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Chapter 170 - The Stark Contrast Between Heaven and Hell

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 170: The Stark Contrast Between Heaven and Hell

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    At the Shangri-La Grand Hotel, a party even grander than the birthday cocktail party organized by Wen Haowen at the Oriental Pearl Hotel was currently being held.

    The bright, glittering chandeliers, dazzling with a mix of yellow and white lights, shone upon the mass of perfumed clothes and gorgeous hair in the hall beneath! Luxurious red wine and elegant champagne went around toasting each other in extravagance.

    The invited guests chatted cheerfully in a jovial mood.

    Situated at a corner with red wine in hand, Wen Xinya watched as familiar and unknown faces in the circle all gathered here and smiled coldly.

    Since Ning Shuqian wanted to plot against her, she would then ensure that her party failed, becoming a laughing stock in the circle.

    She could imagine how furious would Wen Haowen be now—he’d be so angry that his facial features would morph hideously, but would have no choice but to forbear his exasperation, saving however little image that was left of himself.

    As for Ning Shuqian, how humiliated she would be feeling right now—her flashy dream came true only to turn into a nightmare of humiliation instantly, falling from heaven to hell in a moment. Wen Xinya wondered if she could handle such a blow.

    Previously, guessing that Si Yiyan’s identity was mysterious and unpredictable, she had asked for his help. However, she did not expect for him to easily activate Chief Sun of the National Security Department—in the capital city, there was only a handful whom Chief Sun of the National Security Department would show such respect to.

    She had gone through these reputable and affluent families, but none of them matched Si Yiyan’s identity.

    “Previously, Gu Junling said he saw you at the party—I’ve been searching for you, but didn’t expect you to be hiding in this odd corner.” Zhou Tianyu, dressed in a citrus-red dress, strolled up to her with a glass of champagne in her hand.

    “Too many people at the party—seeking some peace by hiding away.” Wen Xinya gently swirled the glass of red wine in her hand with a look of extreme boredom on her face.

    “Oh, I almost didn’t notice—today’s party seem especially crowded.” Zhou Tianyu looked over to the event hall—from a distance, massive crowds could be seen—and noticed that almost all of the capital city’s famous faces were gathered here.

    Wen Xinya’s lips curled up into a faintly discernible smirk, but any trace of the smirk was blocked by the crystal glass.

    Zhou Tianyu looked at the event hall and couldn’t help but wonder. “The wife of Chief Sun is well-known in the circle for her frugality, and never held any public parties, how come she just suddenly organized a birthday party? How strange…”

    Wen Xinya smiled slightly. “Who knows!”

    Zhou Tianyu still felt perplexed. “Mrs. Sun’s birthday falls in December, and now it’s already August—to say it’s a make-up birthday party, we might as well say that it’s an advance birthday party which sounds better. I feel that this matter is rather strange.”

    Wen Xinya thought of Si Yiyan and deepened her smile. “Yup! Indeed, it’s rather strange.”

    Zhou Tianyu added, “You weren’t there, but when my Father brought me over to greet Chief Sun, Chief Sun’s face was ferociously twitching from smiling, looking extremely ridiculous—that’s why I feel that there’s more than meets the eye for this matter.”

    Wen Xinya suppressed her laughter. “Stop guessing. Even if there’s more than meets the eye, it’s none of our business.”

    “True.” Wen Xinya’s words made Zhou Tianyu feel uninterested. Looking like she suddenly thought of something, she leaned in and said secretively, “Hey, I heard that your stepmother, Ning Shuqian, is holding a birthday cocktail party at the Oriental Pearl Hotel. With the well-known people all gathered here, do you think it’d be very empty over there?”

    Wen Xinya couldn’t help but roll her eyes. “Miss Zhou, can you not ask such an idiotic question? You’re insulting my intelligence—that’s so obvious!”

    Zhou Tianyu suddenly flashed a gloating smile. “Hahahaha! An empty party—it’s indeed a fresh thing in the capital city’s circle. I’m guessing the headlines of the papers and magazines tomorrow are going to be along the lines of how celebrities gathered at the make-up birthday party for Chief Sun’s wife, while Mrs. Wen’s birthday cocktail party met with emptiness—what a stark contrast! We’ll see if Ning Shuqian still has the cheek to exist in the circle in the future.”

    Wen Xinya couldn’t suppress her smirk. “At the most, she’ll feel embarrassed—in such a big capital city, there are fresh things happening every day, and people will forget about it in a few days.”

    Zhou Tianyu nodded, unable to contain her sneer. “I actually sympathize with Ning Shuqian—she’d never held any private parties in the fifteen years after she had married into the Wen Family, and the first in her life met with something like this—I wonder how she’s feeling right now.”

    Wen Xinya couldn’t resist teasing her. “You sympathizing with her—if you didn’t have such a huge smile on your face, I’d probably believe you.”

    Zhou Tianyu was even more delighted—she raised the wine glass in her hand and lightly clinked Wen Xinya’s wine glass. “Cheers!”

    Wen Xinya simmered with laughter. “Taking pleasure in other’s misfortune!”

    As Zhou Tianyu drained the wine in her glass, suddenly, she stretched out her hand and tugged at Wen Xinya’s clothes. “Quick, look.”

    Wen Xinya followed Zhou Tianyu’s gaze and, to her astonishment, watched as Wen Haowen brought Ning Shuqian into the event hall and started greeting their closest friends.

    Although Ning Shuqian had flawlessly beautiful makeup on, it could not hide her pale face. Although she put on a gentle smile on her face, it inevitably carried a tinge of stiffness. She wore a blue dress, paired with a set of crystal accessories—from head to toe, there was nothing outstanding. She looked simple and low-key, totally unlike her usual style of dressing up.

    Zhou Tianyu gently nudged Wen Xinya with her elbow. “I really didn’t expect your Father to actually bring Ning Shuqian to Chief Sun’s party…”

    “Me neither—my Father’s thought process has always been perplexing.” Wen Haowen was so conscious of his image, which already took a bad hit when no one from the Wen Family attended the first birthday cocktail party that he held for Ning Shuqian, and was further damaged by its emptiness due to the clash with Chief Sun’s make-up birthday party for his wife—he actually could still nonchalantly bring Ning Shuqian over to attend the party.

    Zhou Tianyu turned to her. “You’re not going over to greet them?”

    Wen Xinya shook her head. “Better not—I think they don’t really want to see me right now.”

    Zhou Tianyu furrowed her brows slightly. “Rumors of your enmity with your father are already discreetly spreading in the circle. If you don’t even greet him under such circumstances, you’ll definitely confirm the rumors, which is damaging to your reputation given that you’ve just returned to the Wen Family.”

    Wen Xinya replied, “If I were to really go up and greet my Father, it’d truly confirm the rumors. On the pretext that I didn’t attend Ning Shuqian’s birthday cocktail party, if my Father were to see me, I predict that he’ll make things difficult for me, putting up a show of disciplining his daughter on the spot. Additionally, with Ning Shuqian’s participation, there’s nothing I stand to gain. When that happens, the entire Wen Family will be embarrassed.”

    Zhou Tianyu said helplessly, “You’re right. Ning Shuqian has suffered such humiliation today, she will naturally manipulate your father to vent her anger on you, damaging your reputation.”

    Wen Xinya nodded without speaking.