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Chapter 175 - Xu-er! You’re So Phony!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 175: Xu-er! You’re So Phony!

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    In this lifetime, too many things had been derailed, leaving Wen Xinya baffled. Since her return through rebirth, she had tried many means and ways to try to reform Xu Zhenyu, but before she could execute her plans, he had already distanced himself from the rich playboys who had led him astray, and even decided to enroll into a military camp. Now, he was also throwing her a curveball—not only did he wanted to enroll in a military camp, he was going to the nation’s most arduous Northwest Main Military Camp.

    Halfway through her thoughts, she noticed that Xu Zhenyu’s seat was already unoccupied. She scanned the surroundings and realized that he stood at the balcony, surrounded by a blanket of fog, to the extent that even his back view was shrouded by smoke.

    Wen Xinya walked over slowly and observed the familiar way that he was holding the cigarette between his fingers—in contrast to the awkwardness previously, it was obvious that he had already been smoking for some time. “Didn’t you not smoke all along? When did you learn to do that?”

    “Can’t recall!” Xu Zhenyu answered after being slightly startled. Cigarette after cigarette, he was already numb to the taste, and only knew that the choking smog made his eye dry and irritated, inexplicably tormenting.

    Stubs and ashes covered the floor, the smog which filled the air did not seem to clear up, spiraling upwards and surrounding him, torturous like it was surrounding his thoughts.

    “Better smoke less! Smoking is bad for health.” Wen Xinya frowned, realizing that she increasingly couldn’t see through Xu Zhenyu. He was still the Xu Zhenyu in the past—occasionally prideful, at times cranky, but sometimes, it was as though he was surrounded by a layer of mist-like something that felt heavy, bone-grinding, pent-up, and all sorts of complex emotions, which worried her greatly.

    Xu Zhenyu saw her frown, instinctively snubbed out the cigarette in his hand, and reached out to clear out the smoke in front of her. “It’s too foggy her, hurry back into the room!”

    Wen Xinya looked him in the eye, her shimmery eyes twinkling with a different kind of glow. “Xu-er, tell me honestly—why the sudden decision to go to the Northwest Main Military Camp?”

    Attracted by the shimmery glow in her eyes, Xu Zhenyu’s heart skipped a beat—her gaze was magnificent, seemingly seeing through his soul in one look. Avoiding eye contact, he replied, “No reason. Nobody wishes to always be treated like a useless dude.”

    Seeing his flickering eyes, Wen Xinya knew that he wasn’t speaking the truth. “Xu Zhenyu, you’re really bad at lying—every time when you’re lying, you look around habitually, looking really guilty—it’s tough to miss.”

    Xu Zhenyu’s chest suddenly felt stuffy. “We’ve been out for a while, let’s hurry in! Otherwise, Gu Junling and gang will soon shout for us.”

    Wen Xinya felt a little helpless, knowing that his mouth was sealed, but still feeling worried deep down. “You, save your excuses for changing topics. I’m asking you, is going to the Northwest Main Military Camp really your heartfelt decision?”

    Xu Zhenyu laughed merrily. “I’ve already been asked this many times, please, Miss Wen, give your humble one a break! Your humble one has really thought it through, truly and seriously came up with the decision.”

    The glow in Wen Xinya’s eyes intensified with piercing, burning hurt. “You, better be solemn and serious.”

    Xu Zhenyu hurriedly wiped the smile on his face and looked into the pair of still, but piercing eyes—the unyielding, stubborn look carried a burning hurt, like a moth darting into flame. “Wen Xinya, you’re only fifteen-years-old, not twenty-five, how come you’re more difficult than my mother?”

    Wen Xinya was triggered by his words, and couldn’t help but feel a wave of guilt rising from her heart. “Go away, you’re beating around the bush to say that I’m naggy!”

    Xu Zhenyu hurriedly raised his arms in surrender. “Don’t, I daren’t say that of you, not unless I want to go for plastic surgery in Thailand to become a transvestite.”

    Recalling Han Mofeng’s miserable condition, he felt that it was still better to be the wise man who understood the times.

    With his jokes, Wen Xinya couldn’t help but start laughing. “With your looks, even if you want to go for plastic surgery in Thailand, they may not want you.” Saying which, she kept her smile. “Stop dragging in all sorts of irrelevant matters to change the topic!”

    Xu Zhenyu quickly erased his grin, stood up tall, and saluted Wen Xinya. “Yes, Sir!”

    Wen Xinya almost lost her grip, and couldn’t help but kick him in exasperation. “Xu-er, you’re an idiot—can’t you just be honest with me?”

    Xu Zhenyu said slovenly, “I’m usually under my father’s charge at home and don’t wish to be under his charge even after going to the military camp. He looked down on me—even if my grandfather have supreme powers, they wouldn’t cover the northwest.”

    Wen Xinya shot him a doubtful look for his seemingly partly truthful words. “Is that really so?”

    “More real than pure gold! No, more real than pearl!” Xu Zhenyu nodded assuringly. Previously, when he had said that he wanted to enroll in a military camp, Old Mr. Xu had indeed nagged at him daily to make plans for the future, bothering him greatly—he had always hated others controlling his life, which had been the reason initially for his adverse reaction of choosing the military path.

    Wen Xinya could only believe him. “The northwest has been unstable these couple of years, you’re tired of your longevity!”

    Xu Zhenyu put on a serious look. “Soldiers often put their lives on the line, prepared to lose if for the country anytime. It’s the honor of a soldier.”

    Wen Xinya couldn’t help but laugh at his joke. “Go away, don’t insult the soldiers’ honor.”

    Xu Zhenyu suddenly looked at Wen Xinya with complicated eyes. “Wen Xinya, I may be gone for a long time. Will you miss me, or will you forget me?”

    Wen Xinya couldn’t help but kick him, followed by a scornful look. “You’re so phony! You can even ask such melodramatic questions, are you okay?”

    Xu Zhenyu had mustered up his courage with great difficulty, but, just like that, was lightly poked by Wen Xinya’s statement and became a deflated balloon. He couldn’t help but be angered from embarrassment, and raised his voice, saying, “Who’s being phony, who’s being melodramatic!”

    Wen Xinya heaved a sigh of uncontrollable relief. “You’re still more normal like this, please keep it up! Otherwise, I’ll be scared to death by you!”

    Xu Zhenyu became momentarily dumbstruck as he stared at Wen Xinya, wishing he could crack her head open just so he could see what exactly was she thinking—why didn’t she deal her cards logically?

    Wen Xinya said, “Alright, we’ve been out for some time, let’s go over—otherwise, they’ll soon shout for us!”

    Xu Zhenyu shot her a disgruntled glare, turned his back, and went into the room.

    Wen Xinya watched the view of his back and sighed slightly. “Xu Zhenyu, not only will I miss you, everyone will miss you, so you have to take care of yourself and be back soon.”

    The voice, faint as mist, flowed into Xu Zhenyu’s ears. A shiver ran down Xu Zhenyu’s spine, but he recovered quickly, marched into the room with big strides, lifted up a wine glass, and started to play drinking games with Gu Junling and gang.