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Chapter 135 - Locked in the Bathroom

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 135: Locked in the Bathroom

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    Wen Xinya first went to the bathroom of the second story to wash up the red wine splashed on her.

    Suddenly, a scuffling noise came from the door lock. Startled, she hurriedly went over to pull the door. However, it was already locked from the outside.

    Great! She had expected too little of Wen Yuya—doing such a thing under such circumstances, was she not fearful of Grandpa’s anger?

    Wen Xinya could not help but laugh in exasperation! She could not have been more naive. To think that she could trap her with a mere door!

    Unknown to Wen Xinya, Wen Yuya had already been so provoked that she had already lost her mind. Worsened by Xia Ruya’s triggering words, her mind was only set on revenge.

    She went to the window behind the bathroom, flipped out of it, slid down a story from the Corinthian column outside, and found a security guard tucked away in a corner. “I’m Wen Xinya, get the public relations manager over here.”

    Naturally, the security knew Wen Xinya, and her sudden appearance—decked in a blue tartan checkered blouse, classy and elegant, radiating her youthful spirit—shocked them. They hurriedly picked up a Bluetooth communication device and reported the situation to the public relations manager of the venue.

    Within a minute, the public relations manager came rushing out, heaving as he saw Wen Xinya. “What are you doing here?”

    Wen Xinya pointed upstairs. “Got unlucky and locked up by someone in the bathroom, and then came down from up there.”

    The public relations manager followed her cue, and, looking up, felt sudden dizziness—the European architecture had high stories, no less than 10 meters each, and she came down just like that?

    “Are there any hidden passages here, leading to my room on the second story of the manor?” It was extremely impolite of her to leave the grounds of the party halfway through. Thus, she could not simply walk back in.

    “Yes, there is. Please follow me!” The public relations manager hurriedly led her around the manor and up a flight of secluded stairs to the second story.

    “Thank you!”

    The public relations manager heaved slightly, removed the communication device—already set to the right frequency—pinned on his chest, and passed it to her. “Reach me directly if you need anything.”

    The party of this Miss Wen was filled with happenings, and there might be more coming. The public relations manager was terrified—afraid that any negligence would cause the failure of the party and tarnish the good reputation of the Soaring Public Relations company.

    “Oh yes, I guess there’s a camera at the bathroom!” Wen Xinya suddenly murmured, looking to the public relations manager with a pair of quiet eyes. She then looked down, scanned her fingerprint on the screen on the wall of her room—upon which the door clicked open—and stepped into the room.

    The public relations manager stood motionless like a wooden chicken watching as the door opened and closed. A chill ran down his spine—with his years of experience at the position, he could read between the lines of Miss Wen’s statement.

    He wiped his perspiration off his forehead—this Miss Wen was indeed extraordinary!

    He already vaguely knew what to do in his heart!

    Wen Xinya changed into a light purple gown which clinched at her waist, made of smooth silk, with a flowy hem and exquisite embroidery of emotive branches. Blooming peach blossoms were stitched on with peach-colored threads, extending all the way from the hem to the waist.

    Her voluminous black hair pulled back loosely to the back of her head, with a glass rigaree long hairpin shaped into the lively appearance of a pair of butterflies surrounding a viburnum flower. The details emerging from the flowers hung right below her ears, with two exquisite pieces of jade attached which, as she walked, clanged with a pleasant, crisp chime.

    She lightly touched up her eyeshadows, giving off the aura of Wushan’s dark clouds.

    Wen Xinya slowly walked into the hall!

    Wen Yuya stared in disbelief. Wasn’t she locked up in the bathroom? How did she get out?

    Wen Xinya walked up to Wen Yuya and gave a look so harsh that it almost produced spikes. “You really think that locking me up in the bathroom can ruin my homecoming party?”

    Wen Yuya’s pupils retracted as if she felt thousands of swords cutting into her skin. She hastily glanced away, not daring to meet Wen Xinya’s eyes, and revealed an expression of panic. “Sister, what are you talking about, I don’t understand—aren’t you standing right here? How could you be locked up in the bathroom? Today’s your homecoming party, who’s daring enough to do that—unless they aren’t afraid of Grandpa’s monstrous anger?”

    Wen Xinya’s eyes were like a bottomless abyss—so quietly and deeply terrifying, and she slowly released a frost flower. “It’s okay if you don’t admit it—actually, I don’t need you to admit it, as long as I know it in my heart.”

    Repayment would come one day!

    Wen Xinya walked away with a graceful and calm stride, her beautiful back made of a burning spine that stood tall with determination in her bones, and her shoulder brushed past Wen Yuya.

    Wen Yuya stumbled with twelve-inch heels under her feet and nearly fell—her flustered demeanor witnessed by everyone.

    At this moment, soft, classy piano music started playing.

    Wen Xinya slowly walked towards the crowd, and everyone knew that she was going to ask for a dance!

    It was her first opening dance of the night, and nobody knew who was going to be her partner!

    Nobody knew who would be the lucky one to have the honor of being the chosen one for the first dance with the shining young star of the night.

    Everyone held their breaths, as though drawn in by her every movement, as they guessed incessantly!

    Until her footsteps halted!

    Everyone looked at Old Mr. Wen who stood before her, suddenly feeling relieved.

    “Grandpa, can I invite you for a dance?” Wen Xinya bowed slightly, putting on the front of a gentleman, and stretched out her hand to ask Old Mr. Wen for a dance.

    Such an action from her was inappropriate, but carried a tinge of animated mischief, making many simmer with laughter, lifting the atmosphere once again.

    “Naughty girl, dancing is an activity for youngsters, why did you look for an old chap like me? You’re deliberately making fun of me!” Old Mr. Wen’s face flushed, giving her a severe stare.

    Old Mr. Wen’s words made everyone simmer with laughter—some even burst out laughing, unable to contain it further. Scattered giggles rang throughout the hall.

    Wen Xinya blinked at Grandpa playfully. “I’m dedicating my dearest first dance to you. You won’t reject me, will you?”

    “The fame that this old chap—me—has built up over my lifetime will sooner or later be ruined in your hands.” Upon these words, he took Wen Xinya’s hand and entered the dance floor.

    Wen Xinya signaled to the band, and instantly, a lively, syncopated rhythm came on.

    It was the gorgeous, elegant, passionate, and wild Tango!

    The audience kicked up a storm! It was like Wen Xinya was playing a trick on Old Mr. Wen! A man in his sixties dancing to the passionate and gorgeous Tango—weird no matter how one looked at it.

    “Naughty girl, see how Grandpa punishes you later.” A serious look on his face, Old Mr. Wen’s dance steps were off the beats of the music, at an irregular tempo, yet somehow with deliberate movements. The bedazzling dance steps and intertwining limbs demonstrated the beauty of the human body. The dynamic shifts of the center of gravity gave off a clear, definite, and angular feel.

    Wen Xinya stuck her tongue out at Old Mr. Wen, her smile mischievous and lively as if she had really broken off from all restraints and became livelier. “Grandpa, you’ve been serious and controlled the whole day—aren’t you tired, everyone needs appropriate relaxation. You don’t have to thank me!”

    Instantly, Old Mr. Wen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.