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Chapter 147 - Agreement of the Share Transfer

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 147: Agreement of the Share Transfer

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    At 10: 30 AM, Grandpa came personally to fetch her back to the Wen Family!

    When she returned to the Wen Family, Mother Wang welcomed her immediately. “Miss Wen, you’re home!”

    “Mother Wang!” Wen Xinya greeted with a happy smile. She was the only person other than Grandpa who treated her with kindness in the family.

    The huge living room was empty. Old Mr. Wen asked sullenly, “Mother Wang, where is the old lady? Where did everybody in the family go?”

    Mother Wang took a quick look at Wen Xinya before she softly replied while looking at the ground, “Old Madam’s mahjong friends called earlier and said they needed one more player. She couldn’t reject their invitation no matter how she tried, so she went out. The missus took Yuya out since early in the morning.”

    The color drained from Old Mr. Wen’s face after hearing this. He had warned the old lady the day before to stay home today as Xinya would be returning to the family. She actually ignored his words.

    Wen Xinya had already expected that there would be hiccups during her return to the Wen Family. As such, it did not bother her the slightest. “Mother Wang, can you help me bring my luggage to the room and unpack?” she asked with a smile.

    “Oh dear me, Miss Wen! How could I forget this?” Mother Wang immediately ordered the helpers to bring her luggage to her room and followed them to unpack her items.

    After they left, Wen Xinya poured a glass of water for Old Mr. Wen.

    Old Mr. Wen’s expression softened. “I’ve made an appointment with Lawyer Luo at ten thirty. I plan to officially transfer the shares under my name to you. He must be getting here soon.”

    “Grandpa, why do you suddenly want to transfer 5% of your shares in the Wen Corporation to me?” This question had been in her mind since yesterday, but she didn’t have a chance to ask it until now.

    Seeing the perplexed look on her young, delicate face, Old Mr. Wen sighed softly. “I’ve already mentioned it clearly at the banquet previously that these shares are my compensation to you.”

    Perhaps, as a result of his old age, he had become really soft-hearted. The kidnapping incident had made him realize that it didn’t matter if Xinya would become a worthy successor. She was the only successor to the Wen Family’s bloodline, and she was a really good child. There was no reason for him not to give her these shares.

    Back then, he neglected Haowen as he was too caught up in his business, and this became a lifelong regret of his. However, he was not compensating her out of guilt for neglecting Haowen. After all, she had wandered the streets for 15 years without receiving any help from the Wen Family.

    But, after his argument with Haowen the previous day, he thought that giving her the shares would be Haowen’s compensation for her as well. That was the least Haowen could do for her.

    Wen Xinya looked into those perceptive eyes of his. They contained mixed emotions, and she could sense that something had changed. “Thank you, Grandpa!”

    Old Mr. Wen patted her shoulders and did not say anything more.

    Just then, Lawyer Luo entered the living room with a briefcase. There was not a single wrinkle on his suit. “Good afternoon, Old Mr. Wen and Miss Wen!”

    They looked over at Lawyer Luo and nodded. “Take a seat!”

    Lawyer Luo sat opposite of Old Mr. Wen with a smile and cut to the chase. “Mr. Wen Zhihang, do you agree to transfer 5% of the shares you have in the Wen Corporation to your granddaughter, Wen Xinya?”

    Old Mr. Wen nodded. “Yes, after very much consideration.”

    Lawyer Luo handed the contract he had drafted beforehand to Old Mr. Wen. “I’ve already followed your requests and come up with an agreement regarding the shares transfer. Please read through.”

    Old Mr. Wen read the contents carefully, and then said contentedly, “I’m satisfied with the agreement.”

    “If there is no problem, you can seal the agreement with your fingerprint. I will be done with all the transfer procedures within three working days.” Lawyer Luo passed Old Mr. Wen the pen he had with him, took out a box of red ink from his briefcase, and placed it in front of him.

    “I can always trust you with work, Luo.” Old Mr. Wen took the pen and signed his name in one bold stroke. He then sealed the agreement with his thumbprint.

    A small smile appeared on Lawyer Luo’s stern face. “It’s my honor to work for you and to receive your trust.”

    Old Mr. Wen broke out into a laugh. “I’ll be relying on you to take care of my granddaughter Xinya in the future.”

    Lawyers had always been regarded as talents who stood at the top of the hierarchy in the society. Even if they didn’t come from well-reputed families, their brains were envied by the whole world. As such, the words by Old Mr. Wen were genuine.

    Lawyer Luo replied happily, “You regard me too highly.”

    Old Mr. Wen was satisfied with his answer. Xinya was also in the Wen Family!

    Even Wen Xinya was in awe at his smooth tongue.

    Lawyer Luo passed the signed agreement to Wen Xinya. “Miss Wen, please read through. If there are any questions, feel free to ask me directly.”

    Lawyer Luo gazed at Wen Xinya and sized her up.

    It was not his first time meeting the eldest daughter of the Wen Family. The first was when Old Mr. Wen transferred 40% of his funds and properties to her. At that time, he was surprised. However, it also made sense as funds were necessary for her to plan her homecoming party soon after her return to the Wen Family.

    What was out of his expectation was Old Mr. Wen announcing his will to transfer his shares to her in front of everybody at the banquet yesterday night. There was no doubt that she should have shares in the Wen Corporation as the eldest daughter of the Wen Family. However, she was only back in the Wen Family for three months after having led a wandering life for 15 years. She was still a minor that was only 15 years old. Having worked with Old Mr. Wen for many years, he knew that he had a business mind and valued profit. As such, his actions were shocking.

    He also began to see Miss Wen in a better light!

    Wen Xinya read through the agreement meticulously. She had picked up on some knowledge regarding shares after meeting Ouyang Feng, so she was still able to understand agreements such as this which might be complicated for ordinary people. “I’m good. Thank you, Lawyer Luo.”

    Lawyer Luo continued, “If that’s the case, I will contact you after I’ve completed all the necessary procedures.”

    “We’ll be in your care!” Wen Xinya bowed. From the tone of her Grandpa and the way he placed utmost trust in Lawyer Luo, she knew that she had to show her respect to him.

    “You’re welcome.” Lawyer Luo replied with a smile.

    Old Mr. Wen nodded in approval. She was a brilliant child who could see through his intentions even with the slightest hint. It was no wonder Old Mr. Mo valued his granddaughter so much.