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Chapter 145 - Visiting mother

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 145: Visiting mother

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    The car stopped at the entrance of Huaishan Cemetery. Wen Xinya carried a bunch of Viburnum flowers that were pure and white as jade and followed Grampy onto the high stone steps in the cemetery.

    In her previous life, other than that time she visited her mother after just returning to the Wen Family, she only visited her mother once a year during her anniversary with the rest of the Wen Family. How did she feel at that time?

    She remembered! It was perfunctoriness and reluctance!

    In her previous life, she didn’t care about how her mother died, and no one bothered to tell her. Besides that first time where she cried at her grave, she never cried again.

    In her eyes, mother was only someone who had never appeared in her life.

    The path was still long. As her legs got tired and heavier, so did her feelings. Her heart was filled with complex emotions—joy, hurt, sadness, regret, uneasiness. Her feelings were overwhelming and almost drowned her.

    Finally, Old Mr. Mo brought her to mother’s grave.

    Old Mr. Mo looked at her. “Xinya, this is your mother!”

    Wen Xinya looked at the picture on the tombstone. In the 25 years of her two lifetimes, her mother’s picture had faded a little, but her face remained the same. Her smile was warm and elegant, beautiful and dazzling.

    “Mom! I’m your daughter, Wen Xinya.” The rims of Wen Xinya’s eyes turned red, and her voice carried sadness.

    Old Mr. Mo patted her shoulders gently, comforting her.

    “Mom, I know you liked Viburnum flower the most because they don’t change no matter the duration and remain pure and clean. That’s why I especially brought them to see you.” She placed the Viburnum flowers that she was hugging on her mother’s grave, before kneeling down.

    Her words were to tell her mother how she would be like her favorite flower, unchanging no matter the circumstances, retaining her personality, pure and clean. She would never become like how she was in her previous life, self-destructive and pathetic.

    “Mother, don’t worry! I’m already big enough, you have to watch over me from the sky…” Watch me punish all those who have harmed me in the past, watch me send those who have killed you into Hell, let them beg for your forgiveness and receive punishments.

    In the past and present, although standing at the exact same spot, her mood was completely different. In her previous life, she was rough and degraded, self-destructive and pathetic. She trusted the wrong person, Ning Shuqian, saw Wen Yuya differently, and pushed herself into the miserable state she was in. Everything that belonged to her, she had given them to Xia Ruya.

    At that moment, her mother must have been pissed at her from Heaven.

    Perhaps, maybe because she was too angry, so she managed to reincarnate?

    “Mother! You will protect me from the sky, right?” Wen Xinya whispered quietly, her face in a pure and innocent smile, just like her mother in the picture on her tombstone, unwavering in different weather, unwavering through time.

    Wen Xinya stood in front of the grave quietly, her heart feeling peaceful.

    After a while, Old Mr. Mo warmly regarded her. “Xinya, let’s go! Next time when you’re free, you can come to visit your mother any time.”

    Wen Xinya nodded. “Alright!”

    Wen Xinya followed Grampy out of the cemetery.

    Old Mr. Mo looked at Wen Xinya. Her face had a hint of sadness, and she was still immersed in her own world. “Your mother has died for so many years, I’m sure that she would not want to see you so sad in the sky.”

    Wen Xinya tried to control her complex feelings and nodded. “Grampy, I get it.”

    Old Mr. Mo saw her feelings stabilize. “Xinya, I have something I have to tell you in advance.”

    Wen Xinya looked at Grampy’s solemn and heavy expression, and her curiosity was piqued. “Grampy, what is it?”

    “When your mother married into the Wen Family, I gave her quite a bit of dowry items. This was accumulated from your great grandmother’s generation, your mother’s grandmother. They have been kept in the bank. Your mother had written a will, indicating that all these are to be left to her direct descendant—you. You can use them as you like once you turn 18.”

    Now that she was the reputable Big Miss Wen of the Wen Family and owned 5% of the Wen Corporation’s stocks, she knew that her life would no longer be ordinary once she returned to the Wen Family. Knowing the chips in her hands would allow her to know her place and measure.

    Wen Xinya’s eyes widened in disbelief as she looked up at Grampy. In her previous life, she didn’t know that mother had left her these treasures of wealth. Grampy probably chose not to tell her as she had greatly disappointed him, and he was afraid that she would not make good use of them, using them unwisely.

    Old Mr. Mo sighed softly. “Your mother granted me custody of these items, and I can decide the movement of the objects. Previously, when I found out about Xia Ruya’s cunning and greedy personality, I wanted to donate the dowry to charity organizations and the historical relic objects to the national museum. I never thought that you would be so worthy of them.”

    Wen Xinya’s heart soured. How much disappointment must Grampy have felt to donate the dowry, passed down from great grandmother, Granny, mother—these three generations—to charity? “Grampy, I’m sorry!”

    Her voice was too soft for Old Mr. Mo to hear her. He did feel that her emotions were all over the place and enquired gently, “What’s the matter? Are you not feeling well?”

    Wen Xinya forced back her tears and smiled. “Nothing, I just miss great grandmother, Granny, and mother and felt upset.”

    Old Mr. Mo sighed with a smile. “It’s good enough that you have them in your heart!”

    Wen Xinya lowered her head away from him and quickly wiped away her tears.

    Old Mr. Mo patted her head gently. “I didn’t intend to tell you about the dowry so early, but your behavior earlier spoke to me. You know what you are doing, and you won’t act out of place after returning to the Wen Family.”

    She was determined to be that nine-day Phoenix, and this dowry would assist her in that.

    Wen Xinya thought of the valuable furnishing in mother’s room and knew that her dowry must have cost quite a bit. Accumulating great grandmother, Granny, and mother’s three-generation dowry, they must add up to a huge sum.

    Wen Xinya understood Grampy’s worries and felt very touched. “Grampy, how much is the dowry worth?”

    Old Mr. Mo replied, “When the Wen Family found you and sent your DNA verification to me, I asked someone to re-evaluate the worth of the dowry. It’s valued at over a billion dollars now!”

    Wen Xinya sucked in a huge breathe. “A billion dollars!!!”

    She had transformed into a rich lady in a second just from owning this billion dollars!

    Old Mr. Mo saw her look of shock and laughed. “Most of the dowry consists of antique calligraphy, drawings, and ancient books. The value of these items is hard to measure. Therefore, they were excluded.”