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Chapter 132 - A Magnificent Transformation—The Butterfly Emerges from Its Cocoon

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 132: A Magnificent Transformation—The Butterfly Emerges from Its Cocoon

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    Nevertheless, Wen Xinya's following speech deeply moved everyone present. "The process of a butterfly emerging from its cocoon is a painful one of shredding a layer of skin. With a laborious struggle, it breaks through the previous state of restraining, rebirthing itself, truly transforming to one with exceedingly beautiful looks, and radiating its own charm and glow through its colorful wings."

    The emergence of a butterfly from its cocoon had always been beautiful and moving. Everyone hoped that they were butterflies out of their cocoons, blooming with stunning allure.

    And the metaphor was most aptly applied to Wen Xinya!

    Wen Xinya cracked a smile, with tears in her eyes—eyes that had been cleansed of all superficialities by tears, leaving behind a clear glow, its bits and pieces shining like stars. "Thanks to you both, for making me an emerged butterfly, for being the layer of skin that contained and restrained me, so that I can personally tear this layer of skin apart, breaking away from the restraint and radiate my own beauty. From now on, I'm truly reborn."

    For a brief moment, everyone forgot the humiliation and degradation that the couple had brought to her. They only remembered that, in order to radiate her own charm, she had broken through the layer of pain and suffering attached to herself and struggled laboriously—that she was the butterfly which emerged from its cocoon!

    She beautified the process of humiliation and adapted it to the amazement of everyone to perfection—and she was the butterfly!

    Suddenly, someone started clapping, shortly followed by someone else following suit. At first, the claps were few and dispersed, but finally, the applause was extremely intense!

    Everyone was moved by Wen Xinya's speech!

    Wen Xinya scanned the grounds, her eyelids fluid like mercury. "Many butterflies die from pain at the point of emergence from their cocoons, as the process is excruciatingly painful. So, I'd also like to thank all of you—because you were witnessing the painful process of my transformation, I summoned enormous courage to fight, truly transforming into a butterfly!" With these words, crystal clear tears fell from Wen Xinya's eyes. She bowed slightly at the audience below, her voice choking but powerful like the cry of a celestial Pheonix soaring into the sky. "Thanks, everyone! Here's hoping that everyone bears what happened today in mind, because… Wen Xinya's transformation definitely doesn't stop here!"

    Just like that, the brilliant lights poured onto her, highlighting her gorgeous, crystal-like looks, stunning the audience!

    Applause broke out once again, with passion and enthusiasm!

    From a distance, Zhou Huiyan's eyes glowed with relief—she finally did it, displaying her own unique charm amongst the masses, her motions filled with remarkable splendor, capturing everyone's attention on herself, her words and actions moving the emotions of everyone! She was the brightest pearl of the night!

    Although… The price was too high to pay!

    But she eventually made it!

    Using her own unique charm to weather the storm!

    She believed that this day would be deeply engraved in the memories of everyone—there had been a fifteen-year-old girl who turned humiliation, suffering, and hopelessness into the courage of a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, and from then, everyone witnessed, bit by bit, the transformation belonging to this girl!

    "I'd also like to thank the Soaring public relations company which has helped me organize such a spectacular party!" Wen Xinya glanced indistinctly towards Ning Shuqian, her icy gaze reflecting bone-piercing coldness.

    Upon hearing those words, Ning Shuqian felt her world shake, as though her dream was gradually shattering. Feeling inquiring looks from her surroundings, she overcame it with embarrassment and anguish. She recounted the events carefully, and realized that Wen Xinya had never asked for her help to organize the dinner—it had all been her one-sided understanding.

    She should not have disclosed to the media that the party would be organized by her—with Wen Xinya's public denial, she had no reasonable explanation.

    Such a simple sentence actually destroyed her painstaking planning and execution! Raging flames filled her eyes, which met Wen Xinya's—both parties exchanged blows and fought several rounds through their stares, evoking glittering knives, flashing swords, and explosions of gunfires in the atmosphere, before finally restoring it to a calm state.

    Ning Shuqian gasped and avoided her gaze! However, she was still kept on her toes.

    "Previously, we've heard that your party would be arranged by your stepmother, Ning Shuqian?" A reporter could not help asking.

    Wen Xinya looked blankly at Grandpa. "Grandpa, is it true?"

    Old Mr. Wen said calmly, "Xinya is the trueborn, legitimate eldest daughter of the Wen Family. In the Wen Family, besides the old generation, her status is only on par with her parents. I'd previously placed the full responsibility of her party with the Soaring public relations company. I hope that the media will report factually, and not mar the reputation of the eldest daughter of my Wen Family for no reason."

    Those indifferent words directly negated Ning Shuqian's status, trampling her underfoot!

    Ning Shuqian was extremely embarrassed and furious and wished that she could bury herself underground. As she felt scornful looks all around, she was close to covering her face and escaping!

    Similarly, Xia Ruya also felt like she was stripped naked and judged, as she discreetly moved away from Ning Shuqian.

    "Wasn't it said previously that Miss Wen had asked her to help arrange for this homecoming party? I'd thought that Miss Wen had acknowledged her, but it turns out that it was all wishful thinking on her part—how embarrassing!"

    "I was almost deceived by her, thinking that her years of hard work were finally paying off and that she was becoming the true Madam Wen, the lady-in-charge of the Wen Family. Who'd have known she's just an unnecessary intervening third party!"

    "Sigh! Such a pity for Yunyao, such a beautiful and demure lady had lost her life because of a mistress. Look, now she's adapted Yunyao's genuine grace and gentleness into something neither fish nor fowl—like a bad imitation, unreasonably tainting Yunyao's reputation!"

    "How true—back in those days Yunyao had been such a talented belle of our circle. Who was she, someone who'd probably never graduated from elementary school, with a child in tow—not to mention unmarried—obviously an indecent woman!"

    "But look at the aforementioned child beside her, what's her name again… Wen… Oh, yes! Wen Yuya—dressed to the nines at such a young age, reeking of promiscuity—indeed, like mother, like daughter!"

    "Bet you didn't know—previously, at Miss Zhou's birthday party, this Wen Yuya screwed around with a guy in the cloakroom, and everybody saw it. Afterward, she still proclaimed, within the circle, that Miss Wen had framed her—how shameless!"

    "Wild and unchaste at such a young age, how can she match up to Miss Wen—look at how she just faced her foster parent's humiliation and abuse with relentless determination and calmness—even I have to give it to her for her magnanimity and spirit! This is how the daughter of a reputable family should be like!"