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Chapter 117 - Ruya Gave Me This Watch as a Gif

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 117: Ruya Gave Me This Watch as a Gift

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    No one expected things to escalate. The screaming of Jiang Ruoyin and the whispering from the crowd made Wen Xinya lose her stand.

    Humiliation like this reminded her of her previous life, and the heavy burden of the past slowly crushed her, putting pressure on her.

    Her mind was in a mess. What was going on? Why was Jiang Ruoyin’s watch in her bag?

    This sentence kept repeating in her head like a nightmare.

    Who put Jiang Ruoyin’s watch into her purse?

    Ning Shuqian or Xia Ruya?

    Suddenly, she shivered and woke up from the nightmare in a cold sweat. Gradually, she regained her senses and gazed at the watch in Jiang Ruoyin’s hand.

    After having a closer look at the watch, her every doubt was cleared.

    She grabbed the watch from Jiang Ruoyin. “Miss Jiang, are you sure this watch is yours?”

    The crowd was buzzing with whispering. People cast contemptuous looks at Wen Xinya. She was caught stealing in public, yet she refused to admit her mistake. Such despicable conduct was consistent with her “grew up in the streets” background though.

    Jiang Ruoyin didn’t expect Wen Xinya to respond like this after she had found the watch in her purse. Jiang Ruoyin was exasperated. “Shame on you, Wen Xinya! This obviously is my watch.” she shrieked.

    Wen Xinya paid no attention to the crowd’s mockery. Her young and pretty face was pale, but her elegance and confidence never faded away.

    Wen Haowen was infuriated, and the veins in his forehead twisted like snakes. “Wen Xinya, you rascal! Do you think this is not humiliating enough? Apologize to Miss Jiang right now, or I won’t forgive you!”

    Ning Shuqian echoed. “Xinya, stop this nonsense and apologize to Miss Jiang. The Wen Family can’t afford to damage its reputation like that…”

    Wen Xinya interrupted Ning Shuqian. “Ruya gave me this watch as a gift. I didn’t know that you had the exact same watch as her!” said Wen Xinya coldly.

    Vacheron Constantin was Xia Ruya’s favorite watch brand from Switzerland. Grandpa once gave Xia Ruya a Tourbillon in her previous life. Xia Ruya liked it a lot because the blue diamond on the watch was a good match with her Star of the Sea. She wore that watch to many banquets, so Wen Xinya was positive that the watch in her purse belonged to Xia Ruya. As for Jiang Ruoyin’s watch, you would have to ask Xia Ruya.

    Jiang Ruoyin was dazed. She glanced at Xia Ruya.

    “Xinya, you… When did I…” Xia Ruya turned pale. The veins in her cheek made her look pitiful yet a bit creepy.

    How did Wen Xinya know that she had the same watch as Jiang Ruoyin? She never wore that watch in front of Wen Xinya before? What was going on?

    “Ruya, did you forget? You accidentally broke my watch then gave me this one as compensation.” Wen Xinya squinted at Xia Ruya. The animosity in her eyes quickly disappeared, making her looked indifferent but determined.

    “Never…” There was no such thing! Xia Ruya gazed at Wen Xinya, meeting her sharp glare. The menace in Wen Xinya’s eyes was so intense that it was like an arrow piercing through Xia Ruya. All eyes were fixed on Xia Ruya, and the immense pressure made her want to scream and escape.

    Wen Xinya knew it. She knew everything. All of Xia Ruya’s denial stuck in her mouth.

    “I don’t know where Miss Jiang’s watch is…” Wen Xinya said with absolute innocence.

    The gentle voice was like a knife cutting through Xia Ruya. It hurt. Xia Ruya knew that Wen Xinya was threatening her. Wen Xinya would give Xia Ruya away if she didn’t admit the truth.

    Jiang Ruoyin gave Wen Xinya a glare. “Wen Xinya, stop lying. Ruya didn’t say that she has the same watch as me. You’re just trying to excuse yourself using Ruya.”

    Wen Xinya coldly said, “Although I haven’t bought a Swiss watch before, I heard that each limited version like this has its own security code. We can call the Swiss factory now and ask them how to identify the code for similar watches.”

    Wen Xinya was shocked by the sudden incident earlier on, so she forgot this. It was not only her, probably most of the people there didn’t have this knowledge. That’s why the situation escalated to this stage.

    Jiang Ruoyin froze. Her watch was given by her father, so she didn’t know about the security code.

    All of the people including Zhong Rufeng were shocked. They finally realized that Wen Xinya didn’t steal Jiang Ruoyin’s watch.

    Wen Xinya looked at Jiang Ruoyin’s father and said, “I heard that you bought this watch just for your daughter. So I guess you should know I’m telling the truth.”

    Mr. Jiang was speechless.

    Xia Ruya knew that there was nothing else she could do, so she lowered her voice and said, “I did give Xinya a watch like that. I didn’t notice the design of Ruoyin’s watch. I didn’t know that I got the same watch as Ruoyin until Xinya brought it up.”

    She had to admit it because every luxury watch purchased came with a special code, containing the buyer’s basic information. Wen Xinya was lucky to dodge a bullet because she forgot about that code.

    Wen Xinya only needed to call Vacheron Constantin in Switzerland to give Xia Ruya away. If the company confirmed that Xia Ruya had the same watch as Jiang Ruoyin, she would not get away with it. As Wen Xinya wanted to clear her name of suspicion and Xia Ruya wanted to dissociate herself from all this, she had no choice but to give Wen Xinya an out.

    With Xia Ruya being the witness, no one continued to suspect that Wen Xinya stole Jiang Ruoyin’s watch.

    “Turns out it was just a misunderstanding!” Ning Shuqian stood there feeling resentful because she never thought that Wen Xinya would be able to clear the suspicion so easily.