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Chapter 150 - What are you! (Continuation to abuse)

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 150: What are you! (Continuation to abuse)

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    Mother Wang brought her some light refreshments. Wen Xinya had spent the entire morning in her room looking through the designing books her mother had left for her. Due to her designing background, she had gained a lot of useful knowledge!

    Realizing that it was almost 12 at noon, Wen Xinya kept her things and placed the books back into the suitcase encrypted with the passcode before going to the living room.

    Old Mr. Wen had just left his study and was scanning the room with his sharp and cold eyes. His face softened after seeing Wen Xinya. “Your room has been refurbished, and I based off the design on the one your mother liked. Do you like it?”

    Wen Xinya could sense something going on and smiled. “I like it! Thank you, Grandpa!”

    Old Mr. Wen’s smile deepened, dissolving the anger on his face. “That’s great. I know that you had a tough life before outside, so we wanted to bring you back immediately and did not have time to renovate your room. I hope you didn’t mind.”

    From her experience in her past life, Wen Xinya knew that all these were just a facade. It was only because Grandpa recognized her identity now and cared more about her; therefore, he paid more attention and made more thoughtful arrangements for her. Wen Xinya was touched. “The room before was good too.”

    At this moment, Ning Shuqian and Wen Yuya hurriedly enter the living room. Both of them looked very miserable and pathetic. Ning Shuqian’s hair was stained with egg white, and Wen Yuya’s makeup was ruined and her clothes wet.

    Wen Xinya’s lips curled into a smirk remembering today’s newspapers. Some extreme citizens could not stand mistress Ning Shuqian rising to power, lying to the media, and deceiving the public. Furthermore, Wen Yuya was engaged in inappropriate behaviors at such a young age, causing the public to be even angrier.

    Ning Shuqian didn’t know that Old Mr. Wen would be in the living room at this timing and was even more surprised at how quickly he brought this little wretch, Wen Xinya, back to the Wen Household. Her eyes widened upon seeing Wen Xinya. “Xin… Xinya, you’re back!”

    Suddenly realizing that they were looking at Yuya and herself in such a pathetic state, her face turned colorless, and she wanted to crawl into a hole.

    Wen Yuya was shocked upon seeing Wen Xinya too and looked at her as if she should not be here. Thinking of her sorry state being exposed to Wen Xinya’s mocking gaze, she lost control of her emotions. “Wen Xinya, you b*tch. Why are you here at the Wen household!”

    A loud and clear sound rang across the living room.

    The force of the slap vibrated through her entire body. Wen Yuya had felt the hard slap across her face. The amount of force had caused the air around her ear to stay stagnant for a while. Her face was numb and stiff, and she couldn’t feel anything on her face. Her mouth was tilted ****.

    Reaching out to touch her face, her eyes focused on the blood streaks on her finger, and she screamed. “Blood…”

    Old Mr. Wen’s face hardened. All his suppressed emotions throughout the years had reached its peak and were exploding. “What are you? How dare you scold my Wen Family’s Miss Wen? Who gave you the right? Who gave you the courage?”

    His fierce gaze shot daggers at Ning Shuqian. “Is this how you educate her?”

    Ning Shuqian was so scared that all color drained from her face, and she trembled non-stop. Yesterday, the pain from the wound caused when Wen Haowen hit her had already receded. But now, she felt a faint pain and kept shaking her head, attempting to continue her lies. “Father, I did not. Wen Yuya is still young and doesn’t think before speaking. I will punish her for this.” After saying so, she raised her hand to slap Wen Yuya’s other cheek and glared at her fiercely. “Faster, apologize to your sister. If she doesn’t forgive you, I won’t let you off easily.”

    Wen Yuya had just been slapped by Old Mr. Wen, her face was numb and red, and her ear rang. Before she could even react, her mother landed another hard slap on her other cheek. Her head finally cleared, and she realized what she had said earlier in front of Grandpa.

    Wen Yuya was flustered and rushed to Wen Xinya’s side. “Sister, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to scold you purposely. Please, believe me…”

    Wen Xinya took a step back to avoid her hand and hardened her gaze. She looked at her with arrogance, anger, and superiority, drenching Wen Yuya with her gaze.

    Wen Yuya scolded her in front of Grandpa, she definitely would not let this go lightly. Grandpa wanted to fight for her. Thus, if she showed softness and weakness, she would disappoint him. She had just returned to the Wen Family, if she let this go easily, the maids would see her as someone easy to bully and would take advantage of that, possibly causing a future demon. Thus, she needed to use this chance to stand up for herself.

    Wen Yuya felt like she was drowning. She could only focus on Wen Xinya’s cold eyes as if the whole world had disappeared and suddenly felt a little scared. “Sister, will you not forgive me?”

    Wen Xinya strictly replied, “Why should I forgive you? Who said that if you scold me, I have to forgive you? You’re 15 years old this year, not five. You can’t just scold people randomly, say sorry, and that you didn’t mean it, and expect everything to be alright.”

    Wen Yuya’s eyes pooled with tears. “Sister…”

    Wen Xinya looked at her mockingly. “Every time you open your mouth, you curse and scold others. What difference are you from a shrew on the streets? You fought with others at my party yesterday, and I did not care much about that. Today, now that newspapers and magazines have reported those incidents, other people will think that the Wen Family doesn’t educate their young properly. You’re a disgrace. You ruined the reputation of the Wen Family. You don’t even know how to repent and continue to behave like this.”

    Wen Yuya’s face darkened, her eyes shining with resentment and anger. As if saying, “who are you to educate me like this.”

    Wen Xinya understood her gaze and said coldly, “You’re the adopted daughter of the Wen Family, remember your place and behave appropriately.

    With one sentence, she revealed the difference between them. One was in the sky, one was below the ground. One a cloud, the other mud!

    Wen Yuya’s eyes turned red with anger, wanting to rip apart Wen Xinya’s disgusting mouth.

    Ning Shuqian understood that Wen Xinya wanted to make use of Wen Yuya’s plight to establish her place in the family since she just returned not long ago. Her heart was as if it were being cut open by a knife. She wanted to stab Wen Xinya with a thousand daggers. Suppressing her anger, she walked over, briefly looking at Wen Xinya with an apologizing expression. “Xinya, Yuya has been spoiled by me since young, her personality is a little arrogant. As her older sister, please forgive her this time. Give Aunt Ning some face. I’m your stepmother, after all.”