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Chapter 139 - For example… Marrying you!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 139: For example… Marrying you!

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    The banquet had finally reached the ending stage. After this, she got a 20-minute break before having to send off the guests. Wen Xinya couldn’t help but let out a long sigh. She was so tired that she almost wanted to just collapse on the floor. For three full hours, she had to walk around in her 10cm tall heels. Every second and every minute was torture to her legs. She felt like the mermaid princess—using her tail as legs—and every step was as painful as stepping on knives.

    She slowly made her way to the second floor, swaying and staggering like a drunkard.

    Suddenly, arms reached out from behind and lifted her into the air. She subconsciously let out a scream and wrapped her arms around her opponent’s neck. When she turned to look, she realized that it was a man with a silver mask hugging her. A clear bamboo smell wafted over to her and filled her senses. It was chilly but smelled nice.

    “Si Yiyan!” She exclaimed in shock. Ever since he rescued her from her kidnapping and they had that phone call, he had disappeared. Now that he had appeared in front of her, she couldn’t help but resent him a bit.

    “Never knew that you so obsessively missed me, and can recognize me even with a mask on.” Si Yiyan’s voice was as clear as the sounds of a Guqin. He had a playful expression, which toned down his usually cold demeanor.

    Wen Xinya thought about how she was troubled when he didn’t show up for a long time and felt annoyed. “Who misses you, let me down.”

    Si Yiyan smiled slightly and asked happily, “Are your feet still in pain?”

    Wen Xinya face was at his chest and heard his little laugh emit from there. His chest moved slightly, and her heart skipped a beat. “They hurt. Why don’t you try wearing a 10cm tall heel and walking around for three hours.”

    Si Yiyan followed her gaze to her legs. The golden shoes were covered with small diamonds of different shapes and sizes, sparkling and shining in the light. Her legs were slender and beautiful, pale like pure white jade. Her legs gave off the shine of ivory and looked as polished as pearls. Her legs were gorgeous and enchanting, and the shoes looked very elegant on her.

    They looked even more perfect if you ignored the 10cm stiletto heels at the end of her feet. He wondered in amazement, how could she still walk with such grace and gentleness while wearing these thin stilettos.

    He regretted ordering this personally handmade shoes to be so tall!

    “Open the door!” Si Yiyan lowered his head and murmured beside her ear.

    Wen Xinya was flustered and quickly reached the wall to press down on the lighted thumbprint pad. After a soft , Wen Xinya reached out to turn the knob of the door.

    Si Yiyan carried her in and even locked the door properly!

    “Hey, let me down!” Wen Xinya pushed gently against his chest.

    Si Yiyan carried her to the sofa seat and carefully put her down, before turning to get her a glass of warm water. “Drink some water first.”

    Wen Xinya took over the warm cup with two hands. After drinking so much wine, her throat was feeling a little dry. She tilted her body slightly and took the mask off his face.

    His face was just as extremely handsome as before, but he was visibly thinner. The contours of his face were more prominent, making him seem colder and more hostile.

    Si Yiyan smirked. “Why are you staring at me like that?”

    “You became thinner!” Wen Xinya didn’t think through her words and said it rashly. Right after they were said, she immediately felt regret. Such words were very ambiguous, and she felt embarrassed.

    The corner of Si Yiyan’s almond-shaped eyes revealed a few wrinkle lines that spread out beautifully like tree branches as he smiled. “Do you care for me? Eh?”

    The last word carried another meaning, causing Wen Xinya’s face to turn red involuntarily. “Who cares about you!” Although she denied it, she felt like it was a very poor comeback that would only expose her further. Thus, she added hurriedly, “You’re still my Grampy’s student, and has taught me literature and chess. When I was kidnapped, you saved me too. Sparing a little care for you is natural. The more she said, the more confident she felt. She nodded and added one last sentence, “Yes, that’s all!”

    However, the last sentence changed her entire meaning! She was the only one who didn’t realize it! In fact, she was very proud of her excuse.

    Si Yiyan’s smile was so bright it could melt ice. Fondness was written all over his eyes. “Yes! That’s right!”

    He copied her words, deliberately emphasizing on his tone. He sounded very stable, with a hint of banter. Wen Xinya quickly changed the topic. “Master Si, I hope your household doesn’t have some special rule! Like for example, because I took off your mask and saw your face, I’ll be silenced or have my eyeballs gouged out?”

    Si Yiyan raised his head and looked at her slyly, playing along. “In this lawful society, murders and gouging out eyeballs are illegal, but there is one thing that is legal.”

    Wen Xinya was curious. “And that is?”

    She guessed in her heart. What if his household really had such rules? With Si Yiyan’s mysterious background, that may really be possible.

    Si Yiyan had a long and slender body, and his eyes shone like jewels, dazzling and eye-catching. His lips curled at the side, and with a hint of banter, he exclaimed beautifully, “For example… Marrying you!”

    Wen Xinya’s face turned a few shades redder instantly. Not only did she fail to tease him, the feeling of being played caused her to turn shy. Si Yiyan was too high a level. Even while riding a horse, she could barely reach his neck. “I’m only 14 years old and underaged. Tricking a minor is illegal.”

    Si Yiyan’s elegant eyebrows stretched like branches into a frown. “Hey? Did I trick you?”

    He did not! She was the only one who thought it was!

    Wen Xinya’s face turned even redder.

    The more she said, the more mistakes she made. She decided to just keep her mouth shut!

    Wen Xinya couldn’t help but groan in her heart. Why did a man like him need all this brilliance? Usually, his long and slender eyebrows were like an ancient well, calm and waveless, yet they carried frightening hostility. His dark pupils seemed to be able to annihilate thousands with a smothering look. However, sometimes, those eyebrows and eyes seemed to gather all the magnificence in the world, gorgeous and unparalleled, beautiful and thrilling!

    Si Yiyan couldn’t help but continue the banter, “If the 12 Chinese zodiacs had a turtle, you would definitely be it.”

    When it was smug, it raised its head high in pride. But when it was attacked, it retreated its head back into its shell. He decided that when he returned to Italy this time, he was going to raise a little pet turtle.

    Wen Xinya was ashamed and annoyed. “You say I’m a turtle?”

    Si Yiyan smiled cheerfully. “I belong to the snake zodiac. Why am I not a snake?”