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Chapter 130 - A Wild Pheasant Can Never Become a Phoenix

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 130: A Wild Pheasant Can Never Become a Phoenix

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    Below, Xu Zhenyu’s red eyes burned with fury, a sense of righteousness and hostility radiating from them as he stared at the barbaric couple onstage.

    “Han Mofeng, Gu Junling, let me go. I’ve to teach the barbaric couple a lesson—how can lowly people like them demean her?” Xu Zhenyu struggled to move forward.

    Han Mofeng had a firm grip on his arm. “Xu Zhenyu, calm down. I know it hurts to see Xinya being demeaned like this, but it’s not your place to stand up for her under these circumstances. These may very well be reported by the media tomorrow—if things turn ugly and ruin Xinya’s homecoming party, you can’t pay the price.”

    “I can’t just watch as she gets humiliated!” Xu Zhenyu barked.

    Gu Junling held onto his struggling arm tightly. “Xinya has all along been as cool as a cucumber. Look, she’s like a queen on a tour upstage, without the slightest fluster. In this instance, her attitude is the deciding factor—the media won’t be able to stir up a storm with her current attitude.”

    “She’s putting up a strong front. Without help, she can only take it upon herself—she has to fight for the recognition of her identity, strive for others’ approval, and labor for everything else. She has already suffered enough, why are these people still giving her a hard time?” Xu Zhenyu’s suppressed voice felt depressed and helpless.

    If only he were powerful enough, he could protect and shelter her from the many hardships.

    Zhou Tianyu’s tears welled up in his eyes upon listening to her speech. “Such a grand party… You’d think that after this, she’ll be truly secure in her position as Miss Wen and have an easier life. Unexpectedly… this turns out to be the greatest hurdle in her life!”

    Ling Qingxuan looked towards Wen Xinya with sympathetic eyes. “I’m sure she’ll make it through, undefeated by such sufferings!”

    At the side, Ning Shuqian watched Wen Xinya’s foster mother with eyes lit up with malicious pleasure as she showed all sorts of ugly behaviors, cursing and swearing in her piercing voice.

    She had agreed to do her best for the arrangements of Wen Xinya’s party, but she could not help it if unexpected guests turned up!

    Wen Yuya and Xia Ruya gathered beside her, all of them feeling fully satisfied.

    So what if such a grand homecoming party was held? It was an utter disgrace. Once reported by the media tomorrow, she would not be able to survive in the circle.

    Grandpa had all along emphasized on reputation—she being such a disgrace, bringing shame to the whole Wen Family, and even the Wen Corporation, Grandpa would not tolerate her, and she would soon become an abandoned child of the Wen Family.

    Wen Yuya whispered, “Mother, is this the plan that you’ve previously mentioned to me? It’s brilliant—can’t believe you can come up with such a way to defame Wen Xinya!”

    Previously, as she watched Wen Xinya’s graceful steps and unparalleled charm, she could not wait to destroy her everything. Great, now Wen Xinya had fallen into hell from the heavens—wonder if she could stomach such a great disparity.

    Ning Shuqian gently tucked her stray hairs behind her ear, moving elegantly and bewitchingly. “Previously, your Grandpa had found her and given the couple a million dollars to send her away. When I learned that your Grandpa planned to hold a homecoming party of unprecedented scale for her, I thought of this plan.”

    Xia Ruya’s eyes twinkled like the stars in the sky. “What a plot to cut the ground from under her feet—completely humiliating her directly before everyone, implicating Grandpa to lose his face, tainting the Wen Family’s and Wen Corporation’s reputation. Aunt Ning, I’m so impressed by you.”

    Ning Shuqian stroked her hair, her brows slightly upturned with fulfillment. “You’ve got to hit where it hurts—Wen Xinya’s unglamorous past is a permanent mark on her—a fact we can exploit any time. Nonetheless, when employed at the opportune moment, it’ll be a critical hit, rendering her too weak to retaliate.”

    Wen Yuya wrapped her arm around Ning Shuqian’s elbow affectionately, eyes filled with pride and satisfaction. “Mother, you’re brilliant. It’s my great fortune to have such a brilliant mother like you.”

    So what if Wen Xinya’s mother had been born in the purple and had gorgeous looks? Beauties were often ill-fated—she had an unfortunate life and could not protect her own daughter, resulting in her daughter having to lead a wandering life for fifteen years. She was indeed no match for her.

    Xia Ruya held Ning Shuqian’s other arm and smiled demurely and gently. “Though I don’t have Yuya’s good fortune to have a mother like Aunt Ning, I have such a great sister like Yuya, whom I can share the benefit from.”

    Ning Shuqian sniggered. “A wild pheasant can never become a Phoenix. Look at her… Born with a Phoenix’s head, but lacking its magnificent feathered tail—effective, but still a wild pheasant.”

    She doubted that Wen Xinya could make a comeback this time around!

    Xia Ruya spoke gently, her voice as soft as wool, sweet enough to make one listen with deep concentration. “Rumor has it that the wild pheasant has the Phoenix’s bloodline. However, a wild pheasant will forever stay as a wild pheasant, never to become a Phoenix.”

    So what if she were the only descendant of the Wen Family, her bone-deep unrefined mannerisms would never change. Instantly, all the glitz and glamor on Wen Xinya seemed to diffuse slowly onto her—she was still the admired, classy and elegant Xia Ruya, but Wen Xinya was as lowly as the mud under her foot.

    Wen Yuya glanced over at Wen Xinya—she stood alone at the sparkling podium, as if abandoned by the world, helpless and afraid. Her lips slowly parted into the smile of a devil. “Mother, you’re now the undoubted Missus Wen. Wen Xinya has become the abandoned child of the Wen Family, and will be at our mercy from now on.”

    Xia Ruya nodded. “We can finally make her pay for framing us previously.”

    With the mention of the past, Wen Yuya recalled the incident at Zhou Tianyu’s birthday party. The enmity in her eyes was like a poisonous snake—cold-blooded, slimy, and extremely deadly. “After the dinner, I’ll be sure to get ten, twenty men to have their turns with her, and then upload her videos to the web, so that she’ll be a universally condemned promiscuous woman, a rat on the streets.”

    Xia Ruya’s intensely cold eyes shone with mockery. “Let her be utterly discredited, with no chance at recovery.”