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Chapter 118 - Wen Xinya, Don’t Push Me Too Far

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 118: Wen Xinya, Don’t Push Me Too Far

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    Jiang Ruoyin became the center of attention. People’s stares made her feel uncomfortable. Wen Xinya was supposed to be embarrassed, but the situation reversed in a second. Jiang Ruoyin lost not only her luxury watch but also her dignity.

    Jiang Ruoyin shot herself in the foot and suffered a double loss.

    “Now that I’ve proven my innocence, please apologize to me, Ms. Jiang.” Wen Xinya glanced at Jiang Ruoyin, her eyes shining with hostility.

    Jiang Ruoyin stared at Wen Xinya in disbelief. She stumbled backward and said, “I… I haven’t found my watch yet. I really lost my watch.”

    She mumbled only because she wanted to tell people that she was a victim.

    Wen Xinya stepped forward. She gazed at Jiang Ruoyin sharply, looking confident. “Miss Jiang, why didn’t you ask me in private when you suspected that I stole your watch? Instead, you insulted me and humiliated me in front of everybody. That’s how you react when you lose something? Making random accusation?” Wen Xinya coldly said.

    Luckily, it was a false accusation. Otherwise, she would be abandoned by the Wen Family and bullied by Ning Shuqian and Xia Ruya. It would be a pathetic replay of her previous life.

    Even thinking about it made her tremble with fear. She would never forgive Jiang Ruoyin so easily.

    What Wen Xinya said was reasonable, and people liked her even more. She could keep her composure in the face of an accident and analyze the situation rationally.

    Jiang Ruoyin stepped backward subconsciously. Wen Xinya was like an evil demon from hell, fire burning in her eyes. “I… You showed up in the restroom without notice. And coincidentally there were only two of us,” said Jiang Ruoyin.

    “Stop the sophistry. Everyone here can testify for me that you wronged me. Well… you promised to apologize to me if I didn’t take your watch. Are you backing out?” Wen Xinya sneered.

    “I, I didn’t…” Jiang Ruoyin stuttered. She felt that Wen Xinya was like a python with her mouth wide open. Jiang Ruoyin was so scared that her face turned pale.

    “Oh, so this is what the Jiang Family taught you about manners? It’s eye-opening for me.” Wen Xinya said out loud with a solemn expression.

    Jiang Ruoyin’s father had no choice but to step in as Wen Xinya mentioned the Jiang Family. However, Ruoyin started this argument first, so he turned to his daughter and said, “Ruoyin, apologize to Miss Wen. You were impetuous.”

    Wen Xinya sneered. It was too naive of Mr. Jiang to use her daughter’s impulsion as an excuse for humiliating Wen Xinya. People were watching, wasn’t he afraid of people accusing him of being biased?

    As expected, people despised Mr. Jiang for what he said. No one in the Wen Family spoke for Wen Xinya earlier, and now Mr. Jiang wanted to downplay this incident. This was unfair.

    Mr. Jiang quickly noticed that his words were improper. So, he gave Jiang Ruoyin a stern stare and said, “Apologize to Miss Wen now.”

    Being the only girl in the family, Jiang Ruoyin was pampered growing up. Her father was especially protective of her and had never been so strict with her before. She couldn’t take it all of a sudden. “Miss Wen… I’m sorry,” she sobbed weakly.

    A waitress walked towards them with a watch in hand while everyone was waiting for Wen Xinya to respond. “Miss Jiang, I found this watch under the basin just now,” said the waitress. “Is it yours?”

    People stared at Jiang Ruoyin with a stronger sense of contempt.

    Wen Xinya looked around and found that Xia Ruya had left without notice. Therefore, she guessed that Xia Ruya was the one who planned this. This incident would be over only if Jiang Ruoyin had found her watch. How clever Xia Ruya was!

    “The watch is mine.” Jiang Ruoyin was surprised as she didn’t expect to get it back.

    Jiang Ruoyin quickly reached for the watch but was intercepted by a beautiful hand with long and thin fingers. “I’ll forgive you if you sincerely apologize to me. But today’s incidence has caused me severe emotional distress. So, I’ll just take this watch as compensation.”

    The humiliation that Wen Xinya suffered today could only be erased by this watch. The existence of this watch served as a constant reminder of Jiang Ruoyin discrediting herself and also a permanent stain on her reputation.

    People understood why Wen Xinya wanted to take Xia Ruya’s watch. It was too easy for Jiang Ruoyin to make up for such humiliation and insult with only one apology.

    Jiang Ruoyin couldn’t take it. She was already embarrassed, yet she had to give her her watch to Wen Xinya as compensation. Her eyes turned red. “Wen Xinya, don’t push me too far. You said I only needed to apologize, why are you taking my watch now?” She was provoked.

    Wen Xinya sneered. “Apologizing is what you should have done. Compensation is to make up for my losses. Is there a problem?”

    Jiang Ruoyin was rendered speechless, but she was still angry. “Wen Xinya, you’re going too far.” She shouted.

    ”Please don’t slander me, Miss Jiang. When did I ever bully you? You’re the one who bullied me in the first place. Everyone here can testify for me.”

    Jiang Ruoyin cried, “I can’t argue with you.”

    Childish. There was no way that Wen Xinya would buy it. She raised her thin eyebrows, looking confident and strong. She gave the crowd a nonchalant glance and said, “I’m the eldest daughter of the Wen Family. How am I going to socialize with others if I’m a softie? And wouldn’t that make our family look bad?”

    She asserted herself, finding excuses for her aggressiveness. No one would think that she was being unreasonable. Also, it rendered Jiang Ruoyin’s tears tactic impossible.

    As expected, people changed their attitudes toward Wen Xinya. She was rational, calm, and generous in handling difficult situations. Looking back at Miss Jiang, she was obviously lesser.