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Chapter 120 - Brilliant… That’s Brilliant!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 120: Brilliant… That’s Brilliant!

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    After hearing about this incident, Zhong Yitian made a phone call to Old Mr. Mo to apologize. Mr. Mo was an old friend of his and especially invited Wen Xinya to his birthday party. Zhong Yitian assumed that Mr. Mo would take good care of Wen Xinya in the party based on their friendship.

    However, no one expected the incident to happen. It even got Wen Xinya involved. If Wen Xinya had not dealt with it calmly and rationally, it was very likely that her reputation would be destroyed. Consequently, Zhong Yitian would feel mortified when he saw his old friend.

    But this watch incident made Wen Xinya famous in the social circle. Unlike the previous scandal which made people afraid of her tough acts, the wisdom, composure, and rationality she displayed this time made a good impression on many.

    This incident had a direct and positive influence on her homecoming party. More and more people would reconsider and pay attention to her homecoming party and were anticipating the grand banquet.

    Zhou Tianyu visited Wen Xinya the next day. “I heard what happened last night. Did you have a bad relationship with her in your previous life? How come you run into her on every occasion? And something bad will happen without fail.”

    Wen Xinya couldn’t help but laugh. “She was my sworn enemy in my previous life. I died because of her, so I’m here getting my revenge.”

    Everything she said was true.

    However, Zhou Tianyu didn’t believe her at all. She stared at Wen Xinya and said, “Well, I believe you two were enemies in her previous life. But I guess she died because of you. That’s why she tried so hard to get back at you.”

    In her eyes, Wen Xinya was way smarter than Xia Ruya.

    Wen Xinya smiled and said nothing.

    Zhou Tianyu laughed and said, “I heard you performed calligraphy at Grandfather Zhong’s birthday party, and he spoke very highly of you. People praised you for your talent and said that you lived up to your identity as Old Mr. Mo’s biological daughter.”

    She emphasized “biological” to insinuate that Wen Xinya was different from Xia Ruya. Old Mr. Mo had never brought Xia Ruya to the social circle. This suggested that Xia Ruya had not been recognized.

    Wen Xinya gave Zhou Tianyu a nudge and said, “Don’t make fun of me. Unlike you, I wasn’t born to enjoy all the compliments. I had to be embarrassed to make a name for myself.”

    Zhou Tianyu burst into laughter. “Speaking of fame, those rumors about you have died down recently. Xia Ruya suddenly posted on Weibo saying that the incident was a misunderstanding. She dropped into the lake by accident and you saved her, so Wen Yuya deleted the video on Weibo. Wen Yuya also said that she misunderstood you for hurting Ruya.”

    She worried that as Xinya’s homecoming party approached, those rumors would ruin her reputation and jeopardize the homecoming party. Never did she thought that the rumors would go away so quickly.

    Wen Xinya smiled secretly. She got her reputation cleaned without much effort. Furthermore, this made it difficult for them to slander her in the future. People in the social circle were not idiots, they won’t believe a liar.

    Zhou Tianyu looked at her and came to a sudden realization. “So you knew it the whole time! I was wondering why they came to your defense. Wen Yuya hates you, and Xia Ruya takes every opportunity to harm you. They even spread rumors about you. There must be a hidden agenda!” Suddenly, she sank to a whisper. “Spill it! What did you do to get them to change their statement?” she asked in a voice that only the two of them could hear.

    Wen Xinya pushed Zhou Tianyu’s face away and said, “I didn’t do much. I just mentioned my homecoming party when Xia Ruya, Ning Shuqian, and Ning Shuqian’s mother came to visit me.”

    Zhou Tianyu was in the social circle long enough to figure out the whole story almost immediately. She stared at Wen Xinya in surprise. It took her quite a while to come back to her senses. “Brilliant… that’s brilliant!” she gave Wen Xinya a thumbs up and said, “This is the highest level of manipulation.”

    She found Miss Wen an interesting person when they first met in Xu Zhenyu’s birthday party, so she took the initiative to befriend her. After that, Wen Xinya continued to surprise and impress Zhou Tianyu. Most importantly, Wen Xinya was a woman of integrity who would not scheme against other people.

    “My homecoming party is around the corner. In order to become the Mrs. Wen of the Wen Family, Ning Shuqian will definitely try everything to ruin my party and me. She is insidious and unpredictable. I cannot afford to make even one mistake in the homecoming party, so I’m going to trick her into believing that her plan worked. At least, she won’t create any trouble before the homecoming party, and I can prepare my homecoming party with a peace of mind.” Wen Xinya said plainly.

    After two lives, Wen Xinya knew Ning Shuqian better than anyone. Ning Shuqian had a poor background, and hence, was looked down by others in the social circle. A formal title like Mrs. Wen appealed to Ning Shuqian more than anything. She could even put aside her hatred for Wen Xinya temporarily. This was because she clearly understood that after she became Mrs. Wen, dealing with Wen Xinya would be a piece of cake.

    So, this was a scheme to kill two birds with one stone. If used well, it may even kill multiple birds with one stone.

    “How can you be so smart? Tricking cunning old foxes like Ning Shuqian and her mother with only a few words.” Zhou Tianyu exclaimed with her eyes wide open.

    Wen Xinya grinned and said, “It’s easy to trick someone when you know her weakness.”

    Zhou Tianyu was impressed. “Do you really want Ning Shuqian to organize the homecoming party and allow her to become the Mrs. Wen of the Wen Family?” she said with a frown.

    The grin on Wen Xinya’s face disappeared in a flash. “That’s impossible. I’m not stupid. It’s only a trick.” Wen Xinya said with coldness in her eyes.

    Zhou Tianyu nodded as she came to a sudden realization. “You have the initiative, and Ning Shuqian is at your disposal.”

    Wen Xinya sneered and said nothing. Since it was a trick, she must perform it to perfection.