildren. I see now that it was kept for you all this time.”

    Wen Xinya sulked. “Grandfather Zhong, you say it as if I’ve plotted to get your special jade brush pen since a long time ago.”

    The Zhong family was a big family with many descendants. However, since the last few generations of the Zhong Family was patriarchal and valued men, there was not a single female in their new generation. As such, the sight of Wen Xinya brought joy to Zhong Yitian. “Nonsense, things are meant to be given to people you have connections with. I took a liking to you the moment I saw you. Who should I give this to if not you?”

    Wen Xinya discovered Grandfather Zhong’s great generosity. No wonder Grampy respected him so much. She replied, “I heard from grandpa that your calligraphy is the cream of the crop. That plaque above the entrance door must have definitely been written by you!”

    Her attention to details surprised Zhong Yitian, and he contentedly said, “That was nothing special, but my children just decided to hang it up.”