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Chapter 119 - Bitches Gonna Bitch

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 119: Bitches Gonna Bitch

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    Being judged by the crowd, Jiang Ruoyin covered her face in embarrassment and ran away. This incidence finally came to an end, and Wen Xinya won people’s respect.

    Ning Shuqian, however, held Wen Haowen’s arm and walked away with a stiff expression.

    The crowd cleared away, and the atmosphere was back. People resumed drinking, eating, and chatting.

    However, in Wen Xinya’s eyes, this was not the end.

    The real culprit was Xia Ruya, and Jiang Ruoyin was being played.

    She scanned the hall for Xia Ruya and finally found her in the corner, standing there in a daze with a bottle of water in hand.

    Anxiety flashed across Xia Ruya when she saw Wen Xinya coming. Subconsciously, she wanted to avoid Wen Xinya.

    “Miss Xia, where are you going?” Wen Xinya walked over to Xia Ruya gracefully, swirling the wine glass in her hand.

    Xia Ruya froze on the spot, and it took her a while to realize that she had attempted to run. Since when did she lose the courage to face Wen Xinya… since when did Wen Xinya had this effect on her?

    She drew a blank.

    Wen Xinya stopped in front of Xia Ruya and looked scornfully at her. “Xia Ruya, why are you running away from me? You scared of me?” Wen Xinya coldly said.

    Xia Ruya was stiff. She slowly looked up and found herself in Wen Xinya’s shadow. “I just happen to be hungry, so I wanna go and grab some food. That’s it. Don’t be mistaken.” Xia Ruya said.

    The corner of Wen Xinya’s mouth curled gradually in disdain. “Yes or no, you know the answer. Why do you need to explain it to me?” Wen Xinya said.

    Xia Ruya suddenly turned pale. She was shocked by the fact that a skinny person like Wen Xinya could have such strong power. Xia Ruya was clearly overshadowed by Wen Xinya.

    Wen Xinya leaned forward and pinched Xia Ruya’s chin, forcing Xia Ruya to look up straight into her eyes. “Xia Ruya, you think I don’t know that you used Jiang Ruoyin to humiliate me in public, trying to get the Wen Family to abandon me?”

    It was almost impossible to make a person like Xia Ruya admit what she had done. She was pretentious and would use tears to show her vulnerability, crying a silent denial. Wen Xinya didn’t want to waste time, so she cut straight to the point.

    Xia Ruya suffered severe pain from her chin and neck, causing tears to well up in her eyes. “It wasn’t me. I didn’t do it.” Xia Ruya insisted, holding back her tears.

    Wen Xinya pinched harder and said with coldness in her eyes, “Xia Ruya, let me remind you. Check whether other people have evidence against you before denying something.”

    Xia Ruya shivered at the sight of Wen Xinya displaying total dominance over this dispute. She thought of earlier when she tripped Jiang Ruoyin on purpose and hit Wen Xinya. She took that opportunity to slip her watch into Wen Xinya’s purse. No one noticed this because she learned some magic tricks before.

    Wen Xinya stroked Xia Ruya’s chin gently and said condescendingly, “Miss Xia, I think I need to remind you once again since you are so forgetful.”

    Xia Ruya closed her eyes slowly and mumbled, “I also don’t know why my watch would be in your purse. I admit that I gave you the watch as a gift only to help you. ”

    At this stage, she was still finding excuses for herself. Xia Ruya was indeed a shameless person. “So you are saying I can’t blame you because you saved me? And I have to be thankful to you?” asked Wen Xinya.

    Xia Ruya shook her head with tears in her eyes. Stopping defending herself, she bit her lip.

    That was a clever move as the more you say, the more mistakes you would commit.

    Wen Xinya sneered. She knew from her previous life that Xia Ruya would never confess even under torture. Hence, she didn’t expect any answer from Xia Ruya. “Shameless people are undefeatable. This description suits you perfectly.” Wen Xinya coldly said and pushed Xia Ruya’s face away.

    Xia Ruya broke out into tears.

    Wen Xinya sneered. She took out the watch and swung it in front of Xia Ruya. “Miss Xia, you broke my watch before, and then gave me your watch as a compensation, right?” asked Wen Xinya.

    Xia Ruya was forced to nod, with tears streaming down her cheek.

    Wen Xinya gave her a blank look and said, “Well, if that’s the case, don’t forget to pass me the other documents related to this watch and call the factory in Switzerland to delete your customer information. I don’t like to wear things that have other people’s code on them.”

    Xia Ruya felt as if she was struck by lightning. Just like the saying goes, “go for wool and come home shorn.” The watch which belonged to her became another person’s possession just because of her whim to sabotage Wen Xinya. This watch became a permanent stain on her life and a constant reminder that she was ridiculed and disdained by Wen Xinya.

    Wen Xinya laughed softly and said, “Thank you for contributing to my wealth.”

    Xia Ruya clenched her fist with difficulty, her sharp nails piercing her skin. “May I… may I ask how do you know I have this watch?”

    Xia Ruya’ voice was hoarse, her throat so dry that she could barely speak. She seemed helpless like an ant in front of Wen Xinya.

    Wen Xinya smiled lightly and looked down at her. “You can guess.”

    These three words contained nothing but mockery. Xia Ruya fell silent and bit her lips with misgivings.

    Wen Xinya stepped back and sneered. “Bitches gonna bitch.”

    As Wen Xinya walked away, Xia Ruya slid off the cold wall and slowly sat on the floor. Tears of sorrow streamed down her face.

    “Wen—Xin—Ya!” She growled, a sense of distress and hatred deepening with every word. Xia Ruya would not stop until she got her revenge.