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Chapter 177 - Si Yiyan, Who Exactly Are You?

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 177: Si Yiyan, Who Exactly Are You?

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    Amidst her endless random thoughts, the car drove into the Mount Li mansion and stopped at a large-scale Piazzetta. Wen Xinya’s sense of logic suddenly returned, and she saw a helicopter parked at the Piazzetta.

    “Ninth Young Master is waiting for you up there,” Gu Yuehan said coldly as he turned back and left.

    Wen Xinya deeply inhaled, looked at the helicopter not far away, and actually felt inexplicably complicated in her heart. Si Yiyan’s mysteriousness created an involuntary sense of retreat within her, but from her very first step, there was no stopping. The scene before her attracted her like opium—knowing that it was a deep abyss, but it made her disregard everything, like a moth darting into flame.

    As she mounted the helicopter, stood before its door, and exchanged looks with Si Yiyan, Si Yiyan’s handsome stature stood up from his seat, and, with a big step, came right up to her.

    “Si Yi…” She opened her mouth, wanting to call out.

    Si Yiyan suddenly swept her sideways and hugged her, interrupting her words.

    “Ah!” She subconsciously let out a soft cry, and, instinctively, her hands climbed up to and wrapped around his neck.

    Carrying her, Si Yiyan settled down on the seat, stretched out his hand to remove her 7 cm high heels, put on a pair of furry bear slippers in their place, and his slender knuckles moved along the line from her ankle upwards, bit by bit…

    Wen Xinya suddenly felt her face blush and heart race, tried to kick but couldn’t break free from his restraint, and couldn’t help but become enraged. “What are you trying to do—let me go now!”

    Si Yiyan looked at her with a smirk. “Don’t move!”

    Wen Xinya felt his slender fingers teasing and twiddling between her legs, as if playing the zither to the tune of “Guan Ju”—her face instantly reddened up to her ears, and she could almost hear Guan Ju’s melody and sorrow beside her ears!

    “You… let me go now, I’m still underage!” When the words stammered out of her mouth, they seemed ambiguous, and she wished she could bite off her own tongue.

    Si Yiyan’s narrow, long eyes turned slightly flirtatious, and his thin lips mildly curled up jokingly. “I’m just trying to rub your feet for you, what are you thinking about?” He dragged the tone of his voice, and then suddenly leaned in and whispered beside her ears. “—hmm?”

    A single “hmm”! Ended his voice that he jokingly dragged, but, as if tinted with rouge, was enchanting, charming, and rang repeatedly in her ears, making her heart go pit-a-pat. “I’m not thinking about anything—your thoughts aren’t pure, wildly thinking about random things!”

    The smile on Si Yiyan’s face deepened, and he looked at her with teasing eyes. “How do you know my thoughts aren’t pure, wildly thinking about random things. Unless… the thoughts in your heart and my mind are actually the same?”

    Wen Xinya shot him a vicious look and snapped. “I’m guessing—who knows what you’re thinking, whose thoughts are the same as yours.”

    Si Yiyan suddenly stretched out and clammed her wrists down, and Wen Xinya struggled instinctively. “What are you trying to do now?”

    Si Yiyan did not reply, but only quietly held her wrists down—although his slender fingers looked like they merely lightly held them, they possessed immense strength, and no matter how hard she struggled, she couldn’t break free.

    “A normal person’s pulse rate is around 60-100 beats per minute, and yours did 108 beats in a minute—and you say you aren’t having wild thoughts?” Si Yiyan stared at her and stated as a matter of fact.

    Only then did Wen Xinya know that Si Yiyan had been measuring her pulse rate. Instantly, she felt as if her wrists in his grasp were scalded by smelting iron—she abruptly withdrew her hands and kept them behind her back. “You’re ridiculous!”

    Si Yiyan simmered with laughter.

    Wen Xinya felt extremely embarrassed—his deep, crisp voice seemingly seeped into her soul and saw through the unsettled emotions in her heart. She hurriedly changed the topic. “Where are you bringing me?”

