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Chapter 176 - Just How Hated By Everyone Was Si Yiyan

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 176: Just How Hated By Everyone Was Si Yiyan

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    In the circle, rumors—of Wen Xinya’s intolerance of her stepmother and stepsister, even triggering her father to move out of the old mansion of the Wen Family—continued to escalate. As they recalled the homecoming party previously, everyone looked at Wen Xinya through tinted glasses.

    Moreover, within a couple of days, the papers and magazines wrote about how Ning Shuqian had openly accompanied Wen Corporation’s CEO to all sorts of events, lamented about the hardship of being a stepmother to everyone she had met, and that whenever CEO Wen mentioned his own recently found daughter, his face had looked bad.

    Everyone vaguely smelled a rat!

    “Lingnan Road, 500 meters!” Wen Xinya looked at the anonymous message on her phone. Initially, she had felt ridiculous—what sort of place was Lingnan Road! The western district was remote, only a crazy person would head over there because of an anonymous message.

    Wen Xinya closed the message, and, just when she was about to keep her phone, a huge turtle popped up on the screen, giving her a shock.

    The huge turtle held his head up high, looking cocky and arrogant. She instinctively touched the tail of the huge turtle on the screen with her finger, and it instantly pulled its head into its shell at an amazingly fast speed.

    Just as she was having fun, Wen Xinya suddenly thought about Si Yiyan—previously, at her homecoming party, Si Yiyan had said that her zodiac sign was the turtle.

    Wen Xinya pressed on the big turtle’s tail on the screen angrily. “It’s you whose zodiac sign is the turtle, your whole family belongs to the sign of the turtle—you love to play hide and seek so much, a perfect match for the turtle sign! Always acting mysterious, playing such childish games.”

    In spite of the spiteful words that came out of her mouth, Wen Xinya still ended up calling the chauffeur, Tao, to send her to Pearl Mall, and from there, she made her way to Lingnan Road.

    After she alighted, she walked to the designated spot and waited.

    After waiting for around ten minutes, just when Wen Xinya’s patience was almost running out, modified Audi RS5 cars went past her continuously, one after another—the cars were identical in make and color, the only difference between them was the car plate number.

    Wen Xinya started counting the cars out of boredom—she was at around the seventh car when one of the cars diverted and stopped steadily by her side.

    A handsome man alighted from the passenger seat.

    “It’s you…” It was the guy that she had met by chance, outside the ward beside her own, on the day of her discharge from the hospital, when she had been kidnapped previously. At that time, she had still thought that he looked somewhat familiar.

    “Miss Wen, please get in!” Gu Yuehan helped her with the door of the back seat with a grim look on his face, emotionless voice, and an unfeeling aura.

    “Did Si Yiyan send you to get me?” Although she had already guessed it, she had to be sure—she would not foolishly leave with others, helping others to benefit at her own expense.

    With these thoughts, she started scanning her surroundings, planning her escape route should something happen. However, she was disheartened to realize that it was a dead end—that scumbag, Si Yiyan.

    Gu Yuehan noticed her careful actions, and a glimmer of interest shone in his eyes. “We’re at Lingnan Road, 500 meters, where the entire route is V-shaped, and our fleet has blocked the entrance of the V-shape, rendering your chances of escape zero. In any case… even if you have a chance to escape, are you a match for these trained professional bodyguards?”

    “How are you linked to Si Yiyan? Why did he send you to fetch me?” Wen Xinya’s tone was not cordial, even unpleasant.

    “I’m his assistant cum bodyguard!” Gu Yuehan answered cooly. As long as her questions did not cross the line, he could answer them—it was the Ninth Young Master’s request.

    Wen Xinya finally knew why she found him familiar. Previously, she had been kidnapped, became emotionally unstable, and showed symptoms similar to the euphoria from taking drugs and drug withdrawal effects, making her memory hazy. However, she still had some consciousness when seeing specific people.

    Wen Xinya didn’t question further, as she already knew what she wanted to know—previously she had been kidnapped, and had blurry bits and pieces of scenes in her mind, like vaguely bloody memories! She was already sure that, previously, when Si Yiyan had left hurriedly, something must have happened, and then he had sustained injuries and rescued her.

    “Where are you all taking me?” Wen Xinya asked plainly—although she knew they were sent by Si Yiyan, she was still guarded.

    She couldn’t help but reprimand herself deep down. To actually head over here at the sight of Si Yiyan’s message, totally not making sense of the situation—under the present circumstances, she couldn’t leave even if she wanted to.

    Could Si Yiyan have an ulterior motive?

    Her heart suddenly shrank, only then did she realize what a rash and thoughtless thing she had done!

    “To Mount Li.”

    Mount Li was a small mountain at the outskirts of the western district, with an inhabited area of around one thousand square meters. In her previous lifetime, she had heard rumors about Mount Li, that it had been the location of the mansion of a rich Chinese businessman, and that the mansion spanned the entire Mount Li.

    Wen Xinya retrieved her phone once again, furiously pressed the huge turtle’s tail for quite a while before she worked her anger off, and only then did she board the car.

    Gu Yuehan also boarded the passenger seat.

    Wen Xinya looked at the giant metal block radiating an unfeeling aura all over in front of her and asked, “How many cars came in total?”


    Wen Xinya felt a lump in her throat, and couldn’t help mumbling. “It isn’t a wedding party, where’s the need for an auspicious even number.”

    Gu Yuehan’s cool face twitched.

    “Just how hated by everyone is Si Yiyan—needing so many cars to cover him when he goes out.” Wen Xinya played with the turtle for a while and conveniently scorned at Si Yiyan slightly.

    The edge of Gu Yuehan’s eye twitched.

    Wen Xinya suddenly thought of a question. “Do you think, by getting into his car, will I be implicated by Si Yiyan and get a first-hand experience of a 3D live shootout?”

    Gu Yuehan inhaled and replied, “Unlikely—Ninth Young Master’s travel this time is highly secretive, nobody will know. Even if there’s really any mishap, these cars are all modified, meets all of the VR6 and VR7 safety standards set by NATO, and can withstand the simultaneous explosions of five M51 grenades—you’ll be safe and sound.”

    Wen Xinya’s heart shrank momentarily. Previously, upon seeing these modified cars, she had guessed that Si Yiyan’s identity was not simple. If she were to ask directly, the other party would definitely refuse to tell her. Thus, she purposely acted curious to seek information indirectly—and the information acquired made Wen Xinya’s heart sink continuously.

    Based on what she knew, only the Heads of State and higher leaders of the various countries would employ the usage of bulletproof cars meeting up to the VR6 and VR7 safety standards, along with some people who walked in the underworld, as well as some who existed in the grey realm between black and white—cruising along the borders of legality and violence.

    Which one did Si Yiyan belong to? Or did he have a share in all of these types?

    The car travelled along the road steadily, with cars disrupting the formation every eleven minutes—she felt a solemn atmosphere.

    Wen Xinya was not in a good mood at all, with thoughts of who exactly on earth was Si Yiyan circling her mind perpetually—why did he keep appearing in her life unpredictably?

    And she… what exactly was wrong with her, to actually unknowingly lower her guard against him—she couldn’t help but recall the man that she had loved deeply in her previous life and felt a sudden pain in her heart.

    A lifetime after her rebirth, she still couldn’t calmly face the wound buried deep within her heart.