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Chapter 173 - Xu-er, You’re Xinya’s Sidekick

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 173: Xu-er, You’re Xinya’s Sidekick

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    As expected, the following day, the papers and magazines publicized the emptiness of Ning Shuqian’s birthday cocktail party, as well as how she had embarrassed herself at Chief Sun’s party.

    Ning Shuqian and Wen Haowen were instantly thoroughly discredited.

    However, this matter did not affect Wen Xinya’s life in any way—she continued her daily routine at the Mo Family, learning chess, calligraphy, and music with Grampy, then returning to the Wen Family at night to study the Secondary Three courses. Grandpa had engaged a tuition teacher for her—if there were anything that she did not understand, she could log on to the chat room software and seek clarifications directly, greatly enhancing her speed of learning.

    If only Old Madam Wen didn’t poke at her whenever she saw her!

    At night, she arranged to meet Xu Zhenyu and gang at the Ninth-Heaven.

    When Wen Xinya arrived, Xu Zhenyu, Zhou Tianyu, Han Mofeng, Ling Qingxuan, and Gu Junling were already there—upon seeing Wen Xinya, Han Mofeng started teasing her. “Let me think, should the latecomer be punished with a drink?”

    Xu Zhenyu quickly kicked his leg. “The time of the meeting is 6:00 P.M., and now’s only 5:56 P.M., how is it considered late—don’t you have any sense of time?”

    Ling Qingxuan poured a glass of red wine and placed it before Wen Xinya. “She’d let the whole group wait for her. If this isn’t considered late, what is? Bottoms up, bottoms up…”

    Gu Junling saw Ling Qingxuan shouting in a lively manner and joined in. “Bottoms up, bottoms up…”

    Zhou Tianyu quickly stamped on his foot and said angrily, “Why are you helping to kick up a fuss, it’s expected for guys to wait for girls, what punishment!”

    Gu Junling hurriedly asked for forgiveness. “Bottoms up… Can’t I bottoms up myself?” Saying which, he raised the glass of wine that Ling Qingxuan poured, leaned back, and chugged it down.

    Wen Xinya couldn’t hold back her chuckle. “I’m sorry, okay—there’s been a slight traffic jam, that’s why I came later!”

    Zhou Tianyu couldn’t be bothered with Gu Junling. She gestured to Wen Xinya and said, “Xinya, have a seat here!”

    With a smile, Wen Xinya sat down beside her.

    Zhou Tianyu looked at her and grumbled. “Why on earth are you so busy, it’s so hard to even date you out for a meal. Besides meeting you at Chief Sun’s party the other time, we’ve not gathered—previously, it was the preparation for the homecoming party; what’s it now?”

    Gu Junling, who had always been Zhou Tianyu’s sidekick, added, “Yes, indeed. The whole group has got to work around your time, Miss Wen. You’re putting on airs after the homecoming party!”

    Wen Xinya was quite embarrassed by Gu Junling’s statement, and Xu Zhenyu hurriedly chimed in. “Damn, Gu Junling, you’re simply Little Yu’s sidekick.”

    The statement made everyone burst into laughter. Not to be outdone, Gu Junling said, “Aren’t you Xinya’s sidekick yourself—not mentioning that you’re usually constantly talking about Xinya; even now when we’re just joking around, you’ve to support her.”

    Everyone erupted in laughter once again.

    Only then, Wen Xinya explained. “I’ve been studying the Secondary Three courses that I’d previously lagged behind due to the homecoming party. After all, school’s going to start soon, and I don’t wish to be too behind others.”

    Although in her previous lifetime, she had worked on the Secondary Three courses, she had been hot-tempered then and hadn’t really settled down to study. After moderate accomplishment, she had understood that for the daughters of the wealthy families, as long as their results had not been too ridiculously lousy, it didn’t matter, and so she had not been serious in her studies.

    Given the foundation of having studied Secondary Three in her previous lifetime, she had thought that it would be much easier this time around, only to realize that with the ten-year gap, she had long returned whatever she had learned to her teacher—studying was still rather challenging for her.

    Thankfully, she had great memory skills in this lifetime, and, coupled with the guidance from the tuition teacher that Grandpa had engaged for her, the knowledge that she had long forgotten was mastered.

    Zhou Tianyu expressed her understanding—after all, she knew more of the matters before Wen Xinya had returned to the Wen Family. “Which high school do you intend to join?”

    The big four high schools in the capital city were all very reputable, and many people had trouble picking their schools.

    Wen Xinya shook her head in distress. “Not sure yet, the big four high schools all have their merits. It’s a tough choice!”

    In her previous lifetime, she had chosen Ching Hua High School and went to the same school as Ning Yuya and Xia Ruya—in this lifetime, she did not want to go to Ching Hua High School again.

    Zhou Tianyu tugged at her elbow and said cheerfully, “Why don’t you come to Lan Feng Institute, then we’ll be in the same school—I’m a sophomore and can take care of you when the time comes.”

    Wen Xinya gave it a thought. Amongst the big four high schools, Lan Feng Institute had topped the ranks—this lifetime, she was determined to study hard and buff up her capability. “Lan Feng it is, then!”

    Zhou Tianyu wrapped her arm around Wen Xinya’s shoulders, smiling heartily. “I’ll cover you from now!”

    Again, everyone roared with laughter.

    As if she thought of something, Zhou Tianyu looked at Wen Xinya solemnly. “A few days ago, there was a charity auction in the capital city. I went there with my Father, met your Father and Ning Shuqian, and saw that your Father looked awful when someone mentioned you. Then, Ning Shuqian complained tearfully about the difficulty of being a stepmother to her group of wealthy ladies from subpar families. I noticed that everyone seemed somehow convinced and empathetic towards Ning Shuqian from their words. I reckon they’re riding onto your strong return to defame you. You better watch out.”

    Zhou Tianyu had never met an opportunist as skillful as Ning Shuqian—virtually like a fly, stinging at every egg with a hole. With Wen Yuya already driven out of the Wen Family and sent abroad, and Ning Shuqian out of the old mansion, it was originally thought that Xinya would see better days ahead—who knew she would actually employ this tactic.

    Gu Junling said, “Recently, I’ve also heard bad rumors about you in the circle—everyone feels that once you’d returned to the Wen Family, you drove your stepsister away and forced your father and stepmother out of the old mansion, that your ways are too arrogant and overbearing.”

    Unexpectedly, previously when Ning Shuqian’s birthday cocktail party did not go her way, Ning Shuqian actually rode on Wen Haowen’s attitude towards her to defame her. With scornful eyes, she said, “Let her tell her one-sided tale! I’ve only just assumed my position in the circle, no need to be bothered with these, time will tell. Everyone knows that she’s the mistress, and had indirectly caused the death of my mother. Instead, it’d be ridiculous if I were nice to her—with her pathetic reputation, there’s nothing much she can stir up.”

    “You’re right, but your father…” Zhou Tianyu was still worried.

    Wen Xinya’s smile was immensely intense. Naturally, she would not allow Wen Haowen to freely defame her—although Ning Shuqian couldn’t stir up much, Wen Haowen’s attitude affected her greatly. “Since Ning Shuqian loves her role as a pitiful stepmother, let’s give her a hand. Let her show be known by everyone, and her role to be bitter and full of hatred.”