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Chapter 137 - The nightmare of her previous life

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 137: The nightmare of her previous life

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    Not far away, Xia Ruya looked over at Wen Xinya's dyed red cheeks. The previously gorgeous porcelain complexion was now tender and enchanting. Her slightly red lips were delicate and dripping with charm!

    Her lips curved up into a slight smile.

    Wen Xinya drank three cups of iced water continuously and felt the emptiness and disturbance in her body. She pretended that nothing happened and tried to go to the washroom.

    At this moment, Xia Ruya stopped her. With eyes flashing wet, she feigned concern. "Xinya, are you okay? What happened to you? Why is your face so red? Do you not feel well?"

    Wen Xinya wanted to take this chance to escape, but it was not possible now.

    Wen Xinya frowned, her gaze slowly focused on Xia Ruya as she fiercely stared straight into the depths of her eyes, seemingly looking through her soul. "What happened to me? Don't you know that best?"

    At this crucial moment, she could not afford to avoid Xia Ruya's venomous attacks. She needed to deal with her as quickly as possible before the effects of the aphrodisiac essence oil erupted fully, and she was seen in an ugly state.

    Xia Ruya resembled a cornered little rabbit, her huge eyes filled with unease and unjustness. "Xinya, I don't understand. How would I know why you are feeling unwell?"

    Nobody knew what she did. Therefore, she was confident that no one would catch her. Even when facing Wen Xinya, she had nothing to fear. As long as she did not admit it, no one could ever blame this on her!

    Wen Xinya smiled faintly, sighing. The atmosphere immediately heated up. "You think that your plan was carried out seamlessly, don't you? You're right, what you did is, in fact, unknown to anyone. But don't forget, Floral Lingo Pavilion has a professional built on reputation. If I told my condition to Floral Lingo Pavilion, do you think they will reveal the mastermind behind this issue to avoid taking responsibility for this? What you did has not gone completely unnoticed, and a lot of your actions can be investigated."

    Xia Ruya stumbled back, eyes widened and filled with unjustness. "Xinya, why don't you believe me? Why are you determined on thinking that I will harm you? I know that I snatched away your original position and belongings, but I'm a victim too, being your substitute for 12 years…"

    Wen Xinya had never seen someone so relentlessly shameless. Her trembling body clearly indicated how afraid and fearful she was, yet she refused to admit to her mistakes, choosing to put on an act. She aimed to drag on her time, purposely making her reveal her ugly state. She also knew that in such a banquet which valued reputation, she would not dare to do much to her.

    Xia Ruya's soft lips trembled like petals in the wind. "Xinya, please forgive me. I didn't steal your everything on purpose. I was young and did not know anything…"

    Wen Xinya stepped forward and closed the gap between her and Xia Ruya. As quickly as a flash of lightning, her hands moved to take hold of the back of Xia Ruya's slender neck. "I wonder if such a graceful neck can withstand my slight use of force."

    "Xin… Xinya! What are you doing? You…" Her voice was gentle and soft, hiding her murderous intent. Her five fingers tightened, and Xia Ruya swallowed her words. Her ice-cold fingers were slender and long, crafted beautifully. Yet, they were frosty and biting.

    "Get away from me! If you want to plot against me, this ain't enough." Wen Xinya pushed Xia Ruya aside and walked away.

    Xia Ruya bit her lips tightly and stared at her retreating figure. Her back was as beautiful as the back of a butterfly, delicate and lovely!

    Her mind drifted back to their conversation and her expression when she spoke. She looked down from above and really seemed like she could smash her like an ant with the tiniest of force!

    Xia Ruya didn't doubt that she could break her neck!

    Wen Xinya quickly made her way to the second-floor room, locked the door, and hurried to the bathtub. She filled it with cold water and entered it fully clothed.

    The ice-cold water surrounded her entire being, lowering the temperature of her body as her head cleared.

    Before she had time to react, an intense wave of heat surged through her body. She felt so thirsty she was going crazy!

    Her body was deeply trapped in the ice and fire, one followed the other. Every pore on her body began to itch. She needed really strong willpower to restrain herself from scratching all over her body.

    Her vision blurred, and she saw an enchanting flashing light. Her breathing became rushed and heavy, each breath burning. Her scented red lips were delicate and soft, and a voice burst through, squeaky and gasping.

    Wen Xinya twisted around in the bathtub—the entire bathtub of ice water could not satisfy her craving!

    Slowly, her vision blurred!

    The scene from her previous life that was deeply buried in her memories resurfaced. The dirtiest, deepest secret that she wanted to hide started to play out in her head.

    Her thoughts became chaotic, and she could hear the hoarse voice beside her ear. "Shit! Can't believe they threw me this skinny and old slut to play with. What rotten luck!"

    "No… Get lost…" She murmured, feeling a hand climbing up her body. This rude movement made her tears fall.

    "Boss, just bear with it! After doing this woman, we will earn a huge sum of money."

    The memory from her previous life came to her in her current state of mind, confusing her to the point she could not differentiate what was real and what was the past!

    She cried, screamed, struggled, despaired…

    Just when she thought she had sunk further into the endless abyss, the ice-cold water surrounded her, and she shivered in the cold. The cloud in front of her vision disappeared, and her eyes lost the dreamy gaze, her head finally cleared!

    Curling up with her hands holding tightly to her knees, she couldn't stop the coldness from infiltrating her body. The burning desire had resided, and she was left cold in the bathtub.

    She awoke!

    She was born again at the age of 15. Everything would start afresh and would never suffer a repeat of what had happened.