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Chapter 125 - Pursuit of the Green-Eyed Monster

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 125: Pursuit of the Green-Eyed Monster

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    “With a Platinum membership, you guys can also be served by top masseuses,” said Wen Xinya nonchalantly.

    Wen Yuya was so infuriated by her sarcasm that she would have murdered her. Triggered, she unleashed her suppressed feelings, turning reckless and hotheaded.

    “Jade, no matter how beautiful it might be, it’s just an accessory…” Like a curse, she was preoccupied with the statement which transformed into little demons in her thoughts. Surrounding her, their razor-sharp teeth in bloody mouths pierced through and devoured her sanity.

    “You’ve got a good sense of humor, Xinya.” Xia Ruya laughed awkwardly—could one’s name really determine her fate?

    Ruya—”Ru” had always stood for “follow” and “similar.” In her twenty years of life, she had been following Wen Xinya as her surrogate. Even after she fell from grace, she was named Ruya, similar to Wen Xinya.

    Once such thoughts popped up, they rapidly sprouted, matured, and flourished beyond her control. No… she was not Wen Xinya’s surrogate, she was not similar to her, no… No…

    The few words played in her mind repeatedly. Like a green mulberry plant attacked by poisonous parasites, her mutated sanity was sapped and left hanging in a dull tone—the color of hatred.

    “Miss, please relax,” whispered the masseuse to Xia Ruya. Due to her occupation, she understood all the bodies she had worked with, and thus, she was the first to sense the animosity radiated by Xia Ruya. Feeling uneasy, she thought it would be best to steer clear of a woman like her.

    Suddenly, the whirlwind of emotions felt by Xia Ruya vanished!

    Xia Ruya and Wen Yuya’s masseuse, no. 02 and 06, were also popular therapists in the Floral Lingo Pavilion, and typically only served Gold members.

    Being her first time enjoying a Gold-member session, Wen Yuya eased her mind and body in the indulgence in no time.

    The process over at Wen Xinya’s session was much more elaborate than that of Xia Ruya and Wen Yuya. Applying a trace amount of essence for opening up the pores on her hands, the masseuse first worked on her whole body with light strokes. Only when her body had softened sufficiently for better absorption of products did the masseuse rub her chosen essential oil onto her palms, commencing the massage.

    As the skillful masseuse kneaded with just the right amount of strength, Wen Xinya dozed off.

    The masseuse muttered gently, “Miss Wen, if you experience any soreness or discomfort in the process, do let me know—I can help you loosen up.”

    “Mmm!” Wen Xinya uttered as she closed her eyes in pleasure.

    Her skin tingled as it soaked up the essential oils. With a slight frown, Wen Xinya asked, “This differs from the original essential oil?”

    The masseuse grinned. “You’re sharp, Miss Wen. As your body analysis showed cold symptoms, the aromachologist has especially added cinnamon, ginger, and monkshood root to your usual Dew Essence. With regular usage, it’ll alleviate your condition.”

    Wen Xinya cracked up. “The Floral Lingo Pavilion indeed lives up to its name, being able to adjust the concoctions based on the conditions of the patrons’ bodies. I can almost feel the Dew Essence applied on my body entering the bloodstream.”

    “It’s great that you like it!” The masseuse chuckled.

    A mild scent lingered—that of the Guelder Rose that she had always adored. Wen Xinya could not help but to wonder: Few would incorporate the strong-smelling ginger and monkshood root into essential oils. Surprisingly, the capable aromachologist at the Floral Lingo Pavilion was able to purge the smell without compromising the effects.

    On the other hand, jealousy was driving Xia Ruya and Wen Yuya crazy as they listened to the conversation between Wen Xinya and her masseuse.

    They were using off-the-shelf essential oils and beauty products and had never heard of such an amazing personalization of essential oils as provided by the Floral Lingo Pavilion.

    The full body massage took an entire hour!

    Following which, a bunch of service staff carrying all kinds of skincare products streamed into the massage room.

    Beautician no. 09 took over from masseuse no. 09 for Wen Xinya’s wellness treatment.

    “Miss Wen, beautician no. 09 taking care of your facial.” Beautician no. 09 pulled out a glass case containing pale pink tubes with a mild, exquisite scent.

    The beautician employed a unique methodology for Wen Xinya’s facial, so as to maximize her skin’s absorption of the skincare products. “Mind if I ask where you got the skin care products from? I’ve never heard of such an organic, 95% absorbed and irritant-free product which nourishes and keeps the skin supple—it’s the best I’ve ever seen.”

    As a professional beautician, it was the basics to distinguish the good beauty products from the bad.

    Wen Xinya smiled without replying. The skincare products had been given by Du Ruo—they were traditional Chinese medicine products, absolutely organic and irritant-free, and exclusive.

    With her question unanswered, the beautician brushed it off. “Miss Wen’s excellent skin quality, flawless complexion, and supple face is a perfect match for such a product.”

    Although it paid to start early, simple massaging was sufficient for a teenage girl—there was no need for any particular skincare routine which would likely backfire and damage the skin cell, rob the elasticity of the skin, and cause a reliance on products. It was clear that Miss Wen was aware of this.

    Wen Yuya recalled her skin analysis at the Floral Lingo Pavilion which indicated that her skin quality was subpar, prompting her to start a skincare routine prematurely. As she overheard the beautician’s praises for Wen Xinya, she once again felt inferior, intensifying the hatred within her.

    After completing both skincare and facial, yet another hour had passed.

    A radiant gang emerged after the massage session. Wen Yuya chirped, “Indeed, the top masseuses of the Floral Lingo Pavilion are popular for a reason—the extraordinary massaging skills have given a new lease of life to my rejuvenated, lighter body.”

    Xia Ruya laughed. “You’re exaggerating, but it’s really quite relaxing.”

    Wen Xinya stretched—unlike during the massage when she had felt sore all over and was sleepy, she was revitalized after the session.

    With a manicure and hair treatment, Wen Xinya concluded the 4-hour treatment.

    It was 7 P.M.—she needed to rush over to the New Century Manor as the dinner was at 8 P.M.

    Tomorrow, the grand homecoming party for the starlet would commence. Surprises await!