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Chapter 133 - A Violent and Vulgar Shrew

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 133:

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    "After all, she's Yunyao's daughter—naturally, a wild goose never laid a tame egg—and has a Grampy who's a respectable character in the literary arena. Thus, she can't be too far off. Even if she had led a wandering life previously and gone astray, Old Mr. Mo could steer her to the right path! I bet the rumors circulating in the circle previously have been intentionally spread by someone to maliciously slander Miss Wen."

    "Yes, yes! Just listen to what she's just said—I couldn't hold back my tears after her speech. What a pitiful child who's been abused by her foster parents for so many years—I was moved."

    "Me too—wonder what kind of heinous people would hurt such a pitiful young girl."

    "I saw the mother-daughter pair laughing at the side, gloating and satisfied—I bet it's them…" A wealthy lady shifted her glance discreetly towards Ning Shuqian and Wen Yuya.

    Everyone whispered to one another as Ning Shuqian and Wen Yuya's colors came and went.

    Ning Shuqian could still take it—after all, she had been through worse tattles when she married Wen Haowen in the past. However, Wen Yuya was ultimately still fifteen-years-old, and thus, understandably could not bear with the shame.

    She covered her ears, and, as her mind became preoccupied with what happened at Zhou Tianyu's birthday party, with a frenzied look and in a state of mania, she suddenly approached a wealthy lady, grabbed her hair and started beating her up. "You old b*tch, how dare you reproach me—I'll destroy your mouth!"

    Wen Yuya's shrewish behavior and vulgar words were comparable to Wen Xinya's foster parents'. A few wealthy ladies were momentarily shocked but quickly went forward to help.

    Ning Shuqian felt like she was struck by a bolt of lightning—she completely did not expect her daughter to act in such a shrewish manner. She was shaking as she thought about Wen Xinya's foster parents' behavior earlier as she went up, pulled Wen Yuya away, and gave her a tight slap on the face. "I must've been too lax with you, raising you to become such a spoiled brat. You're a girl from an affluent family, not a violent and vulgar shrew!"

    As Wen Yuya's eyes gradually cleared up and she realized what she was doing, her brain blew up—poof!

    The wealthy lady who was beaten up had scratch marks on her face and looked a mess. "What girl from an affluent family—just a child from a previous marriage, taking advantage of the identity as the foster daughter of the Wen Family to act absurdly and arrogantly abuse others. What an uneducated thing—indeed like mother, like daughter, not any different from a vulgar shrew!"

    Wen Yuya's aggressive mood had yet to be appeased, and hearing such sarcastic ridicule now sent blood rushing to her head—no matter what, she wanted to rush over…

    "What do you want to do?" The wealthy lady hurriedly stepped back.

    Ning Shuqian promptly stopped her and gritted her teeth in silent fury towards the nasty words of the wealthy lady.

    Standing high up on the podium, Wen Xinya witnessed everything. Her lips parted in a gorgeous smile, her pretty and graceful looks instantly brightened up.

    Wen Yuya suddenly raised her head and looked towards the podium. As her eyes met Wen Xinya's cold gaze, she wanted to give her an icy and biting stare to torment her determination, and let her be defeated bit by bit!

    However, she merely swept a disdainful look towards her—so domineering, as though she only saw an ant—without uttering a word, and a look was all it took to send her into the abyss once again.

    The current Wen Xinya stood high upstage—graceful, elegant, confident, and powerful. But she was like a dirty, smelly rat covered in dust—filthy, messy, sloppy, unbearable. A stark contrast formed between them.

    She suddenly conceived a sense of inferiority!

    Subconsciously, she retreated towards somewhere with dim lights, wanting to hide into a dark corner—somewhere Wen Xinya could not see her!

    The lights on the podium went off, and Wen Xinya disappeared from the hall!

    The ambiance in the hall did not get ruined by the interruption just now. Instead, it became even more cordial as everyone, a wine glass in-hand, chatted about Miss Wen and Miss Wen alone.

    "Old Man, congratulations on finding your granddaughter. The Wen Family finally has a successor now." A few of Old Mr. Wen's closer associates came up one after another, their eyes glowing with sincerity.

    Even Old Mr. Wen did not expect his granddaughter to be so outstanding—to be able to turn the tables from such a disadvantaged position, winning herself cheers from the whole hall, as well as a warm round of applause!

    Particularly, her moving speech made him greatly impressed with her!

    He thought that the best decision that he had made in his life was to find the true descendant of the Wen Family back!

    Old Mr. Wen's eyes also beamed with joy, although there was a sigh in his voice. "This child is too mature for her age—she must've suffered a lot of hardship when she led a wandering life. Her words just now ached my heart—a true girl from an affluent family shouldn't have had to suffer the pain of tearing a layer of skin away, and struggle laboriously, before transforming into a butterfly as she did."

    "As the saying goes: ‘When Heaven is about to place a great responsibility on a great man, it always first frustrates his spirit and will, exhausts his muscles and bones, exposes him to starvation and poverty, harasses him with troubles and setbacks, so as to stimulate his spirit, toughen his nature, and enhance his abilities.' I'd say your granddaughter is extraordinary, and will definitely soar to the skies in the future."

    "Yes! She looks great to me—without any arrogance nor flamboyance, neither self-abased nor self-conceited, calm and clear-headed—a poise not possessed even by many girls of affluent families."

    "Some hardship is indeed beneficial for a child's growth—seniors like us have all survived sufferings, and finally founded such large-scale family businesses, unlike the younger generation at home enjoying the fruits of our labor—all raised to be extravagant and narcissistic as a result."

    Surrounded by his old friends who were showering him with sincere praises, Old Mr. Wen felt a wave of fulfillment. "You old things, stop fooling around with me. When watching my granddaughter suffer, you guys were still cheering."

    "Aren't we now envious that you've such a bright granddaughter—so you're not admitting that you've received a benefit."

    "However, with such an outstanding granddaughter, you've got to watch her closely. I saw Old Mr. Mo's expression just now—as if he wanted to rush up and fight for her with you."

    "Speaking of which, both of your families are now only left with a descendant—Xinya. On one the hand, it's the Wen Family's mega-corporation. On the other hand, being the Mo Family's extensive scholarly heritage—if she succeeds the Mo Family's mantle in an unguarded moment, you'll be left weeping!"

    Old Mr. Wen responded with a hearty laugh. "My granddaughter has a big heart, and succession is not to be confused with inheritance. Recently, she's been studying under Old Mr. Mo on art and literature, and will very soon become a talented little girl."

    The few of them were amazed, and exclaimed one after another, "No wonder her words and deeds have a style to them, it's the work of Old Mr. Mo—indeed, he lives up to his name! Old Man… You're blessed, enjoying the fruits of another's labor!"

    Regarding their remarks, Old Mr. Wen nodded from the bottom of his heart, feeling that it had made much sense—indeed, enjoying the fruits of another's labor!