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Chapter 162 - One Who Stands Above Others Has a Target on His Back

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 162: One Who Stands Above Others Has a Target on His Back

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    Other than the slight wound from the slap on her face, the scene caused in the Wen Family on the first day of Wen Xinya’s arrival did not affect her much.

    In the morning, after greeting Grandpa, Xinya was driven to the Mo Family by her chauffeur, Tao.

    The car parked at the Mo Family. Tao was told by Wen Xinya to fetch her at half-past five in the evening, and that she would contact him if she had any other business.

    The moment Wen Xinya stepped into the Mo Family, she was greeted happily by Uncle Bo. “Come over here, Young Mistress. Your grandfather has been waiting for you!”

    Wen Xinya returned him with a smile. Mother He and Mother Jiang came out excitedly to greet her as well. “Young Mistress, I thought you would only be coming in a few more days. This is great, now Mother Jiang will stop whining about how much she misses you!”

    Wen Xinya’s heart swelled with happiness from the warmth she received. Compared to the Wen Family, her home here was Heaven.

    With her sharp eyes, Mother He noticed the redness on Wen Xinya’s left cheek. On closer inspection, she realized that it was a mark left by a slap and immediately made an outroar. “Young Mistress, what a sin the Wen Family has committed! They have crossed the line. You’ve only just returned to the family, why is there already a wound on your face…”

    “Who did this!” Her words were cut off by Old Mr. Mo’s loud booming voice, as he headed towards them with haste.

    Mother He remained quiet. Wen Xinya took her Grampy’s wrist and nudged it lightly, trying to appease him. “Grampy, I’m okay. It doesn’t hurt one bit.”

    She had specially put on a layer of BB cream in the morning and even covered it up with concealer such that her wound was barely visible. She didn’t expect for Mother He to spot it so easily.

    “Who hit you?” Old Mr. Mo asked, his eyes flaring up with rage. He couldn’t accept the fact that the granddaughter he treasured so dearly came back with a slap on her face after returning to the Wen Family for less than a day.

    “It was my father.” Wen Xinya replied timidly. She was also afraid of Grampy whenever he became angry, so she took the initiative to tell him the truth of everything that happened the day before.

    The expression on his face darkened with every passing moment. He was so consumed with rage that Wen Xinya became uneasy. “Don’t worry, Grampy. Actually, I could’ve dodged this slap. However, I took it head on to make a point to Grandpa. In the future, should there be a fight between me and Wen Haowen, Grandpa would just think that Wen Haowen is cold-blooded and not blame me.”

    Wen Xinya revealed all her plans and calculations without any lie. In her past life, Wen Haowen was absolutely heartless towards her. As such, there was bound to be some fight between them in this life as well. It would be best for her to make her stand early on, and even earn the support of her Grandpa.

    “Old Mr. Wen has really aged.” Old Mr. Mo said coldly.

    Back when he was young, he admired Wen Zhihang for his decisiveness, which was why they had a good relationship. It was just human nature for them to change based on their circumstances. Wen Zhihang only became so pragmatic and profit-driven after he gained wealth.

    He could understand the unimaginable pain and difficulty for one to build a business single-handedly. It was natural for him to do everything he could to protect his hard work.

    The one thing he regretted the most was allowing Yunyao to marry into the Wen Family. At that time, Wen Haowen had not taken over the position as the CEO of Wen Corporation. He had only met Wen Haowen a few times and had a rather good impression of him, believing that he would follow in the footsteps of his capable father. However, after Haowen took over as the CEO of the company, his impression of him fell.

    Not only did he fail to see how hard-headed Wen Zhihang was, but he also did not realize Wen Haowen’s callousness!

    Old Mr. Mo sighed. “Your homecoming party was a huge deal, with many media coverage. You’ve only just returned to the Wen Family and such a stir was created. This may not be a good thing for you!”

    Old Mr. Mo brought up the crucial issue right away, making Wen Xinya come to a great realization. “People will think that I talked Grandpa into kicking Wen Yuya out of the Wen Family because I could not accept having a stepmother and a stepsister and that even Wen Haowen had to back away from a daughter like me.”

    How could she have not thought about this sooner!

    Old Mr. Mo nodded. “That is right. Your rags to riches story made you impressive to other people, putting you in a good light. However, if the Wen Family fell apart because of you, others impression of you would be ruined.”

    Her eyes widened with realization. After hearing Grampy’s words, Wen Xinya understood that although she had won this battle, she was losing the war. “Grampy, what should I do now?”

    Seeing her troubled face, Old Mr. Mo continued, “Xinya, one who stands above others has a target on his back. This is undeniable no matter where you are. You’ve already shown too much of your ability, it’s time for you to keep a low profile now.”

    Wen Xinya replied, “Grampy, I was careless this time around. I know what to do now.”

    Her words comforted Old Mr. Mo, and his mood was slightly lifted. “However, it’s also not entirely a bad thing for you now that Wen Haowen and Ning Shuqian have moved out of the Wen Family!”

    Wen Xinya was perplexed. “Grampy, what do you mean?”

    Old Mr. Mo replied happily, “Wen Haowen is such a heartless person. Do you think he is capable of fidelity? The only reason he didn’t fool around was because of Old Mr. Wen. Now that he is out of his grasp, do you think Ning Shuqian can keep him in check?”

    Wen Xinya understood immediately. Unlike in her past life, Grandpa would no longer be there to control the situation. Furthermore, Wen Haowen didn’t dare to overstep his boundaries previously as he had not taken over the Wen Family fully. Now that Grandpa had been thoroughly disappointed by Wen Haowen, Wen Haowen would be free to go wild.

    More importantly, Wen Haowen did not have a son!

    If Wen Haowen had a son, she would no longer be the successor of the Wen Corporation. Since Wen Haowen bore such hatred for her, there was no way he would just stand idly and watch her take over the company.

    Ning Shuqian relied greatly on Wen Haowen’s powers. If he no longer cared about her, she would be much easier to handle.

    After coming to this conclusion, Wen Xinya smiled. “Nobody has more insight than you, Grampy.”

    “Be that as it may, Ning Shuqian is still not one to belittle. Also, Ning Yuya that stepsister of yours really took after Wen Haowen. She is the most wicked, able to treat everybody mercilessly. However, just like Wen Haowen, she has great ambition but little talent, although she did learn to scheme from Ning Shuqian. She will definitely blame you for being kicked out of the Wen Family by your Grandpa, and bear hatred towards you. You still have to be wary even though she is being sent overseas now.”

    Grampy was worried that she would let her guard down now that Ning Shuqian and Wen Haowen had moved out of the Wen Family. His concern made her feel comforted. She replied, “I won’t let my guard down. I know that they are not easy to get rid of.”

    Furthermore, there was still a Xia Ruya lying in wait. Her experience in her past life taught her that Xia Ruya was definitely one to be feared more than Ning Shuqian.