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Chapter 140 - Gentle spoiling (1)

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 140: Gentle spoiling (1)

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    Wen Xinya was stunned for a moment. “No wonder you’re so cunning! Your heart is jet-black because you belong to the snake zodiac!”

    Hearing that he belonged to the snake zodiac, her heart felt a little unbalanced. The founder of Country Z was also a snake. Likewise, many famous and well-known personas were snakes too. It was not that she lacked something in comparison to him, but that she was naturally born inferior.

    Watching her face glow with realization and smugness, his eyes shone with adoration. He went to the shoe cabinet and picked out a pair of comfortable shoes before taking it over. He then half-knelt in front of her and used his slender and long fingers to gently cradle her ankles and lift them up. “Your calf muscles are stiff, it must have been really uncomfortable. In the future, don’t wear such high heels anymore.”

    Wen Xinya only felt soreness in her legs now. She tightened her eyebrows. “It’s just to match the dress, I don’t wear such high heels normally.”

    Si Yiyan reached out to untie the straps of the high heels and gently took them off. His palms wrapped around her feet, and he moved her legs over to the sofa and placed them on his lap. Then, his slender fingers began to massage them slowly.

    Si Yiyan’s palms were warm and delicate, not at all uncomfortable. The foot in his hands was slightly heated up, causing her ears to turn red. “Sore, numb, swelling, pain, be gentler!”

    Si Yiyan could feel her breathing stagnating, and her tone turned hoarse without her noticing. His heart ached for her. “Long term wear of such high heels can cause low back pain or cervical spondylosis, knee joint disease, fatigue fracture, and tibial joint pain. You’re still so young, and your body is still growing. Don’t leave a hidden danger in your youthful body as a sacrifice for beauty.”

    Si Yiyan’s massage technique was very gentle. After the initial soreness had gone away, Wen Xinya adapted to his strength, and her body started to relax. “You’re exaggerating.”

    “Be obedient and listen!” Si Yiyan’s tone rose slightly, with a hint of overbearingness, but not to the point of causing annoyance.

    Hearing his sweet words, Wen Xinya wanted to retort.

    Despite her thoughts, she couldn’t bring herself to say that as she felt guilty. “I’m no longer a child, you don’t have to speak to me in that manner.”

    “To me, you’re still very young!” Si Yiyan’s words carried unknown anger and despair. He stared at her slender and tender feet, soft and delicate, with five cute, round toes. Her entire foot was only the size of his palm. He moved his fingers a little so that his palm could wrap around her foot. The bottom of her feet was tender and soft, making him feel awkward.

    She may appear to be only 15 years old, but her soul was 25, even older than him by five years! Although she said that internally, she couldn’t really say that out loud. Her secret of being reborn would rot in her stomach. “Hey, your massage technique is not bad, where did you learn it from?”

    There was no actual technique! He just slowly massaged her feet by feeling! But hearing her words, he suddenly had the desire to learn massaging techniques! Hm! He should learn full body massage techniques too, they would come in handy in the future! “Hm! I’m a self-learned genius!”

    “Oh yeah! When you saved me previously, you didn’t even show up to see me. Why are you appearing now?” Si Yiyan’s skin was very pale, but his skin texture revealed the hardships of a man. His palm wrapped around her foot and the heat from his hands penetrated the skin of her foot and spread to her heart. An itchy sensation that of a cat scratch spread over her body, and she couldn’t help but move her foot away. “So ticklish!”

    Si Yiyan gently touched her foot twice and felt her foot twitch. The corners of his mouth hooked up involuntarily. “Today is your big day, the day you dazzle the most, how can I not come?”

    He evaded her question and gave a light answer. He was seriously injured the previous time and had to return to Italy to undergo treatment for half a month before he could even get off the bed. Even now, his injury has not fully healed, but he wanted to attend Wen Xinya’s Homecoming party. The brothers of the Gu family unanimously opposed—not only because of his unhealed injury and his inability to travel long distances but also because the forces in Italy were turbulent and unpredictable. Leaving his nest meant that his safety could not be guaranteed.

    Yet, he still insisted on coming. This was the most dazzling change of her life, how could he not witness it personally?

    He flew from Italy at 7:00 AM this morning, and only reached the city at 7:00 PM. All for attending her Homecoming party and witnessing her glorious moment!

    In a bit, he had to fly back to Italy!

    “I thought you wouldn’t come.” Because she didn’t know how to contact him, she didn’ even send him an invitation letter. Si Yiyan had always been a mysterious individual, and she was disappointed when she first thought that he would not show up!

    Si Yiyan’s pupils were dark and black and gave off the impression that he had annihilated the entire world. However, Wen Xinya saw her own figure in his eyes very clearly. He whispered in her ear, “I will always appear when you need me the most.”

    Her heart tightened. Under his gaze, she felt like he had eyes only for her, and his focus made her tremble. She suddenly had difficulty breathing and shut her eyes. “Since you’re here, why did you not appear earlier? And you even had a mask to disguise yourself.”

    Si Yiyan patted her head gently. “It’s not suitable for me to go public in my current condition.”

    Today was her most grand day. He watched her stand on the stage and shine with the brilliance of pearls, watched her suffer from the couple’s tricks like a helpless, broken butterfly, watched her sway around passionately in her youth, watched her proudly dance the Tango beautifully, and watched her wander around the guests with a smile.

    At every moment, she stood out from the crowd with her blinding beauty. He wanted to capture all of them and remember them forever!

    But… he also regretted. Such a big day, and he was not there by her side!

    At that moment, he realized how great and dazzling she was, causing a sudden surge of emotion in his heart.

    Thinking of this, his eyes hardened. Looks like he needed to quickly settle that bunch of people so that he could stay by her side publicly, watch her grow into a nine-day Phoenix, and keep the other guys at bay.

    Wen Xinya’s heart surged suddenly too, her emotions that she was deliberately trying to suppress bursting out. She almost couldn’t hold them in.