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Chapter 126 - The Grandiose Homecoming Party

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 126: The Grandiose Homecoming Party

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    At 8 P.M., the homecoming party for Wen Xinya was being held at the New Century Manor. The massive venue held guests with notable social, political and economic status, as well as the cream of the crop of various fields.

    The New Century Manor was the most magnificent, European-inspired hall, at which the finest parties were held in the capital city.

    The interior of the manor was fashioned like the ancient European palaces, with classical Corinthian order architectural style of scrolls and unfurled acanthus leaves and majestic columns which complemented glittering, multicolored chandeliers. The surrounding wall lamps modeled after flowers in full bloom, completed with impressive glass ceiling mosaic.

    The elaborate flooring was made from a special marble exclusive to the Cangshan mountain in Yunnan, in a carefully-selected shade of yellow. Glistering under the chandelier lightings, it reflected elegance and class and brought the natural grains above to life.

    The entire venue was glowing with the first light of dawn from the light yellow chandeliers, beautifully illuminated by the colorful roof, lightly scented with floral hues, a hint of Class-A red wine aroma hung in the atmosphere, and lastly, the savory smells of good food!

    Waiters in vested uniforms shuffled between perfumed clothes and gorgeous hair!

    Wine glasses in hand, gentlemen gathered and engaged in lively conversations!

    Elegantly dressed ladies contended in beauty and glamor, with charming smiles, enchanting grace, and alluring looks!

    Just then, the shiny chandeliers in the hall dimmed. The atmosphere quietened at once, and everyone shifted their attention to the elevator on the second level.

    One hundred and eight luminous pearls had been embedded onto the high ceiling in a crisscross pattern, like stars glowing from the deep universe. Amidst the lonely twinklings, Wen Xinya—mysterious as the moon, elegant, and gorgeous—emerged and descended down the long flight of stairs in arms with Old Mr. Wen.

    At that instant, the dazzling lights converged on her. She had stolen the illuminations of the stars and moons of the universe, the dewiness of the seasons of the world, the beauty of the vast landscapes. All auspicious signs of the mortal world—fairies, gods, angels, and spirits—blended in one who radiated 36 colors, 72 hues, and 108 tints.

    Everyone at the scene held their breaths!

    Wen Xinya was clad in a snow-white, off-shoulder, v-neck outfit. A Chinese snowball flower carved in emerald green jade sat atop her chest, complementing her translucent skin, and a pale green floral, thick sash wrapped loosely around her waist, perfectly outlining her slender frame. Her demeanor so alluring, one subconsciously disregarded her adolescent body.

    Her bottom was wrapped in a sexy Chinese traditional Hanfu maxi skirt with layers which sashayed subtly but seductively as she walked, dragging along a flowy train of at least three inches which lightly kissed the ground. Light green color faded to embroidered floral prints—pure white viburnum flowers and dark green leaves, outlined with silvery green and decorated with scattered rhinestones—each feature intricately interlaced with the next, inexplicably sentimental.

    Her every step as graceful as a swan, her sashay charming but restrained, and her train glided enchantingly!

    Her long hair tied up in a bun, and her ears wore an imperial jadeite of viburnum flowers with three butterflies—emerald green leaves accompanied viburnum flowers carved in flawless translucent, pure white jade, a cream-colored butterfly with half-opened wings between the flowers, perfectly complementing her silky black hair, the lacy details emerging from the flowers seemingly coming to life.

    Her clean neck was unembellished but looked as lovely as that of a graceful swan.

    Momentarily, the exquisite, elegant, and mysterious charm radiating from Wen Xinya took the breaths of everyone present!

    Especially her expensive outfit from top to toe—Old Mr. Wen actually invested such a large sum, signifying the strong return of the oldest daughter of the Wen Family.

    Amongst the banquet, Wen Yuya watched as the silhouette descended the stairs, eyes blurring as though she walked towards her with all the illuminations. As she came nearer, her body covered the fluorescent lightings, engulfing her radiance, enveloping her entire sky. She temporarily held her breath and felt her chest tighten.

    Xia Ruya was also looking as Wen Xinya glided down from high above—clad in glamor that she never had—seemingly inching towards her, her thin frame moving with grand elegance. Like a leopard waiting to claim its territory, she struck with ferocity and conquered, banishing Xia Ruya from her world. She slowly clenched her fists, brutally piercing into her tender palms, as her eyes welled up with tears of venom.

    Enjoy your limelight while you can!

    Old Mr. Wen led her to the podium covered in white marble below. “Firstly, thank you for attending my granddaughter, Wen Xinya’s homecoming party!”

    A round of applause followed.

    Old Mr. Wen’s expression mellowed, his cloudy—yet astute as ever—eyes glistened with tears, mixed emotions all over his face. “Fifteen years ago, my granddaughter went missing as soon as she was born due to revenge of enemies. The Wen Family exhausted great amounts of manpower, resources, finances, and energies in order to locate our firstborn. Just twelve years ago, we found a baby girl with a faint rose-shaped birthmark on her chest. Elated out of our wits, we concluded that she was the only descendant of the Wen Family even without any DNA tests. Unfortunately, everything came to naught!”

    The audience was more or less acquainted with the story through hearsay and were deeply moved as they listened intently to Old Mr. Wen’s emotional speech.

    With the exception of Xia Ruya whose fists were tightly clenched as her eyes shot daggers!

    A single tear escaped Old Mr. Wen’s cloudy eye, and he spoke with a lump in his throat. “Today, fifteen years later, my granddaughter stands beside me. I’ve finally found the Wen Family’s only descendant and sole successor.”

    Old Mr. Wen’s voice turned sonorous and solid!

    The round of applause repeated—louder, more passionate, and more intense this time.

    Only as the formal successor of the Wen Family would she fit the title of the eldest daughter of the Wen Family!

    At this moment, Old Mr. Wen affirmed her status!

    From then on, she was the eldest daughter of the Wen Family!

    Nobody would dare to doubt or belittle her again!

    The aggressive comeback of the eldest daughter of the Wen Family started from that moment.