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Chapter 151 - Sister, why must you frame me (child abuse)

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 151: Sister, why must you frame me (child abuse)

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    If she didn’t receive Wen Xinya’s forgiveness today, things would definitely turn sour. The old man would not let this go easily, and Yuya and she could not bear the consequences. Even if she had to sacrifice her face, she had to beg for forgiveness.

    “When I first returned to the Wen Family, Grandpa introduced you as an aunt, not a stepmother.” Wen Xinya’s tender and youthful face showed innocence and confusion. Her awkward laughter was cold and bitter, hiding shards of ice that bit into their hearts mercilessly before anyone could even realize what had happened.

    Ning Shuqian forcefully smiled, her blood boiling with anger. She never thought that this b*tch Wen Xinya would not only not give her face, but also insult and humiliate her.

    Ning Shuqian hid her facial expression but continued to curse at Wen Xinya in her heart. That young face and innocent and pure expression seemed to be mocking her for her low status. She wanted to rip her face apart. “Xinya…”

    “Shut up!” Old Mr. Wen exploded. His face depicted a scary and fierce storm. “Don’t think that I will let this matter slide if Xinya forgives her! What is she to scold and humiliate the official Big Miss Wen of the Wen Family? She expects this to blow over? What does she see the Big Miss Wen as?”

    Ning Shuqian’s face paled. “Father…”

    Wen Yuya was finally scared out of her wits. “Grandpa, I know that I was wrong. I will never scold sister again! Please forgive me this once!”

    Old Mr. Wen sent her a piercing look. “Let me ask you, yesterday at Xinya’s homecoming party, why did you lock Xinya in the washroom?”

    Wen Yuya’s face paled, and she shook her head, denying it. “Grandpa, I didn’t. Sister is framing me. How could I do something like that? Sister is the Bing Miss Wen of the Wen Family, if something crops up at the homecoming party, the entire Wen Family will be shamed! Although I did have some misunderstandings with sister, I would never do something to harm the interests of the Wen Family.” She looked over at Wen Xinya with sadness and disappointment. “Sister, why are you framing me?”

    Wen Xinya finally realized the meaning of birds of a feather flocking together. She used to think that only Xia Ruya knew how to act pitiful and be an innocent white flower. She never realized that Wen Yuya’s acting skills were also worthy of a gold award at the Oscar Academy Awards. Her acting was flawless, and she devoted her true emotions into it.

    On the night of the banquet, when she was locked in the washroom by Wen Yuya, she just dialed the manager of the Soaring Public Relations company and asked about the camera. He was clever and recognized the situation immediately.

    Ning Shuqian added, “Father, I know that Xinya was locked in the washroom yesterday and mistook Yuya as the culprit. I have already asked Yuya, and it wasn’t her. Yuya may be arrogant normally, but she would never do anything like this to cause internal conflict.” She looked back at Wen Xinya, eyes filled with pain. “Xinya, I know that you and Yuya have some misunderstandings, but I believe that Yuya won’t harm you.”

    Yesterday, she had asked, it was Yuya who did it. But after she knew the details of the matter, she knew that as long as they refused to admit it, the blame would not land on Yuya’s head.

    Old Mr. Wen laughed coldly at the sight of the mother-daughter duo acting like monkeys, collaborating well with one another. “Xinya did not tell me about this matter.”

    Ning Shuqian and Wen Yuya were thunder-struck. Wen Yuya’s lips parted as if she wanted to speak, but no words came out.

    Old Mr. Wen smiled coldly. “You guys forgot about the security in the New Century Manor, didn’t you?”

    Wen Yuya’s body weakened, and she slid onto the floor. All of the energy had been sucked out of her.

    Ning Shuqian was tongue-tied, looking at Old Mr. Wen’s sneer. She felt as if an icy blast of air had entered her hard, causing her to have breathing difficulties. She pushed Wen Yuya into a kneeling position and berated her non-stop. “How could you do such a thing to your sister? Did you forget who brought you up? Who gave you food, clothes, and even allowed you to change your surname to Wen? How could I have raised such an ungrateful dog.”

    “Mom, it hurts, don’t hit me anymore, it’s painful… I know I’m wrong, I really know my faults…” Wen Yuya crawled on the floor, her body shaking and trembling. Mourning and crying, the hatred in her heart only continued to stir, growing bigger, crushing her heart.

    Ning Shuqian’s hands continued to land on her body, each one with a lot of force. Wen Yuya’s skin was already bruised all over. “I have always told you, you’re an adopted daughter of the Wen Family, you have to remember the kindness of the Wen Family. Did you not listen? Where have my teachings gone to? You’re so disappointing!”

    Wen Xinya observed the self-directed play by the mother-daughter duo and broke into a cold smile. Seeing the scratches forming on Wen Yuya’s arm, she realized that Ning Shuqian must have hit her pretty hard as an act in front of Old Mr. Wen.

    But so what?

    She, the official Big Miss Wen of the Wen Family, still had to gain Grandpa’s recognition even after returning to the Wen Family. Meanwhile, Wen Yuya was the adopted daughter of the Wen Family who had never received acknowledgment. Did she think she would be forgiven with this small act?

    Naive! Ignorant!

    Ning Shuqian was hurting on the inside, her tears falling as she hit her daughter hard. She was acting like a crazy woman. “This is all my fault for spoiling you on a daily basis, raising you to be so arrogant. This is my fault too…” She slapped herself harshly in the face.

    The sound of the slap rang, and the corner of Ning Shuqian’s mouth was stained with blood. She let the blood drip down from her mouth and onto the clean and shiny floor, blooming into an enchanting red flower.

    She looked at the ball Wen Yuya had transformed into through her teary vision. Her body was covered in traces and scars of her scratching, grabbing, twisting, and hitting. Her heart felt like it was bitten by a cold demon. It hurt so much, but there was nothing she could do.

    She raised her head to look at Wen Xinya, who was quietly observing them on the sofa. Her clear eyes looked straight her their pathetic states, as if she were a dazzling star from high above the ground, watching the living. As if she were born noble, as if she were made to despise them, making her feel like a humble local beneath her gaze.

    A wave of maddening hatred swept through Ning Shuqian’s body.