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Chapter 172 - Not That I Mind Your Saliva

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 172: Not That I Mind Your Saliva

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    Wen Xinya sniggered, seeing Ning Shuqian in a mess. From the back, as Wen Xinya watched Wen Haowen, suppressing the fury which filled him, fleeing with Ning Shuqian, and as she listened to the discussions from the surroundings, with fingers pointing to Ning Shuqian, her heart was hard as steel.

    Nevertheless, this time, credit went to Si Yiyan—seemed like she would have to thank Si Yiyan properly.

    She was in the middle of her thoughts when a conversation entered her ears.

    “Old Sun, what the heck are you doing—if I remember correctly, your wife’s birthday seems to fall in December, and you’re holding a make-up celebration for last year’s birthday—are you sure you’re okay?”

    “I don’t wish for it either! A while ago, I received a call from that Ninth Young Master, asking me to think of a way to hold a party, inviting all the well-known people from all fields in the capital city—since he has spoken, I have to give him face, right? You know the sensitivity of my identity. Apart from the reason of a birthday, I couldn’t find any other excuse—I’ve already been teased by old friends umpteen times today, and my other half’s so furious that she almost burned two marks on my face.”

    “So the Ninth Young Master has spoken, no wonder then—what do you think the Ninth Young Master’s trying to do, what’s his motive?”

    “Who knows, he’d always been unfathomable—god knows what he’s thinking.”

    “Just now I heard people discussing at the party that Wen Corporation’s CEO, Wen Haowen, held a birthday cocktail party for his wife, Ning Shuqian, at the Oriental Pearl Hotel—could it be related to that?”

    “You’re overthinking—who’s Wen Haowen to let Ninth Young Master make such a big hoo-ha—if Ninth Young Master wanted to deal with Wen Haowen, it’s as easy as squashing an ant.”

    Swirling her wine glass, Wen Xinya watched how Chief Sun’s plump face twitched furiously from smiling as he entertained the invited guests, and found Si Yiyan’s identity increasingly veiled in mystery.

    “How’s it? Wonder if you’re satisfied with today’s arrangements.” A deep voice, slightly reeking of alcohol, suddenly sounded beside Wen Xinya’s ears.

    Shocked, Wen Xinya saw Si Yiyan beside her, a glass of red wine in his hand, his alcohol-indulgent eyes focusing on her. “Better than I’d imagined—didn’t expect you to actually be able to activate the chief of the National Security Department.”

    “The Wen Family is a reputable family of pedigree in the capital city. In order to cause emptiness at the party organized by Wen Haowen, a party held by an ordinary person would not be sufficient. I’m on good terms with Chief Sun, and thus, engaged his help.” Si Yiyan gently swirled the red wine in his glass—the ruby-like red fluid danced in the glass, emitting a mysterious, enchanting glow.

    “Thank you!” Wen Xinya sincerely expressed her gratitude. Previously, she had expected to nail down half of the guests at most—after all, with the reputation of the Wen Family, there ought to be some people giving the Wen Family face. Unexpectedly, Si Yiyan seemed ordinary but had extraordinary capabilities when called upon.

    Si Yiyan looked at Wen Xinya with a faint smile. “I think that it’s even between us, so there’s no need to say thanks.”

    Slightly lost, Wen Xinya saw the trace of a deep smile on Si Yiyan’s lips and felt that Si Yiyan’s words definitely implied something else.

    Si Yiyan held his wine glass, took his time to tap it on the glass in her hand—the crisp, delightful sound accompanied the waves in the glasses which stirred up circles, then slowly reverting to calmness—he leaned towards her ears and whispered in a low voice, “That kiss… You can ask more of me.”

    Only then did Wen Xinya understood what he meant. In a moment of exasperation, her face reddened, raised her hand, and flung it towards Si Yiyan’s face.

    Si Yiyan’s words made her feel extremely wronged. She had never thought of exchanging a kiss for his help—she had just listened to her heart for the first time and did not perform any form of resistance, but he actually insulted her like this.

    Si Yiyan suddenly stepped forward, grabbed her hand which nearly landed on his face, and confined her body to his chest. “Wen Xinya…”

    “Let me go.” Wen Xinya kept struggling, but, mindful that they were in public, she did not dare to move too vigorously.

    “I just wanted to tell you that a kiss from you is all it takes to make me do anything for you.” Si Yiyan whispered in a low voice beside her ear. Perhaps he had had a couple more drinks just now, but he somehow felt that he almost couldn’t suppress his overwhelming emotions.

    Wen Xinya’s struggles slowly ceased. As she raised her head, she looked into the pair of eyes surging with emotions that she daren’t face. She looked away and said, “You’ve had too much to drink.”

    Si Yiyan sighed slightly—he wanted to break the annoying ambiguous relationship between them, only to realize at this moment that he was still too rushed. “Yup! Had a few drinks with Chief Sun and gang just now.”

    Wen Xinya instantly heaved a sigh of relief, only to realize that she was trapped in the confined, tiny space between the wall and his chest, making the breaths she took to be filled with his musky, elegant scent, coupled with a faint smell of alcohol, emitting a cool, charming aura, making her heart race suddenly.

    “Let me go.” Wen Xinya’s voice carried a tone of annoyance.

    Si Yiyan instinctively released her hand. “Still upset with me?”

    “Who’s upset with you.” Wen Xinya stared at Si Yiyan and pushed him away.

    Caught off guard by the mighty push, Si Yiyan staggered and was almost going to fall to the ground.

    Wen Xinya turned pale with shock and hurriedly reached out to pull him.

    Seizing the opportunity, Si Yiyan spun his body and twirled Wen Xinya into his embrace. “Wen Xinya!”

    It was like he placed her name on the tip of his tongue, savoring what seemed like a glass of premium red wine, and at the same time, also seemed like a world-class delicacy.

    Si Yiyan murmured into her ears, “Wen Xinya, don’t be upset with me. I’m always treading the fine line when interacting with you, but there’re moments when I act rashly, when I can’t help myself.”

    His words sent Wen Xinya’s heart into a panic, and she pushed him away. “Si Yiyan, I think you’ve not only had too much to drink, but you’re also simply drunk.”

    Si Yiyan did not deny. “Yup, one speaks the truth when he’s drunk.”

    Wen Xinya stared at him and said, “Clearly, you’re speaking nonsense after getting drunk. I can’t be bothered to argue with you—I’m hungry, I will grab some food over there.”

    Saying so, she prepared to make her escape.

    However, Si Yiyan stretched out his hand and pulled her arm. “The food’s right in front of you—what else do you want to eat, I’ll go over and grab it for you!”

    Wen Xinya turned her head, saw that there was a plate with a heap of food placed on the glass side table, and instantly wished to bury her head underground. “I’ll reward you with these, to thank you for being such a great help.”

    Si Yiyan took his time to retrieve the plate on the side table and laughed. “That’s fine with me—just nice, I’m getting hungry. Don’t worry, I won’t mind the food that has touched your saliva.”

    Wen Xinya glared at Si Yiyan as he picked up her half-eaten fishball with a fork, bit down gently at the site where she had chewed off, savored as he chewed, slowly tasted, and even made a face of enjoyment, as if he were having the world’s best delicacy.

    Strangely, she was suddenly overcome with a feeling of dryness in her throat.