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Chapter 156 - Father, Why Did You Hit Me?

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 156: Father, Why Did You Hit Me?

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    Wen Haowen stormed into the living room angrily, saw Wen Xinya talking to a helper, rushed towards her, and gave her a tight slap.

    The loud slap reverberated in the living room non-stop. Wen Xinya was turned to the side, cupping her burning face, but feeling desolate inside.

    “You beast, what are you doing?” Old Mr. Wen had been in the study room when Mother Wang hurriedly went upstairs to inform that Wen Haowen was back. When he rushed downstairs, he saw Haowen indiscriminately slapping Xinya.

    Terrified, the helper turned pale and huddled herself up, afraid to be dragged into the fight.

    Walking into the living room from the backyard, Ning Shuqian’s eyes flashed with pleasure as she saw the scene, a sense of delight from revenge looming up from deep within her.

    “Haha!” Wen Xinya chuckled, slowly turning her head back around, the pair of indifferent eyes tainted with tears which glowed as they shook slightly, reflecting her stubbornness. She raised her eyes and looked directly at Wen Haowen. “Father, why did you hit me?”

    Probably because they were awash with tears, her eyes looked exceptionally clear and bright—he felt that they looked through his everything, including his soul, looking beyond his handsome, suave skin, and seeing his unbearable thoughts. He suddenly felt flustered, and the hand that had hit her felt like it had contacted soldering iron—burning, numb, and in pain.

    “So you instigated your Grandpa to drive Yuya out of the Wen Family? Let me tell you—Yuya’s the Wen Family’s foster daughter, and you have no hopes of driving her out of the Wen Family.”

    Wen Haowen’s slap was the same as her previous lifetime, always given with all his might, as though he hated her deeply. Wen Xinya’s gaze hardened, her eyes filled with ice and frost. “Oh, yes! Yuya’s merely the Wen Family’s foster daughter and differs from me like the cloud and mud. Our Wen Family spares her meals which we can afford—why would I want to drive her out of the Wen Family?”

    Such scornful and unfeeling words, as if Wen Yuya never meant anything to her, made Wen Haowen speechless at the first instance, and then a wave of flames gathered in his heart. “You’re still arguing!”

    Wen Xinya’s eyes filled up with sadness and mildness, as well as stubbornness and coldness—the completely incompatible emotions displayed in the same pair of eyes, contradicting one another, was instead heartbreaking. “Since Father thinks so, so it shall be!”

    She smiled mildly, but tears fell from her eyes inexplicably—smiling and tearing simultaneously, making one feel extremely disheartened.

    Old Mr. Wen’s heart felt increasingly pitiful and guilty towards his granddaughter—he rushed down the stairs with big steps, his cold-blooded voice filled with harshness. “It’s me who’s driving Wen Yuya out of the Wen Family—do you want to slap me, like how you slapped Xinya, to vent your anger?”

    Such terrifying harshness immediately recalled Wen Haowen’s sense of logic but did not extinguish the raging flames within him. “Father, why are you talking like this—am I such an unfilial person?”

    Old Mr. Wen laughed coldly. “You’re not only unfilial, but you’re also rebellious—I’d objected to you marrying Ning Shuqian, did you listen? I’d objected adding Wen Yuya to our Wen Family’s account, did you listen? Various other matters, of which have you listened to me willingly—I say you’re just blinded and corrupted by others.”

    Wen Haowen said angrily, “Father, I know you dislike Shuqian’s lowly background, but our Wen Family isn’t a snobbish family who despises the poor and curries favor with the rich.”

    Old Mr. Wen’s face twitched, and his hands trembled—Haowen was indirectly saying that he despised the poor and curried favor with the rich. He couldn’t help but feel disappointed in his heart. As he looked up, he saw Ning Shuqian discreetly standing behind the door of the living room, her eyes twinkling with a vicious look that she didn’t manage to retract in time.

    Wen Haowen flared up indiscriminately. “Father, I disagree with you driving Yuya out of the Wen Family and disagree on sending her abroad to a larger extent—I’ll leave the rest up to you!”

    Old Mr. Wen’s hand gripped the railings of the stairs tightly, so much so that pulsating veins popped up on the back on his hand. “Say no more, I’ve already made my decision on this matter. Anyone’s objection will be useless!”

    Wen Haowen didn’t expect such an outright rejection from the Old Man and thundered. “Father, no matter what, Yuya has been the foster daughter of the Wen Family for fifteen years—aren’t you afraid of gossips about your ruthless and emotionless action?”

    Old Mr. Wen laughed coldly. “You hold the name of the Wen Family, and your own reputation, in such high regard—bet you haven’t seen today’s papers!”

    Wen Haowen recalled that when he went to the office that day, the employees looked like they had gathered in whispers but dispersed in a panic upon his entrance—he had taken it as them being afraid of his power.

    Hearing what the Old Man said, he racked his brains, but the papers that day were all articles on Wen Xinya, without anything particularly interesting. Thus, he intuitively replied, “Father, don’t change the topic. Regardless, I disagree to drive Yuya out of the Wen Family.”

    Old Mr. Wen couldn’t be bothered to continue the conversation with him. “I’ve already removed her account out of the Wen Family’s, and casually informed the related departments. So, from now on, her name isn’t permitted to appear on the Wen Family’s account.”

    The Old Man had always meant what he said in the circle, and was the head of the Wen Family—once he had spoken, everyone would give due respect for his words. Wen Haowen’s temper instantly erupted. “Father, if you must drive Yuya out of the Wen Family, Shuqian and myself will move out of the old mansion, so that we don’t be each others’ eyesores.”

    Having gotten wind and rushed back, Old Madam Wen heard such words from her son once she entered the door and rushed forward with a pale look on her face. “Haowen, Yuya is but a daughter from a previous marriage, so what if she’s driven out—why are you flaring up to your Father and saying such heartless things.”

    Old Madam Wen had always looked down on Ning Shuqian’s background, and thus, had been lukewarm towards her. And she was even more unhappy with the daughter from her previous marriage that she had brought with her. So, when she heard that the Old Man was going to drive Yuya out of the Wen Family, she didn’t think much of it.

    Old Mr. Wen laughed coldly. “In that case, you’ll move out immediately—the small temple that’s the Wen Family’s old mansion is unable to hold the huge Buddha that’s you.”

    As he aged, he naturally wanted a big, happy family under him, enjoying domestic bliss. However, when he saw the gloating and vicious eyes that Ning Shuqian didn’t manage to retract in time, he already knew that Ning Shuqian wanted to cause enmity between him and Haowen, severing whatever ties that remained between them. Moving forward, if everyone stayed together, with Xinya sandwiched in between, and with Ning Shuqian stirring within, it might not be a good thing. Instead, it might be better for Haowen to move out now so that they could keep whatever relationship they still had between father and son.

    Old Madam Wen stared in disbelief. “Old Man, you’re not in the right mind! Haowen is fine staying in the old mansion, why make him move out—I disagree!”