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Chapter 131 - The Wen Family Will Fight Till the End!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 131: The Wen Family Will Fight Till the End!

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    Regardless of what was happening below, Wen Xinya’s glassy eyes remained bright, briefly twinkling as she blinked, her lips formed a playful smile, her glance filled with icy glitter like that of shattered ice. She stood high above the masses like she had been born this elegant, reducing the people below to extreme insignificance.

    Seeing her confident, unyielding and determined spirit, Old Mr. Wen sighed faintly. His judgment was wrong—this child mostly had the temperament of the Mo Family, awe-inspiring just by standing still.

    “Shut up!” He thundered callously and viciously, suddenly shifting his penetrating glare towards Li Yun and Zhang Guang.

    Li Yun and Zhang Guang were mere commoners, and could not take Old Mr. Wen’s predatory aura—instantly, their profanities got stuck in their throats, unable to emerge, as they stared at Old Mr. Wen with their mouths wide open.

    Old Mr. Wen said with a cold and razor-sharp voice, “The granddaughter of myself, Wen Zhihang, is a celestial Phoenix—you lowly people aren’t in the position to cuss at her. I’ve never pursued your abuse of my granddaughter on Xinya’s account. However, if you pester her again, I’ll see you in court.”

    Such a twist shocked everyone speechless!

    Yes, indeed! Regardless of what happened at the dinner, Old Mr. Wen’s reaction was the most important—as long as he supported Wen Xinya, it did not matter if Wen Xinya had an unglamorous past, she remained as the Wen Family’s heir, as the center of attention.

    Old Mr. Wen was the head of the Wen Family, and, undeniably, his attitude determined Wen Xinya’s identity and position.

    Ning Shuqian’s eyes were wide open, seemingly in immense shock that Old Mr. Wen would defend Wen Xinya at the expense of his reputation. As she saw Wen Xinya upstage enjoying everyone’s attention, her fulfillment sinking in, she almost felt a hard and merciless slap on her face and heartwrenching pain.

    Wen Yuya was also in disbelief. “Mother, why did Grandpa defend Wen Xinya, shouldn’t he be angry that Wen Xinya disgraced the Wen Family, tarnished the Wen Corporation’s reputation, and abandon her?”

    Xia Ruya staggered, almost collapsing. No… All these couldn’t be true—at this stage, it was impossible to still make a comeback. What had gone wrong, how did everything spiral out of control?

    Old Mr. Wen was solemn, ferocious, and cold. “Security, throw them out! From now on, if they consciously avoid everyone from our Wen Family, we’ll let them off. But if they have the audacity to pester us, then we, the Wen Family, will fight till the end!”

    Four security guards then rushed forward and held the shivering Zhang Guang and Li Yun down!

    Old Mr. Mo strolled over and looked towards Zhang Guang and Li Yun with a glare colder than the snow at the peak of the coldest mountains. “And there’s the Mo Family!”

    A while ago, as Old Mr. Mo witnessed Xinya being humiliated and standing helplessly on the podium, he had been pained by the look of despair in her eyes. Just as he was about to stand up for her, her eyes brightened, and she presented a domineering presence. He then held back his overwhelming rashness, wanting to see how Wen Zhihang would handle the situation.

    The granddaughter of Mo Xianqi himself was not hard up for the title as Miss Wen—he similarly could confer her the identity of Miss Mo, giving her another part of the sky to soar freely.

    “Grampy!” Wen Xinya burst into tears. Although the masses stood between them, she understood the look in Grampy’s eyes—the look of unconditional trust and love, not the least tainted by any impurities.

    “And there’s me!” Xu Zhenyu rushed forward and assumed a guarding stance beside Wen Xinya.

    “Me too!” Han Mofeng stood by Xu Zhenyu.

    “Naturally, I’m included as well.” Gu Junling chuckled as he moved beside Wen Xinya.

    “Gu Junling, don’t ruin the formation.” Zhou Tianyu rushed forward, sending a kick towards Zhou Tianyu.

    “Ditto for ruining the formation.” Ling Qingxuan threw his arm over Xu Zhenyu like they were butt buddies.

    “Great, Xinya has so many good friends—no wonder she’s been too busy to call me recently.” Du Ruo came forward, complaining as she hugged her arm.

    Ou Yangfeng, Qiu Yifan, Cheng Ziyi, and a masked Yan Shaoqing quietly made their way and stood on Wen Xinya’s side.

    “Little girl, I’ll stay out of the way of you youngsters and join your Grampy, but my thoughts are the same.” Du Shinan took a big stride and landed beside Old Mr. Mo.

    “Girl, you’re really made for drama wherever you go. But I like it, ha!” Zhong Yitian’s loving eyes looked towards Wen Xinya, while his body inadvertently stood by Old Mr. Mo.

    “Previously, I’ve taught you how to gather everyone’s attention on you at the dinner—looks like someone has helped you with it.” Zhou Huiyan stepped forward, then gently took and patted her hand.

    Zhou Huiyan had an unparalleled status and reputation in the circle, and everyone was astounded at her overt support.

    People on good terms with Old Mr. Mo and Old Mr. Wen gradually took their positions.

    As for the friends of Zhou Tianyu, Xu Zhenyu, Ling Qingxuan, and Gu Junling, they nonchalantly helped themselves to the wine and food, and eventually ended up on the same side.

    Finally came those with their families in tow—and they were all outstanding characters of the capital city! It sent chills down one’s spine—it looked like a re-evaluation of their attitudes towards the eldest daughter of the Wen Family was in order.

    Instantly, the tables had turned—even Old Mr. Wen did not expect it. Unknowingly, his granddaughter was already so outstanding and well-connected.

    Li Yun and Zhang Guang had long been aghast and trembling with fear! They did not utter a single word.

    Actually, they were but cowards who bullied the weak and feared those in power.

    As she looked at her supporters, Wen Xinya’s eyes filled up with tears. Those were the people who had given her immense courage at the most painful and helpless moments of her life. She whispered in her heart,

    Wen Xinya walked up to the podium slowly, her form graceful and poetic, as the train of her skirt sashayed behind her elegant strides. “Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to attend my homecoming party today.”

    For a moment, all was still beneath. Then, a round of passionate applause erupted.

    With a thankful gaze, she looked through the one thousand people standing on her side. “Firstly, I’d like to thank Grandpa for his unrelenting search for me. I’d also like to thank all these loved ones, seniors, and friends who’re supporting me!”

    Another round of thunderous claps ensued. Her speech of gratitude aroused the sentiments of everyone.

    “Of course, I’d also like to thank…” She paused, her gaze landing on Zhang Guang and Li Yun, who were being held down by the security guards, and continued with complicated feelings, “my foster parents.”

    Her words astonished the audience, as though it was unbelievable to thank such foster parents.