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Chapter 136 - Accidentally tricked

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 136: Accidentally tricked

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    As the light waltz began to play, everyone entered the dance floor. Wen Xinya went around the banquet alongside Grampy to socialize and get to know more people while holding her glass of wine. After a lap, Wen Xinya's tongue started to feel dry as an uncomfortable feeling took over her body.

    She furrowed her brows in deep thought. Did she drink too much? Considering her tolerance, a wine with such low levels of alcohol concentration should not have any effect on her. How could she be drunk?

    Perhaps it was from the high and fun she had earlier!

    Wen Xinya placed her glass of wine onto a waiter's tray and picked up a glass of juice instead. The cool and refreshing liquid slid down her throat and into her stomach, instantly soothing her stomach.

    Zhou Tianyu came over holding some wine. "Xinya, your face is so red, did you drink too much?"

    She was the main character of the banquet tonight and had been accompanying Old Mr. Wen, drinking quite a bit in the process of socializing. However, she knew her own alcohol tolerance the best. There was no reason for her to be so drunk off the wine of such low alcohol concentration.

    Wen Xinya reached up and touched her own burning face. "Maybe, my tongue feels dry too. I don't feel too well."

    Zhou Tianyu replied. "Take it easy, the banquet is only two-thirds over. You definitely will have to drink later. Be careful and take note not to drink till you lose rationality."

    Wen Xinya frowned slightly, feeling annoyed. "I know, I will be careful."

    Zhou Tianyu nodded. "The banquet today is spectacular, and the atmosphere is enjoyable. Congratulations on finally becoming the true Miss Wen of the Wen Family."

    The banquet had reached this level where no one still remembered the quarrel between her adoptive parents. Everyone was talking about how Wen Xinya was turning into a butterfly. Her Manbo dance embodied freedom, while her Tango was energetic and elegant. She clearly broadcasted her youth and vitality, vigor and power, as well as her nobility and elegance, making sure that everyone would remember her as the Miss Wen of the Wen Family, Wen Xinya!

    When she walked around the banquet hall earlier, the older generation was full of praises for her, and the younger generation appreciated her drive and determination. She had successfully received recognition from everyone!

    Wen Xinya deeply appreciated her kind gesture. "Thank you!"

    She was not only thankful for her kind words, but also the friendship they shared.

    The corners of Zhou Tianyu's eyes dampened as she felt genuine happiness. "You don't have to say that given our close relationship!"

    After her two sentences, Zhou Tianyu turned around and started talking to other people instead. On such an occasion, the more you spoke, the more you give off this feeling of superficial closeness. As the main host of the banquet, Xinya had to take note of every little detail.

    Wen Xinya felt her body burning up and asked the waiter for a cup of cold water with extra ice, which he quickly delivered to her.

    Wen Xinya held the glass in her hand and instantly, the cooling sensation traveled through her palms and entered her blood vessels. The hot feeling she previously felt retreated like a tide.

    Wen Xinya took a sip of the iced water. As the cold water slid down her throat, she felt refreshed and let out a sigh, her body visibly more relaxed than before.

    After a spin in the banquet hall, Wen Xinya felt her body burn up again, and this time, the feeling was stronger and more intense.

    Her eyes glowed with charm, like a splendid flower, blooming and enchanting. Her cheeks smudged with rouge, like the lovely color of a flower bud opening, delightful and delicate. Her slightly red lips were as alluring as a flower petal, captivating and full of life!

    She suddenly felt like taking off her clothes.

    A sense of unease rose within her.

    Wen Xinya's breathing pace quickened despite her efforts at restraining them. Her chest moved up and down rapidly.

    Every pore on her body itched slightly. Although the feeling was not intense, her body tingled as if she were struck by thunder.

    She could vaguely guess her physical condition and the paleness of her face. She took a deep breath, suppressed the feeling of heat on her body, and turned to her grandpa. "Grandpa, I'm a little tired. I'll get some food and rest."

    Grandpa quickly realized her situation. "Your face is so red, did you drink too much? This kid, why didn't you pace yourself, the banquet is only two-thirds over."

    Wen Xinya lowered her head. "I was high for a moment, having fun, and I forgot about it."

    Grandpa wanted to lecture her more, but he could understand her situation. "Quickly go and rest for a bit. I'll take care of matters here, don't worry."

    Wen Xinya quickly walked over to the food area with very few people around and grabbed a cup of water while adding extra ice to it. She poured it down her throat, wanting to suppress the hot feeling.

    At this moment, Zhou Huiyan walked over and saw her panting rapidly while sweating profusely. She could smell the aromatherapy oil that she had applied to her body, and the fragrance was intensified by the sweat. Zhou Huiyan knew more to this small matter and instantly realized the problem, frowning. "Your body oil, it contains the smell of aphrodisiac. You…"

    Wen Xinya was stunned. She thought back to the Floral Lingo Pavilion massage room. She was indeed too careless, and gave Xia Ruya and Wen Yuya this chance, falling for their tricks.

    They were indeed heartless and filled with venom, using such a method to cause her to lose her manners at the banquet, ruining her reputation. "Teacher Zhou, what should I do? I feel uncomfortable all over."

    Zhou Huiyan saw how nervous and uneasy she was and grabbed her hand. "Stop drinking iced water, it will only double the effect. This type of aphrodisiac has a very light smell and is hard to detect by normal people, catching them off guard. However, the effects are not very strong, just endure for a bit, and it will be over."

    Wen Xinya finally relaxed. She felt the heat sweep over her in waves, and she twisted her body in discomfort. "Teacher Zhou, I won't be able to walk around the banquet in this state. I'm the host tonight, and not appearing will seem rude. Is there any way to remove the effects of the aphrodisiac? No matter the consequence."

    Zhou Huiyan looked at her with pity. She had thought that since Wen Xinya had passed so many barriers, she would be safe and sound. Who knew that the biggest challenge was now. "There is a solution, but…"

    Wen Xinya bit her lip. "Teacher Zhou, please let me know."

    Zhou Huiyan nodded. "Drink more iced water. As the effects double, the aphrodisiac will wear off faster. However, you will need to handle the intensified pain…"

    Wen Xinya bit her tongue as a wave of pain surged in her mouth. Her head felt clear. "Teacher Zhou, don't worry. I can handle it."

    What else could she not handle? In her previous life, she was poisoned and drugged. And now, a love drug. She would never allow herself to be tricked again.