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Chapter 164 - I Will Bleed You Dry

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 164: I Will Bleed You Dry

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    When Ning Shuqian turned to leave, she overheard the gossips about Yuya being kicked out of the family and sent abroad, as well as Wen Haowen and her moving out of the mansion. Furthermore, they even talked about how Wen Xinya wandered the streets previously. Her lips quivered as she looked over at Wen Xinya standing one shelf away. Wen Xinya must be too naive if she thought that everything would go her way just because she was living in the Wen mansion now and was named the successor of the Wen Family.

    While she was talking to the shop employee, Wen Xinya slowly turned to face her as if she felt Ning Shuqian’s gaze upon her. She stared straight into her eyes, right into her soul.

    Ning Shuqian panicked as though she was caught redhanded and averted her gaze.

    After she regained her composure, she walked over to Xinya with grace and asked sweetly, “You’ve been looking at them for such a long time, there must be one that you particularly like. Come, Aunt Ning will get it for you.”

    Wen Xinya replied sheepishly, “They are all really beautiful. I’ve looked through so many different ones to the point where my vision has turned hazy, yet I still have not picked one that I really like.”

    Although Wen Xinya was looking at the diamonds, she had been secretly taking note of Ning Shuqian’s actions. She did not recognize those ladies, yet they seemed to have a good relationship with Ning Shuqian. That must mean that they were from some third-rated families that had no power.

    “Cartier is the world’s leading brand for jewelry. The diamonds here are all so beautiful, it’s only natural for you to be at a loss of which to choose. Why don’t I help you pick one?” Seeing the glint in Xinya’s eyes as she stared at the diamonds, a look of contempt flashed across Ning Shuqian’s face. she thought.

    Wen Xinya glanced over to the diamonds on the shelves. Hope appeared on her face before it was replaced with a grim expression. She shook her head and replied, “No, it’s okay. I came out especially to accompany you shopping. Aunt Ning, you should choose the one you like the most.”

    Ning Shuqian said smilingly, “I can’t do that. Look at you, dressing so plainly without a single accessory on you. Young people should doll themselves up.” As she spoke, her gaze landed on Xinya’s clean ears. “Aunt Ning will help you pick a pair of earrings!”

    Wen Xinya looked at Ning Shuqian flusteredly and stuttered. “Aunt Ning… it’s really okay! I didn’t bring any money with me today… when we were at Jo-ramst the previous time, Yuya said…”

    A lady who was looking at diamonds beside them suddenly cast a curious glance at Wen Xinya and Ning Shuqian.

    A stepdaughter shopping with her stepmother. When the stepmother offered to pick an accessory for the stepdaughter, she refused because she did not have any money to pay for it! She actually had to worry about payment even when she was shopping with her stepmother!

    Evidently, looks could be deceiving.

    Ning Shuqian’s expression hardened. She held her hand and said with a huge smile, “Foolish child, it doesn’t make sense to make you pay when you are shopping with me. Look through again carefully, whichever diamond you like, Aunt Ning will buy it for you as a gift.”

    Hearing her words, Wen Xinya’s face beamed with happiness.

    Within moments, Wen Xinya picked a pair of yellow diamond earrings. The design of the earrings was inspired by the legend of the King of Phoenixes, and the result was a superb pair of lifelike Phoenixes. A silver-white tail with beads of diamonds extended from the ear to the auricle. It was unique and spectacular. However, the price was a little…

    Wen Xinya looked away painstakingly and shifted her eyes towards a pair of earrings next to it that looked more ordinary. She bit her lips and said, “How about this pair! They are pretty beautiful.”

    Needless to say, Ning Shuqian could tell that she was actually looking at the pair of earrings with the phoenix design next to it, which cost three million yuan. Her heart skipped a beat. She then looked over at the other pair of earrings beside it, which had a really ordinary design but only cost two hundred thousand. At that moment, she could not make a decision.

    If… she really wore these two hundred thousand yuan earrings out, how shameful would it be when Wen Xinya told people that she was the one who bought them for her? Although they were from Cartier, what would others think when they saw a stepmother giving her stepdaughter such a plain looking gift?

    She actually planned to go to the shops owned by Wen Corporation. However, she thought that buying a gift from their own family stores would not be a big enough gesture.

    Thinking back, she regretted her choice. She should not have brought Wen Xinya to Cartier even if they didn’t go to a Wen Corporation store. Even the most ordinary diamonds here cost a bomb. She should have visited another jewelry store, where she could get the newest designs for just a few hundred thousand yuan.

    Wen Xinya’s eyes lingered over the phoenix earrings. The shop employee said with a smile, “Miss Wen, why don’t you buy this pair of phoenix earrings if you like it. The Phoenix has always been a symbol of ‘sincere feelings.’ It’s very meaningful as it represents the everlasting relationship between couples, friends, and families. Anyways, Madam Wen also said that you can pick any that you like! You have to honor her gesture.”

    The employee was oblivious to the tension between Ning Shuqian and Wen Xinya. In her mind, the Wen Family was loaded. Every time Ning Shuqian came, she would spend a large amount of money, so three million yuan should be considered nothing to her. Furthermore, Ning Shuqian had been treating Wen Xinya with love and was sincere in getting a gift for her. As such, she made the recommendation to Wen Xinya.

    After hearing her, Ning Shuqian almost coughed up blood. The Cartier salesperson, who she thought was polite and amicable, immediately became ugly and annoying to the point where she wanted to give her a hard slap to the face.

    She was planning to pretend not to notice Wen Xinya’s lingering looks and pick a pair of earrings that cost around a million yuan, instead. However, her plan went to ruin with just a few words by the employee.

    “You’re such a sweet talker.” Wen Xinya praised the employee. She then looked towards Ning Shuqian uneasily.

    Wen Xinya had been studying the expression on Ning Shuqian’s face the moment the employee spoke those words. When she saw her face grimace momentarily, it took all she had not to laugh out loud. This employee was really the best.

    Ning Shuqian replied with a broad smile on her face, “If you like it, let’s get it!”

    She was so furious she wanted to curse out loud. Her shopping trip with Wen Xinya today meant that she had to pay for everything with her own personal funds.

    Wen Xinya was still a little hesitant. “But Aunt Ning, they look really expensive. Making you spend so much money, I…”

    “It’s only three million yuan. As the eldest daughter of the Wen Family, it’ll only be an embarrassment to the family if you don’t wear something of this value.” Ning Shuqian cut off her words rather impatiently.

    “Thank you, Aunt Ning.” Wen Xinya replied with a wide grin.

    The employee continued, “Why don’t I take the earrings out for you to try them on! You can pick another design if they don’t suit you.”