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Chapter 149 - These skanks are worse than beasts!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 149: These skanks are worse than beasts!

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    Ning Shuqian was covered in bruises from the beating she received from Wen Haowen the day before. As such, she brought Wen Yuya to the hospital with her first thing in the morning since she was unable to consult the family physician.

    After taking care of her wounds, she brought Yuya shopping. To her surprise, she was immediately recognized by some ladies shopping for groceries as she turned around the corner at some street. The moment their eyes landed on them, the ladies began throwing eggs from their baskets at the duo.

    Drenched in egg yolk from head to toe, Ning Shuqian cried out, “Are you guys crazy? Why are you throwing eggs at me when I’ve done nothing to you guys! I will sue you for assault with evil intentions.”

    The over 40 years old woman glared at her and raised her thick eyebrows angrily. With both hands on her hips, she began lashing out. “You skank! Why are you still alive after ruining the relocation of homes of other families? You want to sue me? Sure, go ahead! I’m not a homewrecker like someone, and I won’t be the one without dignity after bringing this to court!”

    That woman was a shrewd one. Her sharp outburst attracted people from all directions. Right behind the street they were at was a market. Within moments, Ning Shuqian was surrounded by middle-aged housewives since everybody happened to be grocery shopping at that time.

    The crowd began bustling and chattering. Ning Shuqian couldn’t stand the humiliation and cried out in anger, “What are you looking at, you vulgar lowly citizens!”

    Her words provoked the crowd and fuelled their rage. Criticisms of her could be heard from the crowd. “I recognize her. Isn’t she the second wife of the Wen Family? To this day, there is still news of her on papers and magazines.”

    “It really is her. There was a headline of her in the newspaper today. She lied to the media saying she planned the homecoming party for the eldest daughter of the Wen Family. She misled everybody into thinking that the head of the Wen Family had acknowledged her as a legitimate missus of the family.”

    “How shameless. The eldest daughter of the Wen Family is the authentic and legitimate heiress of the family, how can she compare herself to her? She’s just a dolled up mistress. If it was me, I could never forgive the murderer who killed my own mother.”

    “It was said on the news that she took the chance to seduce the chairman of the Wen Corporation while his wife was in delivery. Madam Wen died during labor due to the shock received. This woman was so evil she hired people to take the child Madam Wen gave birth to away from the family. The child suffered on the streets for 15 years before she was found and taken back in recently.”

    Ning Shuqian’s eyes darkened after hearing these words. It took all she had to stop herself from spewing out insults. So this was what everybody in the market had been saying about her.

    “Oh my! That’s way too cruel! She would not even let a baby off, she’s worse than a beast!”

    “Exactly, worse than a beast!” A few women began throwing vegetables at Ning Shuqian in the heat of anger.

    Ning Shuqian raised her arms to block the incoming vegetables and eggs.

    Wen Yuya started shaking in fury. She shielded Ning Shuqian and said, “All you big mouthed, wretched women, stop speaking nonsense or I’ll sue you all for slander!”

    It was all because of Wen Xinya… Wen Xinya!

    That b*tch!

    If it were not for her, her mother and she would not be treated like rats on the streets and receive such beatings!

    She clenched her fist, and her face contorted with anger and hatred.

    “Look, that’s the child she brought into the Wen Family from her previous marriage. She looks so evil for one of such a young age. She’s definitely a terrible person like her mother.”

    “The newspaper today mentioned her having illicit affairs with a man at the banquet hosted by the daughter of the Zhou Family, which was witnessed by many people. There was even a censored photograph printed on the papers. I couldn’t believe such a young child would do something like that, but after looking closely, the person in the photo is definitely her.”

    “Dear God! That can’t be right! She’s just a minor!’

    “Kids nowadays…”

    “You know what, she must’ve learned it from her mother!”

    “Seducing man at such a young age… Like father like son, like mother like daughter—she’s capable of everything her mother does!”

    “Shut up, you vixens! Speak anymore, and I’ll sue you all for slander!” Wen Yuya was so infuriated she almost rushed to attack those insulting her.

    “Yuya!” Ning Shuqian grabbed ahold of her quickly.

    “Wow, she’s really acting as if she’s a daughter of the Wen Family when she’s nothing but an adopted child. What’s so great about living under someone else’s roof? You call us vixens, but how are you any better than us? The picture of you pulling other people’s hair and screaming is printed clearly on the newspaper. You need to reflect on your morals!” A woman took out a magazine from her shopping cart and threw it at Wen Yuya.

    Wen Yuya instinctively caught it. The publisher of this magazine must be the source of all the gossips circulating in the news circle. The photo of her causing a scene and attacking a noble was printed large and clear. When she flipped to the third page, there was a picture of her back when she was raped at the bottom. It had a mosaic over it and was blurred out, but her face could still be recognized on close inspection.

    She flipped to the back, and it was news on her mother. Everything about her was compiled together, with news such as her mother being a homewrecker, and her father visiting the gynecologist with her on the day Mo Yunyao died of hard labor.

    She staggered and could not stand up straight.

    Ning Shuqian snatched the magazine from her and began flipping through it page by page. Her face darkened, and she began seeing red.

    She didn’t read the news this morning as she rushed to the hospital. If she had known this, she would not have left the house.

    “She’s just an adopted child from another family, she’s nothing compared to the true daughter of the Wen Family. The young mistress of the Wen Family is a beautiful butterfly among the worms—a shining gem. And you… you are nothing but leftover trash!”

    “Slut, vixen, liar, kill yourself…”

    The insults came crashing down on her like waves.

    Ning Shuqian shielded Wen Yuya as they pushed through the crowd, away from the onslaught of eggs thrown at them.

    A woman poured a bucket of cooking oil over Wen Yuya, drenching her from head to toe. “Slut, skank, vixen…”

    “Jade, no matter how beautiful it might be, it’s just an accessory…” The incantation began ringing in her head once again. Wen Yuya clasped her hands over her ears and shook her head violently as she broke down into an uncontrollable sob.