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Chapter 123 - A Platinum Member?!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
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    With all arrangements for the banquet made, the day came for her homecoming party.

    Public relations had scheduled her for a spa session at the Floral Lingo Pavilion salon to ensure that she looked her best.

    At 3 P.M., the chauffeur engaged by Grandpa would send her to the Floral Lingo Pavilion.

    Unexpectedly, she bumped into Xia Ruya and Wen Yuya at the entrance.

    Wen Yuya approached her excitedly. “Oh Sister, of course, you’re here for treatment as well! As the starlet, you’ve got to look your best tonight.”

    “Yuya and I are also here for a spa in preparation for the homecoming party tonight—join us?” Xia Ruya looked at Wen Xinya with a tinge of jealousy. Recounting the incident at the Zhong Family, the thought of the Vacheron Constantin watch hurt her vividly.

    Previously, when she was found by the Wen Family, it had been a simple affair of informing the media. For Wen Xinya, Old Mr. Wen was holding such a grand homecoming party and formally introducing and promoting her to the key figures of all notable fields. As the begrudging thoughts flooded her mind, she became overwhelmed by hatred.

    Before Wen Xinya could decline, a giggling Wen Yuya has latched onto her arm. “Sister, you must have been stressed over the dinner lately. Why don’t you go for a full body aromatherapy oil massage? It will relax and refresh your mind and keep you at the top of your game—such treatments are my to-go prior to attending parties.”

    Wen Xinya pursed her thin lips and smiled. “Let’s go together then!”

    Her spa treatment was the most lavish package in the Floral Lingo Pavilion and would last four hours—a long time to endure should there be no one around for entertainment.

    Wen Yuya happily lugged Wen Xinya into the Floral Lingo Pavilion where she was ushered indoors.

    They were greeted with the pleasant scent of flowers and aromatherapy in the Floral Lingo Pavilion. Wen Yuya smiled, overly sweet. “Sister, I bet it’s your first time here. The Floral Lingo Pavilion is the most prestigious salon in the capital city, said to even have branches in countries such as France, and it’s well-known for its aromatherapy treatment—a premium experience with an extravagant price tag. Go ahead and indulge yourself.”

    Wen Yuya spoke audibly for others around, and they looked at Wen Xinya in a different light—many in disdain at the country bumpkin they had never seen around the place.

    Xia Ruya said with a smile, “They operate on a membership basis here and don’t serve non-members. We’ll get you a member card shortly—you’ll then be able to drop by frequently for beauty treatments.”

    Wen Xinya gave a muted half-smile.

    Wen Yuya had never seen the sharp-tongued Wen Xinya that she had always known so inarticulate, and it felt good.

    An upscale beauty salon like the Floral Lingo Pavilion was patronized by ladies from affluent families as well as A-list celebrities. As regulars, Wen Yuya and Xia Ruya greeted many acquaintances as they met.

    Inadvertently, the exchanges neglected Wen Xinya.

    After a long time, Wen Yuya caught on suddenly. “Shucks! I’m sorry, Sister. That was the Missus of the Lee Family.” She exclaimed in a flustered tone.

    Guilt was plastered all over Xia Ruya’s face. “We’re so sorry, Xinya, for being caught up with some familiar faces. I’m sure you don’t mind!”

    “It’s okay!” Wen Xinya replied flatly. She wanted to see how long they could sustain their pretense.

    At that moment, a staff approached. “Greetings, Miss Wen! You’ve got an appointment for the Dewy Aromatherapy package exclusive to our Platinum members. Please follow me.”

    Wen Yuya stared in disbelief. In ascending order, the membership ranks of the Floral Lingo Pavilion were: Ordinary, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. A Platinum member enjoyed a 50% discount and the finest service, as well as priority access to the best therapists, masseuses, and beauty products. It was the premier grade for the most esteemed clients of the Floral Lingo Pavilion.

    She was but a Silver member.

    Xia Ruya was similarly extremely shocked. Before, she had obtained the Gold membership with her background as the eldest daughter of the Wen Family, slight fame, and much effort. Said Gold membership had been suspended after her exposure as the illegitimate daughter of the Xia Family—she was presently a Silver member after pulling many strings.

    Why… why was a slut like Wen Xinya, who had led a wandering life for fifteen years, holding the premier Platinum membership?

    The socialites hanging out around were also speechless. Like in Ninth-Heaven, there was clear social stratification at the Floral Lingo Pavilion, where the classes of membership represented the power, status, and wealth of individuals—and there were only a handful of Platinum members. A country bumpkin had unbelievably transformed into someone beyond reach, putting them to shame. Indeed, underdogs prowled the streets of the capital city—an ordinary woman could very well turn out to be the mother of a respected General.

    “Coming along?” Wen Xinya asked with an innocent smile.

    The Floral Lingo Pavilion was part of Gu Junling’s family business, and naturally, the Platinum membership could be credited to him.

    Suppressing her overwhelming jealousy and hatred, Wen Yuya put on a cloyingly sweet smile. “But of course, I can’t miss out on my first finest Platinum experience, availed through your virtue, Sister.”

    Xia Ruya chirped. “The Dewy Aromatherapy is said to be the most luxurious in the Floral Lingo Pavilion, a privilege reserved for the Empress and beloved concubines in the palace during ancient times. Thanks to Xinya, we now have the opportunity to experience such benefits—we have to come!”

    The service staff brought Wen Xinya to an ornate shower with marble flooring. Exquisitely and naturally veined, sophisticated and beautiful marble in all glory, what a delicate art piece gifted by Mother Earth.

    To use marble as flooring, the Floral Lingo Pavilion was indeed wasteful!

    In the middle of the bathroom was a squarish pit filled with water and colorful petals, and a fresh scent lingered in the air—the pool contained the specialty of the Floral Lingo Pavilion, the Dew Essence.

    Placed in close proximity to the pool was an embroidered illustration of a beauty emerging from the shower. Evident from the quality, it must have been the work of a renowned artist.

    Wen Yuya gawked. “This is the Dew Essence?”

    “Yup, a pool of the purest Dew Essence of the highest quality,” said Wen Xinya, smiling.

    Xia Ruya could not believe her eyes. “How lavish—the Floral Lingo Pavilion could really afford such a huge investment.”

    Wen Xinya could not contain her amusement and giggled. “Ruya, how could you not know?”