    Si Yiyan also stopped teasing her, placed her leg between his legs, and gently massaged her slightly tense calf muscle. “You’ll know soon.”

    Wen Xinya was curious. However, knowing that Si Yiyan did not harbor any ill intention nor ulterior motive towards her, she became less tense, and thus, did not pursue further. Instead, she looked directly at him and asked plainly, “Si Yiyan, who exactly are you?”

    Si Yiyan’s hand that was massaging her calf halted briefly, and he sighed uncontrollably. “You should’ve heard of the Xiasi Group!”

    Wen Xinya’s avoidance towards him had gradually made him lose his patience—in order to get to her heart, he would first have to completely reveal his identity. Thus, this time, he couldn’t care less about whether his actions would compromise his whereabouts and arranged this meeting.

    Wen Xinya gasped—no wonder Si Yiyan’s identity was so mysterious—she had never linked Si Yiyan’s identity to one of the five most well-known tycoons in the world, the Xiasi Group.

    Xiasi Group was the most mysterious of the five most well-known tycoons. The surname “Xiasi” had originated from the ancient times when Yu the Great had subdued the flood—as the surname of Yu the Great had been “Si,” later known as the Xiasi Group, Country Z’s history had documented that the Xiasi Group were the descendants of the late Emperor Xuanyuan!

    Xuanyuan was Z Country’s legitimate Chinese lineage!

    Previously, she had ranted about the Xiasi Group before—how arrogant was one, to reference Xiasi Group to himself!

    The son of Yu the Great, Xia Qi, had been the first emperor of the Xia Dynasty. To prevent his descendants from having the audacity to put themselves on par with the imperial ancestors, he had purposely added a self-derogatory name—the mirror image of “Si,” “Hou”—branching out with the surname “Xiahou,” and the Xiasi Group had directly used the surname “Xiasi,” blatantly arrogant and overbearing.

    “I’m the head of the Xiasi Group, but, as the power structure of Xiasi Group is deeply complicated, I’ve yet to gain full control of the Xiasi Group,” Si Yiyan explained.

    Another massive bomb dropped, making Wen Xinya dizzy from the explosion, almost unable to find her bearings. “No wonder you have to employ the usage of bulletproof cars meeting up to the VR6 and VR7 safety standards.”

    “Did I scare you?” Si Yiyan stroked her hair and asked helplessly. His actions today were purely out of helplessness—Wen Xinya’s avoidance towards him made him realize that he couldn’t merely sit and wait. Anyway… the Xiasi Group’s circumstances were complicated at the moment, he couldn’t be by her side all the time, and he didn’t have the time nor the patience to continue to go with the flow. In order to ensure Wen Xinya’s safety, and at the same time purposely reveal his own identity, he had made careful arrangements for today.

    “I heard that the Xiasi Group is backed by powers of the underworld. Is it true?” As Wen Xinya overcame her initial shock, she became excitedly gossipy—after all, it was the most mysterious tycoon, the Xiasi Group!

    Si Yiyan said, “The Xiasi Group was initially a tycoon founded by powers of the underworld and eventually legitimized—its powers in the past were like cobwebs, with businesses in JH, jade, mineral ores, fine wood, fine textile, and even drugs!”

    The last words struck her heart hard, like a heavy-duty hammer, causing her so much pain that she couldn’t cry—only then did she truly understand that the most intense pain was so extreme that the tears couldn’t find their way out.

    As if he felt the changes in her mood, Si Yiyan held her hand and distracted her. “Since the merger of SL, Country E has used the powers of the underworld as a financial control tool—almost every elected president has been backed by powers of the underworld, which held 30% of the country’s GDP, and the Xiasi Group was founded at that time.”

    Wen Xinya nodded. “No matter how legitimized, it can only turn black to grey, unable to shake off its complicated links with the various powers, every action triggering a domino effect. No wonder they said the Xiasi Group is the most mysterious—actually, as the Xiasi Group implicated ambiguous powers, it can’t be high profile.”