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Chapter 168 - Wen Xinya! You Cursed B*tch!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 168: Wen Xinya! You Cursed B*tch!

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    Ning Shuqian accompanied Wen Haowen to greet a few invited guests and mingled with some familiar wealthy ladies for a while before she was held back by reporters at the scene who snapped their cameras away at her.

    "Madam Ning, you have such a great relationship with CEO Wen—I heard that the birthday cocktail party this round is on a grand scale, almost matching up to Old Madam Wen's longevity celebration."

    "Madam Ning, I heard that the gown on you was designed by the world renowned fashion designer from Milan, Kai Wen, and is the one and only piece in the world."

    "The matching blue diamond jewelry on you is rumored to be from Cartier's latest colorful diamond series, worth more than $8 million."

    Ning Shuqian was very pleased, constantly striking poses for the reporters to take photos. Haowen was right—she was the star of the show tonight.

    "I heard that you've previously gifted a pair of yellow diamond earrings from Cartier's latest colorful diamond series to your stepdaughter, Wen Xinya. People are saying that you have a great relationship with your stepdaughter. May I ask if she'll be attending your birthday cocktail party today?"

    Ning Shuqian smiled as brilliantly as a flower in spring. "Of course—previously, when I invited her to my birthday cocktail party, she didn't reject."

    Previously, Wen Xinya had indeed not outrightly rejected—she had merely said that if Old Mr. Wen was going, she would follow him here. She had not lied.

    "It was previously rumored that your daughter, Wen Yuya, had been driven out of the Wen Family and sent abroad because of your stepdaughter Wen Xinya, and that CEO Wen and yourself had also moved out of the Wen Family's old mansion because of that. May I ask if this shows that the relationship between you and your stepdaughter is actually not as good as it seems?"

    The smile on Ning Shuqian's face stiffened thoroughly, and she said awkwardly, "No such thing!"

    Seeing such a scene, the reporters snapped photos one after another.

    "There's a rumor in the circle saying that your stepdaughter, Wen Xinya, has an aggressive and overbearing character, and couldn't tolerate you and your daughter, Ning Yuya, and because of this she has also fallen out with her father. To please your stepdaughter, you've specially bought colorful diamonds worth $3 million to curry favor with her—may Madam Ning confirm if there's such a thing?"

    Ning Shuqian's expression was flustered as she hurriedly stopped the reporters from questioning. "No such thing. Everyone, please don't make any wild speculations."

    Although her mouth denied it, she was completely flustered, instead revealing the truth of the matter. Reporters instantly started snapping their cameras away.

    As long as Wen Xinya did not attend the party in a while, she would have confirmed the rumors in the circle about her aggressive and overbearing character, intolerance of her stepmother and stepsister, and conflict with her father. With such a reputation, how could she accomplish anything in the circle?

    "Madam Ning, you've married into the Wen Family for fifteen years and have never organized a birthday cocktail party. Does the sudden organization of such a grand birthday cocktail party this round imply that the Wen Family will acknowledge your identity as their daughter-in-law?"

    The stiff expression that Ning Shuqian had faked, really plastered on her face just like that—the reporters at the birthday cocktail party were personally arranged by herself had been given red packets and spoken to in advance not to ask such questions at the party, how come suddenly…

    "Aunt Ning, Uncle Wen has a guest he'd like you to greet." Xia Ruya, with a gentle and charming smile, walked over, took Ning Shuqian's arm, and brought her away from the reporters, rescuing Ning Shuqian from their awkward questioning.

    Once they left, Xia Ruya instantly asked, concerned, "Aunt Ning, hope you're alright!"

    Ning Shuqian heaved a sigh of relief. "I'm fine, don't worry! Although it's my first time organizing such a party, I've experienced all sorts of things these few years. It's merely some questioning, no need to take it to heart."

    Xia Ruya looked at her with admiration in her eyes, hugged her arm affectionately, and changed the topic. "Aunt Ning, you're so beautiful tonight. Just now, I heard many people complimenting your gorgeous gown and your perfect choice of accessories. You'll definitely be the in the limelight of the party tonight, the star of the show."

    Ning Shuqian was very confident of her getup tonight. "I'm just afraid of making your Uncle Wen look bad."

    Despite her words, her mildly raised brows still showed her pleasure and excitement.

    Xia Ruya also smiled along.

    Ning Shuqian looked at Xia Ruya very gently. "Oh yes, thank you for your timely rescue just now when the reporters were questioning me. Otherwise, I really don't know how to answer them."

    Xia Ruya smiled. "These reporters thrive on random questioning, Aunt Ning, you don't have to take it to heart. You're the star of the party today, don't let such trivial matters affect your mood."

    Ning Shuqian's originally affected mood instantly lifted. "You're right, these are merely trivial matters not to be taken to heart. I just feel odd—the reporters at the party were personally arranged by myself, had all been given red packets and spoken to in advance, it shouldn't be possible that they actually asked such questions."

    As Xia Ruya listened to her, she also felt something was amiss. "Logically, these reporters have accepted the red packets and shouldn't ask random questions at the cocktail party? Aunt Ning, did you check if there're other reporters who sneaked into the party?"

    Ning Shuqian shook her head. "Quite impossible. Since the people attending the cocktail party are strictly in accordance with our guest list, the hotel won't allow others to sneak in."

    Xia Ruya's eyes twinkled as she thought about it, and asked suspiciously, "If it's impossible on the hotel's end, could someone have specially arranged it, intentionally creating trouble?"

    Xia Ruya's words sobered up Ning Shuqian's disorganized thoughts, and she suddenly felt enlightened and widened her eyes. "It's Wen Xinya, it's definitely Wen Xinya—as Miss Wen, nobody will suspect or notice Wen Xinya arranging one or two people into such a cocktail party."

    This time, she had set up a trap for Wen Xinya—with Wen Xinya's temperament, she would definitely not let it go just like that, and arranging a few reporters to embarrass her was definitely something she would do.

    Xia Ruya was about to speak but did not know what to say.

    "Wen Xinya, that wretched b*tch." Ning Shuqian suddenly cursed severely aloud, as her eyes glowed with viciousness.

    "Aunt Ning, please don't get angry—it'll be disastrous if the reporters take photos." As Xia Ruya recalled Wen Xinya's glamor as the center of attention on her homecoming party, her heart filled with hatred and jealousy—it was the kind of glory that never belonged to her.

    That was why she had intentionally incited Ning Shuqian to persuade Wen Haowen to hold a birthday cocktail party for her—the glory of being the center of attention could only be enjoyed with a good reputation. Very soon, the glamor that Wen Xinya once had would be a lethal, fatal poison.

    Ning Shuqian took a deep breath, balanced her own emotions, furrowed her eyebrows slightly, and asked quizzically, "It's almost 8 P.M., how come there're only so few people who've arrived at the party, none of which are the VIPs—could something have gone wrong?"

    Although Xia Ruya felt strange, she did not overthink. "The VIPs are all well-known people, full of hauteur, it's normal that they're a little late. Don't worry, Aunt Ning."