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Chapter 166 - Wen Xinya, Give Me a Hug!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 166: Wen Xinya, Give Me a Hug!

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    Returning home, Wen Xinya threw the phoenix-styled earrings that Ning Shuqian gave her into a random corner in the cloakroom and rubbed her forehead fretfully. Ning Shuqian had dug such a huge hole for her, of which she was at the losing end. Regardless if she jumped into it, she would also have to keep her grievance to herself—how should she deal with it?

    She was Wen Haowen’s daughter who had just returned to the Wen Family, without any foundation in the circle. Even though Ning Shuqian was a mistress, she also had to show some respect to Ning Shuqian on the account of Wen Haowen, managing her own reputation in the circle. After all, she had been a street gangster, it was a piece of cake for Ning Shuqian to plot for her to have the reputation of a dominating, arrogant, overbearing person who could not tolerate her stepmother and foster sister and was unfilial to her father—and people would easily believe.

    Was Grandpa’s intervention needed?

    It was common knowledge in the circle that Grandpa did not recognize Ning Shuqian’s identity. He was a senior, the person who held the power in the Wen Family with absolute authority—nobody would doubt Grandpa’s decision. If Grandpa came forward and declared his stand, she would have a reason not to attend Ning Shuqian’s birthday cocktail party.

    After all, with Grandpa on one side, and Father on the other side—both were seniors, both were being filial—even if she didn’t attend Ning Shuqian’s birthday cocktail party, nobody would have much to say.

    Halfway through, Wen Xinya threw the thought out of the window—with Ning Shuqian setting her up like this, this would let her off too easily.

    Wen Xinya was deep in her thoughts when her phone rang.

    It was Si Yiyan.

    Inspired, Wen Xinya suddenly formed an idea in her heart. “Hey! Master Si, how do you have the free time to call me?”

    Si Yiyan started to titter and teased her uncontrollably. “Why do I feel that your voice seems to be full of resentment—are you blaming me for neglecting you during this busy period?”

    Wen Xinya’s small face blushed, and she couldn’t help but whine to the phone. “Whose voice is full of resentment—are your ears fine? Perhaps you should check them out at the hospital!”

    Si Yiyan chuckled. “Don’t worry—my ears are very well, no need to check them at the hospital. I can hear every word you say—crystal clear.”

    Wen Xinya did not comment.

    Si Yiyan’s voice deepened charmingly. “Xinya, I’m at the Wen Mansion.”

    If not for his extremely seductive and sexy voice singing tenderly by her ears, she almost suspected that she heard wrong. “You’re back?”

    Si Yiyan replied in a deep voice, “Yup, just got back.”

    Wen Xinya recalled that it had not been long since her homecoming party. “Aren’t you very busy? How come you’re suddenly back?”

    Si Yiyan tittered and teased her. “However busy with work, there’s a need to make time for romance—otherwise, how to court a girlfriend?”

    Wen Xinya’s cheeks warmed slightly, acted ignorant, and said sarcastically, “Oh, so Master Si’s girlfriend needs courtship—I thought that with Master Si’s talents and looks, a casual beckoning with a finger will send a bunch of women fighting to throw themselves at you.”

    With a tinge of a smile, Si Yiyan’s voice got increasingly low and charming. “So if I beckon at you with my finger, would you be willing to come out and let me have a look.”

    Wen Xinya’s face reddened—the teaser got teased—it was a really embarrassing feeling.

    Si Yiyan called out her name with a deep voice. “Wen Xinya!”


    “Come out! I want to see you.”


    At the doorstep, Wen Xinya felt greatly uneasy—how could she be so easily tempted out of the door.

    A car stopped slowly by her side, and Si Yiyan gently wound down the glass. At night, his intense look distinguished the warm lights from the street lamps. “Get in!”

    Wen Xinya pouted briefly, reached out for the door handle, and got on the car.

    Si Yiyan drove to an alley by a row of coniferous trees nearby.

    The dim lights in the car cast light on his face, somewhat obscure, somewhat blurry, outlining the gorgeous clean lines on his face, making them seem even more angular. He felt so mysterious that she almost thought she did not really know him.

    “Wen Xinya, give me a hug!” With that, Si Yiyan leaned over, hugged her, and placed his head on her shoulder.

    Wen Xinya instinctively wanted to push him away, but when her hand landed on his chest, she could not exert any strength. Thus, she could only let him hug her like that.

    After a while, Wen Xinya said in a low voice, “Si Yiyan, it’s really late, I want to go back.”

    Not getting a response from him, she looked down and realized that Si Yiyan’s eyes were closed—he fell asleep. As they were near, Wen Xinya saw the shadows of his deep-set eyes and instinctively reached out her hand and gently stroked them. Her fingers followed the bridge of his magnificent nose and gently landed between his lips—the soft feeling of his lips made her heart skip a beat—it was her first time knowing that a man’s lips could also be so soft.

    As Wen Xinya retracted her hand, her wrist was grabbed. Panicking, she looked at Si Yiyan and realized that he had opened his eyes—caught off guard, she looked into his eyes.

    “Si Yiyan, you tricked me—you didn’t fall asleep at all. Let me go, it’s very late, I want to go back.” The pair of deep, unpredictable and unnerving eyes were surging with undercurrents, engulfing her. She wanted to look away but realized that Si Yiyan has already pressed her down on the car seat.

    “Wen Xinya, if I just let you go back like this, I’ll regret tonight for the rest of my life.” Si Yiyan’s voice was terrifyingly low and hoarse, his voice swelling with dark waters, as though a certain emotion was emerging in all its splendor.

    Wen Xinya was still contemplating the meaning of his words!

    Then, Si Yiyan’s lips instantly pressed in towards her.

    Wen Xinya widened her eyes. It was only when she felt an unbelievably soft touch on her lips did she realize that she had been kissed by Si Yiyan!

    His gentle kiss with a tinge of urgency melted her body slowly, demolishing her sense of logic bit by bit, until she subconsciously responded, intertwining…

    The kiss lasted some time. When their lips parted, within the lonely, narrow car, there were only thick, interlacing panting reverberating quietly, creating a flirtatious aura.

    Wen Xinya held her racing chest tightly and broke the flirtatious atmosphere which made one blush. “Si Yiyan, how long can you stay this time?”

    “A longer time this round.” Si Yiyan’s voice was extremely hoarse, no longer clear like in the past, tainting cuteness with beauty.

    Wen Xinya said hesitantly, “Can you do me a favor?”

    “My pleasure! As long as it’s within my ability, I’ll not hesitate and lay down my life if need be.” Si Yiyan looked at her with unrestrained happiness in his eyes—his efforts previously had paid off—at least, she was turning to him for help. It was a good start.

    “Ning Shuqian intends to hold a birthday cocktail party the day after tomorrow. I don’t want her birthday cocktail party to go smoothly, so…” Wen Xinya slowly told of her thoughts—after much contemplation, it was the most straightforward and effective idea.

    Si Yiyan shifted onto the steering wheel and looked at Wen Xinya casually, radiating a relaxed and composed aura. “That’s easy, don’t worry! Just leave it to me, I won’t disappoint you.”

    Of course, Wen Xinya believed him—although she didn’t know his identity yet, by the association of the jewelry sets that he had given her previously, as well as Li Mengjie’s secrecy towards him, there was definitely more than met the eye.