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Chapter 158 - Wen Xinya! There Are Many Days Ahead of Us!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 158: Wen Xinya! There Are Many Days Ahead of Us!

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    At that moment, upon seeing the circumstances in the living room, Ning Shuqian ran into the living room hurriedly. “Father, Mother, Haowen, I was passing by the backyard and heard all of you arguing from a distance—is it because of Yuya? Haowen, I really didn’t expect you to argue with Father because of Yuya.”

    Her face was filled with innocence, as though she were not the person hiding behind the living room door and watching the show.

    Old Mr. Wen wanted to see how she was going to put up an act.

    However, Wen Xinya had a bad feeling. Smart as she was, Ning Shuqian couldn’t not have known that she could only rely on Wen Haowen in the Wen Family—why would she make Wen Haowen unhappy with herself?

    Upon seeing Ning Shuqian, Wen Haowen burst into fury. With reddened eyes, he shouted, “Have you not seen this morning’s news?”

    Ning Shuqian looked at Wen Haowen in a confused manner, her eyes meaning to please, and her gentle face filled with weakness. “What news—I went to the hospital with Yuya first thing this morning, and then we went shopping. I haven’t seen today’s news but can guess that the papers and magazines will definitely all be covering Xinya’s party last night.”

    “You’re really not aware of this morning’s news?” Wen Haowen asked doubtfully—he had always been suspicious in nature, and naturally would not believe Ning Shuqian right away. He studied her face carefully so as not to miss any slight changes in her expression, but did not notice anything amiss from her face.

    With tears in her eyes, Ning Shuqian shook her head profusely. “Haowen, I still have the doctor’s prescription and medical report from this morning in my bag, clearly stating the time of check-up. I really went to the hospital to take care of my injuries and then came home. I totally didn’t see this morning’s news reporting, you have to believe me!”

    Ning Shuqian’s voice was emotional, with a tinge of misery from deep grief, sounding sorrowful, drawing sympathy from others.

    Seeing her weak and depressed state, Wen Haowen’s heart softened. Hearing her logical reasoning with proof, he already mostly believed her—after all, the proof and medicine were there—however, he was still slightly suspicious. “You really don’t know why Father wants to drive Yuya out of the Wen Family and send her abroad?”

    Ning Shuqian’s eyes filled up with extreme sorrow. “Haowen, we’ve been husband and wife for fifteen years, how can you doubt me?” As if she suddenly realized something was amiss, she widened her eyes in disbelief and asked, “Haowen, did the papers and magazines today write things to the disadvantage of Yuya and myself?”

    Seeing how she looked to be in shock, her face filled with helplessness and weakness, it triggered Wen Haowen’s chauvinism. He recalled that Shuqian really did tell him that she went to the hospital with Yuya first thing in the morning, and he indeed caught a whiff of the scent of medicine when he hugged her just now. Perhaps, she really did not see the morning’s news.

    Then, Ning Shuqian suddenly saw the papers on the floor. As she picked them up with shivering hands and read the articles on them, she asked with trembling lips, “Haowen, what are these about? I went to the hospital with Yuya first thing this morning and didn’t read the papers—why would they write about Yuya and me? Really, what are these about?”

    At that moment, Wen Haowen already completely believed Ning Shuqian—having been together for fifteen years, he knew that Ning Shuqian’s mild character was easily manipulated, and thus could not have dared to deceive him.

    As he processed his thoughts, Ning Shuqian cried inconsolably and looked at Wen Haowen with teary eyes. “The papers are writing nonsense—obviously Yuya has been framed. Ruya was also present that day. Haowen, you can get her over and ask her. Haowen… Yuya has been by your side for fifteen years—others may not know her character, but you do! Our Yuya is obviously a victim—now, with the media reporting as such, she has become like a promiscuous woman.”

    Wen Haowen watched as beads of tears fell from her eyes, looking like a beautiful, dewy flower in spring, and was overcome with pity. “Shuqian…”

    Ning Shuqian widened her eyes filled with sadness and looked towards Old Mr. Wen. “Father… So you’re driving Yuya out of the Wen Family and sending her abroad because of this?” She bit on her lips till streaks of blood surfaced on them, her frail lips red and desolate from her biting. “Father… Yuya is the Wen Family’s foster daughter and is indebted to the Wen Family. Since she has brought shame onto the Wen Family, damaging the reputation of the Wen Family, I naturally won’t blame you.”

    She held her bite on her lips, as if unaware of the strength she was using. However, Wen Haowen looked at her lips—bright red with traces of blood, but especially seductive—and strangely felt a wave of devilish fire brewing in his lower abdomen.

    A drop of blood suddenly appeared between Ning Shuqian’s lips—the red droplet shook gently, and instantly melted between her lips. She suddenly closed her eyes and said in desperation, “Father… since you want to send Yuya overseas, I’ll… I’ll agree!”

    The last statement, “I’ll agree,” felt like it was squeezed out through the gaps of her teeth, carrying deep sorrow and hopelessness. She looked at Wen Haowen faithfully, her eyes glowing with deep-rooted love. “Haowen, I’m sorry that Yuya and I brought shame upon you.”

    Wen Haowen felt a lump in his throat, as well as a gush of heat between his legs, as he stared at her lips with what seemed like an enchanting, exquisite flower blooming between her lips—beautiful and sensational. “Shuqian, I know it’s unintentional, stop blaming yourself.”

    Upon hearing his words of consolation, between Ning Shuqian’s lips bloomed a flower which was neither smiling nor crying. “Haowen, you’re so nice!”

    She slowly fell into Wen Haowen’s embrace. However, the pair of teary eyes were bone-piercingly cold, as though the tears turned into ice crystals, which condensed into a frosty essence.

    The numbing pain between her lips constantly reminded her that she had thoroughly lost this round, but also allowed her to clearly know Wen Haowen’s true character—she would never be blindly arrogant and overconfident again, and instead knew more clearly how to completely exploit Wen Haowen’s true character.

    Old Mr. Wen almost cheered for Ning Shuqian’s performance—acting like a damsel in distress as such, any man who didn’t know better would not be able to help but to take pity on her, much less the extremely chauvinistic Haowen.

    But Wen Xinya sighed to herself inside—Ning Shuqian’s methods were indeed not a coverable to turn things around instantly under such circumstances, and control Wen Haowen within her grasps.

    In her previous lifetime, she had not seen this side of Ning Shuqian—Ning Shuqian had always given her a gentle and gracious feeling, the impression of a superior nobility.

    She had only witnessed such a scene with Xia Ruya—Xia Ruya had precisely used such spectacular performance to demonstrate her viciousness and ugliness, causing Jingnan to completely abandon her, and turn instead to Xia Ruya’s arms!

    People often say that birds of a feather flock together—how true indeed!

    Xia Ruya’s acting skills could be attributed to the constant influence of being together with Ning Shuqian day and night!

    Looks like the road to battle the stepmother and foster daughter was still long and had much work to be done!