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Chapter 163 - It’s Hard to Be a Stepmother

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 163: It’s Hard to Be a Stepmother

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    The news of Wen Yuya being sent overseas after she was kicked out of the Wen Family, as well as Wen Haowen moving out of the family with his wife, spread like a wildfire within the circle.

    Nobody dared question Wen Xinya’s position as the successor of the Wen Family now that she had displayed her authority.

    No matter what people said, Wen Xinya did not pay any attention. She followed Grampy’s advice and kept a low profile during this period, immersing herself in her studies.

    While Wen Xinya was reading about Chinese medicine and memorizing the various types, effects, and uses of herbs, her phone rang.

    She put down her book and picked up her phone. To her surprise, Ning Shuqian was the one calling her. The world must be ending soon for Ning Shuqian who hated her to the core to actually call her.

    However, every action Ning Shuqian took had an ulterior motive behind it. There must be a scheme behind this sudden call. Wen Xinya mentally prepared herself as she answered the phone.

    Wen Xinya did not bother with the fake formalities and went straight to the point. “Aunt Ning, why are you calling me?”

    Ning Shuqian replied, “It’s nothing much. I just wanted to ask you to go shopping with me.”

    “Shopping?” Wen Xinya exclaimed in shock. She didn’t expect Ning Shuqian to call her for something so trivial.

    Ning Shuqian replied sweetly, “Yes, we have not gone shopping together in a long time. Are you free today?”

    She made it sound as if they had gone out together many times in the past. If her memory served her correctly, she and Ning Shuqian had only gone shopping once when she first returned to the Wen Family. “Sure! I just so happen to be free today. Let’s go shopping!”

    She wanted to know what Ning Shuqian was planning. She did not believe that Ning Shuqian would stop her schemes just because Ning Yuya was sent overseas. In fact… she should be planning a thousand different ways to avenge her daughter.

    “That’s great. Ever since Yuya went abroad, it has been really boring shopping alone.” Ning Shuqian said, sounding especially happy.

    Wen Xinya didn’t believe her one bit. Ning Shuqian still had Xia Ruya even if Ning Yuya was sent overseas, and Xia Ruya would definitely be more than happy to keep her company.

    They agreed to meet at Pearl Street, and Tao drove Wen Xinya there.

    When Wen Xinya reached, Ning Shuqian was already there waiting for her.

    Ning Shuqian had a sweet smile on her face. “Xinya, you are here.”

    Wen Xinya matched her smile and replied, “Aunt Ning, sorry to make you wait.”

    Ning Shuqian looked at her with such kindness and a broad smile, playing the perfect role of a calm and loving stepmother. “I’ve only just reached as well. By the way, Xinya, it’s been a few days since you moved into the Wen mansion. Are you used to living there?”

    Ning Shuqian’s voice was filled with gentleness, as if she really cared for her from the bottom of her heart, with no ulterior motive.

    This was the one thing that Wen Xinya feared most about Ning Shuqian. “I’m fine! Aunt Ning, you must’ve forgotten that I’ve already lived in the mansion for a few days before I moved in with the Mo Family. Of course, I’m used to living there.”

    Ning Shuqian’s face stiffened, but she regained her composure within moments. She smiled and patted Xinya’s hand. “Oh dear, look at me and my memory. I can’t believe I forgot.”

    Wen Xinya smiled.

    Ning Shuqian changed the subject and asked, “How have your grandfather and grandmother been? Your father has been really busy with work. Ever since we’ve moved out, we haven’t had the time to visit them.”

    “It’s the same as usual, except that grandmother would not stop mentioning about father.”

    Ning Shuqian looked remorseful. “Your dad will be free in a few more days, and we will return to visit them.”

    “I’m sure grandmother will be really happy.”

    As they chatted, they entered the jewelry store, Cartier. There was quite a number of customers in the store at this time. A few wealthy ladies approached Ning Shuqian, who she seemed to have a good relationship with.

    Ning Shuqian did not introduce her to them, and it was rather awkward for her to greet them. As such, she turned away and began browsing the jewelry in the glass cases.

    “I brought Xinya here especially to look for accessories.” Ning Shuqian said to the ladies. Whenever she looked at Wen Xinya, she was cautious yet trying to please them.

    The ladies smiled. “We didn’t expect you to treat your stepdaughter so well, even especially bringing her out for shopping.”

    “I heard that she was a hooligan from the streets, it must’ve been hard getting along with a person like her. I also heard that she sued dozens of media publishers. Such display of assertion must’ve put you in a difficult spot.”

    Ning Shuqian’s face stiffened. Instinctively, she turned to look at Wen Xinya in a panic. She heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that Xinya was looking through the gems at the other side of the room.

    She turned back to the ladies, only to meet with their eyes full of pity. Still stiff, she forced out a smile. “Xinya may be a little too assertive, but it was not unreasonable.”

    The ladies did not believe Ning Shuqian’s words. They noticed earlier that Ning Shuqian was afraid her stepdaughter Wen Xinya had heard their conversation and even looked towards her in panic.

    “Say no more, we understand.”

    Ning Shuqian was rendered speechless.

    “It’s hard to be a stepmother now. You know Madam Zhang, right? That stepdaughter of hers hit her on the head with a vase. She would be dead had she not been sent to the hospital in time. When I visited her in the hospital two days ago, she was crying uncontrollably. She even held my hand and told me that in her next life, she would rather die than to be a stepmother.”

    “Oh my, I wouldn’t have known about that if you did not tell us. When I met her some time ago, she was still happily telling me that she had been getting along well with her stepdaughter. Who would have known that their relationship was this bad.”

    “You know what, the Zhang Family is also pretty well-reputed. If word spread that she and her stepdaughter are not getting along, people will make a mockery out of them. If this incident were to be made known, everybody would think that she was in the wrong. After all, Madam Zhang’s stepdaughter is only twelve years old.”

    After hearing these, Ning Shuqian’s expression darkened, and the colors drained from her face. She mustered up a smile and said, “You guys go ahead, I’ll go and accompany Xinya.”

    Watching her leave in such a hurry after just a few words regarding the topic of being a stepmother, everybody’s suspicion was confirmed.

    They began connecting the dots. Ever since Wen Xinya moved back into the Wen Family after her homecoming party, Ning Shuqian’s daughter Yuya was kicked out of the family and sent overseas. Soon after, Wen Haowen also moved out of the Wen mansion with his wife. Things must be more complicated than it seemed.